Bears escape disaster.


I have said this before on my site: I am not a pessimist. I am a realist.

Well the reality on Sunday was that the Bears escaped disaster on more than one occasion against the Eagles. They went into the 4th quarter leading 31-13 and nearly pissed it all away. Luckily, the ball bounced their way earlier and that was enough.

Offense: For the first three quarters, the offense was outstanding. Matt Forte had another 100 yard rushing game. Cutler hit six different receivers and had four touchdown passes. Knox, Bennett and Olsen had touchdown catches and Hester had a few key catches that later led to scores. Johnny Knox did a couple stupid things both occurring in the fourth quarter. He had a nice catch for about 30 yards before fumbling which nearly gave the ball back to the Eagles. Then on the onside kick, he had possession of the ball but instead of staying down without hearing the whistle, he sat up and let the ball go which also nearly led to a potential disaster. The offensive line wasn’t spectacular giving up four sacks but they were good enough to open up space for Forte to run and Cutler to throw. And speaking of Cutler, he is a fucking dumbass. Forte was held on an incomplete pass but yet, Cutler decides to yell at the refs and get a 15-yard unsportsmanlike penalty late in the game. Stupid. And before I forget, the offense was shut out in the fourth quarter. They can get away with that in regular season games but if they want to contend, they need to score points and score consistently.

Defense: The defense was driving me nuts all game. They looked good on one series then they looked completely lost on another. When it was 14-13 late in the second quarter, Vick was marching the Eagles down the field with ease. Then all of a sudden, Tommie Harris did something productive and tipped the ball in the air for Chris Harris to get an interception in the end zone. The Bears had no answer for the passing game. Vick was throwing short passes nearly the whole game and the defense was clueless. Somehow (I really do not know how) the defense only gave up 13 points in the first three quarters. Then the dreaded fourth quarter came. Vick took out his “I-Pass” and marched the Eagles down the field not once, not twice but THREE times which lead to three scores. This seems to be a trend for this defense. When teams use the hurry-up offense, the Bears’ defense tends to let them get big gains in consecutive plays. I am not sure if the lack of learning how to cover is the problem (Which is very possible considering who the cornerbacks and safeties are) or if the coaching is the problem. Whatever it is, I am sick of seeing that crap. It happened against the Lions in the first week and it happened against the Eagles.

Special Teams: This may go unnoticed in the papers this week but the special teams was outstanding. Hester had at least two returns that set up excellent field position. Manning even had a nice return or two but one of those runs was called back on a stupid holding penalty by Nick Roach.

So now, the Bears are up one game in the North on the Packers. Technically, they have a two game lead because of the tie-breaker so that is good news. The Lions are up next in Detroit. These are not the same Lions no matter what their record says. We can all be sure that they want payback after what happened in the first game of the season.

7 Responses to “Bears escape disaster.”

  1. chucky Says:

    Fro…..HELP ME!!!!! I have no idea what to think about this team. Are they a good team? Are the coaches finally figuring this shit out? What the fuck?!?!??!!? I really don’t know what to think any more.

    One thing I’ll stand by though. Jeff Joniak MUST be muzzled, hopefully by the end of the night.

  2. Fro Dog Says:


    I really do not have an answer for you on whether or not this team is good. I can say that I did forget a couple things in the article. Credit needs to be given to the coaches. Say what you want about Lovie and Martz, something changed during the bye week. Were their stupid pills taken away? And despite the defense being mediocre in the game, Julius Peppers was one of the main reasons why the defense was only mediocre. That guy is awesome.

    And on Joniak, I said before that I miss Wayne Larrivee doing the Bears games on the radio. Sometimes when the Packers are playing in the daytime and I happen to be on the road, I put it on 620 AM to listen to their games. The guy actually explains what is going on and he is good at it.

  3. Ted Lehman Says:

    Is this satire?

  4. Fro Dog Says:

    Sure Tim. It can be whatever you want it to be.

  5. fallscountanywhere Says:

    I’m having the same problem as Chucky figuring out if this team is good or not. I’m happy they won but also pretty shocked.

    I have to agree about the strength of special teams, though.

  6. fallscountanywhere Says:

    Oh also. Cutler needs to not be a whiny baby. I thought he’d gotten over that, actually, he’d been well-behaved recently.

  7. Nemo Says:

    Happy Belated Thanksgiving guys-was on the road all week and don’t have an iphone just yet.

    I mostly loved the 10 minute drive in the third-except for two straight draws to Taylor at the end. More creative play calling may have netted a touchdown and we would not have had to sweat out that onside kick. Also, just a couple first downs in the 4th quarter would have been helpful-you need to be able to run the clock down in the 4th at home. Stupid penalty on Cutler, but overall a very strong game. If one unsportsmanlike conduct call per game is Cutler’s WORST mistake, he will be doing great. Weird how the offensive line takes a series or two off and then starts playing well.

    Defense looked great-then shit-then great-then shit. But the main thing is they didn’t allow that bastard Vick to make any big plays except for that long pass to Celery late in the game.

    Heard Joniak for the 1st quarter as I was coming home Sunday and he really does suck. Fucking obsessed with socks and piping on the uniforms, but can’t even tell you where the ball is on the field.


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