Bears win; Lovie Smith forgets to take stupid pills.


The Bears for the first time all season played nearly a great game against the Vikings and they are now tied with the Packers for first place. This game was still close despite the score. Both teams had missed opportunities. In the end though, the Bears prevailed. Let’s get to it.

Offense: I will admit that I am not a fan of Mike Martz. I don’t think many of us are. However, he does deserve credit in this game. For the second week in a row, he balanced the offense and once again, it paid off. He must have finally realized that this offense isn’t as good as he is use to coaching. So what does he finally do? He calls the plays to the best of the players’ ability. The offensive line was outstanding. I can’t say if this is just smoke and mirrors but it has worked two weeks in a row. This needs to continue.

If you look at the stats (Cue the experts who think they know everything about football), the running game wasn’t spectacular. Forte and Taylor combined had 32 attempts for 102 yards. That averages to slightly over three yards a carry. The fact remains though they ran the ball 38 times total. No matter how many yards they get, balancing the offense goes a long way in trying to win a game. The receivers played their best game as a whole. Knox, Hester, Bennett and Olsen had some great catches with Olsen catching a touchdown pass. And the receivers we haven’t heard from in a long time in Rashied Davis, Kellen Davis (Touchdown catch for him too) and Devin Aromashodu had catches on key plays during the game.

Jay Cutler for the most part had a good game. He scrambled around the line and was only sacked once the whole game. Credit goes to the line and Cutler should get some too. I am not going to let this asshole off the hook though. In the first half, he could have ran nearly to the goal line for a possible touchdown. Instead, he runs past the line of the scrimmage then throws a near interception. Luckily, they still scored a field goal. Then in the second half, he threw a stupid interception in the end zone instead of running the ball or even throwing it away. He could have easily had a couple more interceptions on other plays. Luckily, Martz kept his mistakes to a minimum.

Defense: The first two drives, I thought the defense was in for a long day. The rest of the way, they were as good as they have been for the most part. There was one play however that made me want to throw my remote across the room. Favre threw a wide open Percy Harvin for a touchdown pass. Blown coverage seems to be the norm every now and then for the defense. I think Chris Harris was the one to blame for that. The defense did force four turnovers on defense. I know the grass at Soldier Field (More on this later) helped with everyone slipping all over the place, but the Bears offense played on the same field too. Urlacher and Briggs were once again outstanding. And luckily, Favre did not throw to whoever Charles Tillman (Fuck you) was covering. Not sure if Tillman (Fuck you) was actually covering the receivers and they happened to not be open, or that Favre was just that bad. I’ll take it though. Speaking of Favre, he is a jackass. Seeing his downfall makes me smile more than most. He made my childhood and many others miserable.

Special Teams: Whoever didn’t remind Lovie Smith to take his stupid pills today, thank you for that. We FINALLY saw Devin Hester back on kickoff returns and he nearly took one back on both a kickoff and a punt return. That’s where Hester needs to be. I know he scored a touchdown on offense but they should still focus him on special teams. Hester’s returns proved to be huge with the field position the offense was given. Robbie Gould was also productive making two of three field goals.

Stupid penalties: This is something that could have cost the Bears this game. Here’s a stat for you so called “experts”: The Bears had 11 penalties for 116 yards. This included a stupid penalty of Danieal Manning (Can I put “Fuck you” after his name too?) not knowing when to turn around causing a pass interference penalty. Another stupid penalty was Olin Kruetz having a block below the knees causing the Bears to be pushed further out of field goal range. Frank Omiyale met his quota of having at least one false start penalty per game. Good job Frank!

Soldier Field grass: I have heard this issue being discussed on the radio quite a few times. It is to my understanding that the Chicago Park District is suppose to maintain the field and make repairs if necessary. If they are unwilling to do that because of financial issues, why can’t the Bears open up the checkbook to fix it to make sure players quit slipping all over the place? I know the Bears and whichever team they are playing are on same field but eventually, someone is going to get hurt.

Up next are the Dolphins on Thursday night in Miami. History shows the Bears rarely beat the Dolphins especially in Miami so that needs to change. If they win, they are in the driver’s seat in the division. They lose and they are fighting just to stay alive in the wild card race.

7 Responses to “Bears win; Lovie Smith forgets to take stupid pills.”

  1. chucky Says:

    I’ve been kinda letting this game sink in a little bit, trying to see if the Bears are actually improving. One day removed, I’m not convinced they have. With this coaching staff, the Bears could go to Miami and play like shit, even with the Dolphins having to to a 3rd string QB. Too many people are licking their chops for this Thursdays game. I say be careful.

    I have figured one thing out though. Tom Thayer needs to beat the living shit out of and then rip out the throat of Jeff Joniak. That little bastard has become the most annoying, irratating little fuck on the radio. I won’t lose any sleep if I never again had the misfortune of hearing that little assholes over the top TOUCHDOWN!! TOUCHDOWN BEARS!!!

    I know you guys have talked before about announcers who have annoyed you in the past. Take any one of those announcers and multiply that by 100. That”s where Joniak has gone with me. Just terrible.

  2. Fro Dog Says:


    I would not be shocked if the Bears lost Thursday night. It doesn’t matter how many players the Dolphins are missing. And people are already writing off the 3rd string quarterback Tyler Thigpen. He isn’t awful. If fans want proof that this game won’t be easy, I would like to remind them of the Thursday night game in 2007 when the Bears were playing the Redskins. Todd Collins (An impostor for a quarterback) came in for Jason Campbell and had the game of his life against the Bears.

    On your words about Joniak: I am so glad I don’t have to listen to the games on the radio. It’s not necessarily his over-the-top antics but how he describes the game. When a play is ran, he cannot explain where the ball was thrown or how many yards was gained/lost on the play. Just awful. I remember being a kid and listening to Wayne Larrivee do the Bears games. It sucks that he is in Green Bay. I also miss him doing the Bulls games and WGN and WCIU. Luckily, he still does some of the Illini games for the Big Ten Network.

  3. robert Says:

    I am not a bears fan so I am going to post on baseball the phillies have hired ryne sandberg to be there triple a manager lets see if this one works out as well as moes last two hires

    in 2002 he hires douchebag baker…one of the names he turns down is ron gardenhire…what has he done with the twins…

    in 2006 he hires louzer pinella one of the names he turns down is joe girardi…

    this year he hires quazimodo lets see how that turns out

  4. genrebuster Says:

    Congratulations to Sandberg. He no longer has to work for the idiots that run the Chicago Cubs. He deserves better…and he got it!

  5. ksmc2000 Says:

    I’ll second that genre. How in the fuck Rickett’s allowed Hendry to hire his third manager is beyond me. Sandberg can now continue his quest to manage at the major league level without that 500lb gorilla on his back that the Cubs organization carries.

  6. genrebuster Says:

    Ricketts is just another a-hole w/ lots of $$$. He deserves Hendry. PATHETIC.

  7. ksmc2000 Says:

    What a fucking joke that Ricketts is trying to get 200 mil out of the state funds to improve the “Wrigley Experience”. How about cleaning out the front office mess (Hendry,Kenney), and putting better players on the fucking field. He might have been able to manipulate the state of Arizona into financing a new spring training site, but trying to get Illinois to the same will not work. Ricketts better start saving his pennies, cause he’s gonna need a bunch of them. I think he bit off more than he can chew with the Cubs purchase, and us fans can look forward to 100 more years of futility.


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