For the Bears this offseason, changes must be made but won’t be.


It is very frustrating that I have to write the same shit every single year after the Bears finish their season. I figured I would just copy and paste the same stuff I wrote after last season because it would look nearly the same as to what I am about to write now. The only difference would be some of the player’s names. I said this in the last thread and I’ll say it again: It is very embarrassing to be a Bears fan. To have an organization that allows constant failure is embarrassing. We have seen this shit for too long.

It’s almost a given that major changes won’t be made. I heard a bit of Lovie Smith’s press conference the day after the season ended and made his case for staying by saying there were a lot of injuries. This is the kind of comment that would piss off any other franchise. Not for the Bears. Knowing the McCaskey’s, he’ll probably be given a bonus. Myself, along with the many other Bears fans out there are sick and tired of this shit. I said above that nothing will change as far as the front office is concerned but if there is any prayer out there, Jerry Angelo can get lucky in the draft and get some players in here that can actually play.

I am going to guess that the Bears will have about six or seven picks in the draft. In the NFL, most of those draft picks are expected to contribute right away. With Angelo’s picks, only three or four out of his 50 picks in the last decade have actually panned out. That is a terrible stat (Cue Irish Yeti). With all that being said, here is what the Bears need (in no particular order) in the offseason.

1. Offensive lineman: Two of them at least through the draft/free agency. For the first 11 games or so, the offensive line to many people’s surprise, played very well. Gabe Carimi had a knee injury in the second game of the season and has his annual injury later on. I read last week that the Bears gave backup lineman Edwin Williams a two-year contract extension? Why? Your guess is as good as mine. Also, we cannot go through another season of Frank Omiyale or some other bum pass them by at will.

2. Wide receivers: I prefer three or four new guys. Earl Bennett is nice to have around. But assholes like Johnny Knox, Dane Sanzenbacher and Roy Williams have no business being on this time. At first, I liked Knox but I have found out that this guy sucks. He cannot run routes properly, he has horrible hands and cannot hold onto the ball as we saw with his unfortunate injury against the Seahawks. The Bears need wide receivers who can do everything that Johnny Knox cannot do. Fuck Johnny Knox in my opinion. He is the sole reason for Jay Cutler breaking his thumb. Last thing I’ll say is something I have been saying for a few years now and that is Devin Hester is not a wide receiver and never should be one.

3. Running backs: Matt Forte will be here but I am not sure for how long. Getting back to Jerry Angelo, fuck this guy because he is the one that is refusing to give Matt Forte his money. He is the best player on the team and he deserves to be paid that way. After finding out why the Cowboys told Marion Barber to take a hike, I am convinced the Bears need another running back. And no, it’s not Khalil Bell. In just a few games, he has fumbled the ball more than most runnings back do in a full season. Fuck that guy too.

4. Quarterbacks: No. Josh McCown should not come back. Something about him screams “Chad Hutchinson” and I do not want to see that. This once again goes back to the ineptitude of Jerry Angelo. Angelo drafted Dan LeFeveour last year and ended up cutting him after the preseason. Then this year, Nathan Enderle is drafted and it seems like they don’t like him either. This has become PATHETIC. Get a quarterback in here next season that has had at least SOME success and is capable of being quarterback.

5. Linebackers: Reality is setting in. Urlacher has only a few years left in him and who knows how much longer we are going to hear Lance Briggs piss and moan until he gets traded. The Bears must get at least one linebacker in the draft.

6. Safeties/Cornerbacks: You all saw this coming. Yes. The Bears need a new set of safeties and at least one cornerback. Surprisingly, Charles Tillman (worthless) wasn’t that bad this year. For the most part, he actually learned how to cover a receiver. Tim Jennings on the other hand is fucking terrible. Zack Bowman has no business even being a ball boy in the NFL. There were at least three or four plays in the games against the Seahawks and Packers in which he didn’t even bother to go after a receiver and was beat terribly.

With the safeties, Chris Conte played very well but was injured late in the season. I am alright with him starting next year. Chris Steltz played fine towards the end and he should be brought back but only in a backup role. I think we can all agree that Major Wright Wrong and Brandon Merriweather are not very good. Speaking of Wrong, fuck this asshole too for being the reason that Brian Urlacher nearly tore his knee up in a meaningless game. Those two idiots along with Tim Jennings and Zack Bowman have no idea how to play defense. A nightmare that I vision is some of these idiots back peddling while a receiver runs right past them and catches the pass for an easy, 4o-yard touchdown. I do not want to hear about this “Cover Two” garbage. The safeties supposedly are suppose to cover the receivers and they still don’t. The Bears need defensive backs who just need to find a receiver/tight end and stay on them instead of assuming that someone else is suppose to the job.

That will be it from me. Feel free to add your thoughts.

27 Responses to “For the Bears this offseason, changes must be made but won’t be.”

  1. Tony Cossio Says:

    GM is the Bears no. #1 need, but since Angelo will probably stay, let’s talk about reality:

    I would put Wide-Out before linemen for needs, although this could very, very easily be accomplished thru the bonanza of Free Agent WR’s out this year. If the Bears grab 2 good ones, no need for draft.

    O-Line is not that bad once you consider that they were banged up and Martz system sux. Spencer was a great pick-up actually. We could use one more in the draft if the WR spot is taken care of.

    RB is OK, Bell is decent, although his ball control sux. Allen is a Garret-Wolf clone which is OK.

    QB is OK, do not waste draft pick for a backup. They already have a rookie and McCown is a decent backup.

    I’d but DL, Saftey/Corner backs before linebackers. Although they are aging, you still should have 1-2 decent years.

    My list:

    (1) WR – can be taken care off thru FA if Angelo had brains. Or he can pick a couple of washed up Cowboys like Roy Williams (made the list of most Worthless Players) and Sam Turd (worked well Jerry).

    (2) OL – one more draft should be OK. Hard to fill in FA.

    (3) DL – Need a pass rusher. FA outlook not bad.

    (4) Saftey – Duh. Major Wrong is athletic put has a football IQ of a potato.

    (5) CB – Jennings OK, Tillman good, but old. Bowman has no business on the field.

  2. fallscountanywhere Says:

    I might be slightly biased, but the Bears should draft Harrison Smith, the safety from Notre Dame. I think he’d fit in well, and he’s been playing great the past couple seasons (even though overall ND is…much like the Bears, hahaha).

    Can we get Matt Flynn or something? I guess that’d be more of a replacement for Cutler than a back-up, but we need something. I was a big Hanie fan coming into this year and now I’m just not sure.
    It’s often hard for me to tell who is actually failing, if it’s the QB or receiver or just the o-line not doing their jobs at the same time that everything else is going wrong. Because a lot of times, it is a lot of things going wrong.

  3. Tony Cossio Says:

    This talk about drafting a QB is nauseating. They drafted a QB last year. It takes years (usually) to develop a QB.

    Let’s take this fantasy that they need to draft a QB. Is Lovie going to start him? Like they started Nate? Read the bottom from ESPN last year.

    Draft picks should be used to plug real holes in positions that NEED A STARTER.

    I like Harris, he’s projected to go in the 3-4th round. Only two other Safties are rated above him.

    It’s not hard to see who is failing. The QB position is solid with a healthy Cutler, a Veteran backup, and Nate in fetus developement.


    From ESPN Circa last year;

    “Nathan Enderle, QB, Idaho The Bears’ thought process behind selecting a quarterback is understandable. Caleb Hanie probably won’t be around past the 2011 season, so the Bears will likely be searching for a new primary backup to Jay Cutler. It’s better to develop your own young, inexpensive quarterback, rather than waste money on a bad veteran backup a la Todd Collins. Who knows if Enderle will pan out, but Mike Martz does have a nice track record with unknown quarterbacks. ”

    So let’s draft another rookie QB – nope, let’s not and say we already did.

  4. MadCityMac Says:

    The Score is reporting that The Architect of Failure is done. I know a lot of you guys are going to be happy about that!

  5. terri l. Says:

    You’re gonna need a new domain name.

  6. Dave Says:

    Jerry Angelo FIRED!!


  7. Joe Says:

    Jerry Angelo FIRED!!

    I’m so happy I’m crying!!!!

    Congratulations to all here!

    I blogged SO MUCH on the Trib and Sun-Times for this.
    THANK GOD common sense prevailed!

  8. chucky Says:

    Hey Jerry….Just whistle Dixie.

    See ya later, asshole.

  9. Tony Says:

    Yes! Disregard WR as no. 1 priority, GM is bck as no.1, lol. Enter speculation for new GM and new web domain names 🙂

  10. Raymond Says:

    Please change the domain name to because they are keeping him. I guess they could not fire two guys and keep them on their payroll. How can you bring in a GM with a coach in place? I hate to see another season of cover-who with Aaron Rogers getting a 1 zillion QB rating against the Bears defense.

    I hope we do not have to wait for a search firm to find a new GM for Ted Philips. He is probably drafting an ad to place in Sunday’s New York Times or and requesting for resume’s to send to a search firm for review.

  11. Payton J Pickett Says:

    Was Jerry Angelo the worst GM in NFL history ever to keep his job for ten long years? Why should Ted Phillips keep his damn job?

  12. chucky Says:

    Actually, I thought “Fire Lovie Baker” sounded good. And in place of “An architect of failure” we could put in “We Like Our Team”.

    Fro….What do you think?

  13. The Ghost of Irish Yeti Says:

    You guys are all idiots. Jerry Angelo was a serviceable GM. He drafted Lance Briggs, Devin Hester and Matt Forte in his tenure!

    *Runs away*

  14. genrebuster Says:

    Glad we’re finally rid of one piece of stinking shit.

    FireLovieSmith.COM get’s my vote…

    It’s got a good ring to it.

  15. genrebuster Says:

    chucky, unfortunately “LovieBaker” is already taken….

    …it’s the name of a new horror film about a major-market pro sports team run by greedy idiot owners who don’t give a shit about winning and keep a completely worthless nimrod loser bum coach for far too long, while ticket prices continue to increase and the sheeple bleat incessantly long after the season has ended…the horror, the horror.

  16. chucky Says:

    Martz just quit. Shane Day is gone too.

    This is turning out to be a pretty damn good day!

  17. chucky Says:

    genre…..Cubs, or Bears?

    It’s pathetic that I have to ask.

  18. Lucas Says:

    I saw people say Charles Tillman getting old. Just saying, Charles Woodson did not start rampaging until after his ninth season, and Tillman has far better numbers through his career through nine seasons.

  19. Tony Says:

    Lovie Smith isn’t the issue, his job is to manage games ( a couple of bone-headed decisions). And the Players love him. He has the respect of the players, not to many coaches can say that. The New GM should let him play out one more year before making any changes at head coach (if needed).

    Glad Martz saw the writting on the wall, being canned does not look good on your resume.

  20. Tony Says:


    Tillman, Peppers, Urlacher, and Briggs are great players and have 2-5 years left in the tank at the most. But they are getting old, and we need to build for the future.

  21. chucky Says:

    I don’t agree at all. Lovie needs to go too. Have you heard the insane bullshit he spewed this week about Kellen Davis and the O-Line? Did you know that we’re 1-0 for the 2012 season? Yeah, I know the 2012 season hasn’t started yet. But Lovie doesn’t know it. That, plus trying make Devin Hester into a WR, and damn near ruining his career in the process, his at best piss-poor clock management skills, and never knowing the right time to throw a challenge flag is more than enough for me to shit-can this goddamned idiot. He doesn’t even qualify as “serviceable”. I’ve already said don’t feed me bullshit about how much the players love him. That means jack-fucking-shit in this league. This bastard is part of the problem, not part of the solution. And the sooner that shitstain is gone, the better the Bears will be.

  22. Tony Says:

    Devin Hester to WR is Jerry’s move.

    Trading Olson was either Martz/Jerry or both.

    What I am trying to get at is that Lovie has little say on draft picks and personel moves. Nobody blames Mike Tice for the O-line, so why would you blame Lovie.

    The question is will Lovie get in the way of the new GM and insist on Drafting D instead of O. My gut, from what I have seen, is that Lovie had, and has, little say on Draft Picks and moves.

    Either way, he’s not going anywhere this year.

  23. Jackie Zientek Says:

    Well, your wish has come true! Not only has this slacker been fired, but Martz has quit due to “philosophical differences”. Philosophical differences my ass – the guy just plain out and out sucks. Now it will be interesting to see if the money hungry McCaskey’s start following in the footsteps of the Ricketts family and work to bring championship football back to Chicago!

  24. genrebuster Says:

    Fuck Martz, great riddance!

    Maybe Martz left because he was afraid Jay Cutler was going to kick his sorry fat ass…(too bad it didn’t happen, ha!).

    Tony…many of us here will disagree with you on Lovie and I think chucky has eloquently expressed some of the key points….

    That said, welcome to the lively discussion!

  25. Joe Says:

    IF they bring in an outside GM–and they HAVE to, no Ruskill, thank you–Lovie would have to win the Super Bowl to stay. One more year and he’s out, because ANY GM will want his own people in there.
    Let’s make sure the Bears talk to Jeremy Bates for OC, because I’m sure he’ll talk to them NOW. (He didn’t before and went to Seattle where he and Pete Carroll didn’t get along.) Cutler should push for it because it’s a system he ALREADY KNOWS. They averaged 33 fuckin’ points a game in Denver in 2008.

  26. Tony Says:


    I’m not a Lovie-lover, but I am just saying, the main problem with the Bears was talent aquisition and draft picks. Is that Lovie’s doing? No. Unless your head coach is Andy Reid, the GM is responsible.

    Although Lovie is not articulate (nice way of saying he’s fucktarded). Supports lousy players, and makes some mismanagement (nothing near the level of Jason Garret), this is not enough to fire Lovie.

    Anyway, if they do not produce next year, Lovie will be gone.

  27. chucky Says:

    I listened to that press conference this afternoon. I think Lovie has a lot more power than any of us know. He certainly has a way too much say in alot of areas. One thing that stood out to me, and also Lawrence Holmes, was that the new GM would have to buy into Lovies game plan. WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!! That’s ass-backwards. Tony, I honestly don’t understand how you don’t see enough to fire this dipshit. If I were Angelo he would have been gone a long ass time ago. Don’t worry about soft-peddling around Lovies (in)ability to speak. He’s an arrogant, uppity bastard who doesn’t deserve his job. Period. He knows what he’s saying. The smug demeanor is telling me he thinks we’re more stupid than he is. And his ramblings this week have been nothing short of clinically insane. I’m glad Angelo, Martz and Day are gone. BUT IT ISN’T ENOUGH!! Sorry, but he needs to go in order for the Bears to be successful.


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