Open thread.


9 Responses to “Open thread.”

  1. robert Says:

    the sox signed adam dunn

    not to be outdone hendry went out and signed jeff baker

  2. Dave Says:

    Ron Santo passed away this morning from complications with bladder cancer.

    5 Gold Gloves
    9 time All Star.
    Rest in Peace #10 😦

    WGN 720AM will be a lot lonelier this season with out him.

  3. jimmyd Says:

    Dear Veterans Committee,

    I hopy you’re all happy with yourselves and your righteous indignation. Because of you pricks, Ron Santo will now have to receive his Hall of Fame enshrinement posthumously…rather than getting to enjoy it while on this earth. Fuck you!!!

    A fan of the game

    Ronnie, may you rest in peace. I will be watching This Old Cub at some point over the weekend to take another glimpse at what you did as a player and the struggles you had off the field. We’ll all miss you.

    Jimmy D.

  4. MadCityMac Says:

    Jimmy, well oput my friend. And I’d like to add that I hope that complete and utter assbag Joe Morgan is happy with himself for being at the forefront of helping to keep Ronnie out. Joe, I hope you can live with yourself.

  5. robert Says:

    joe morgan as an announcer is horrible as a human being he is even worse…remember the damn fit he threw when ryno broke his all time homerun ecord as a 2nd baseman….that asshole thinks he is the only 2nd baseman who should be in the hall of fame

  6. robert Says:

    brooks robinsons stats
    23 seasons
    11782 games
    10654 ab
    1238 runs
    2848 hits
    482 2b
    68 triples
    268 hrs
    1357 rbis

    ron santo stats
    seasons 15
    8143 ab
    2254 hits
    365 2b
    67 triples
    342 homers
    1331 rbis

    ronnies stats stand up and wipe out brooks robinsons in most cases but ron santo is not in the hall of fame what a crock of shit

  7. Nemo Says:

    Very sad news.

    I became a Cub fan the last year Santo was with the Cubs. Alas, I was so young at the time, I really don’t remember much if anything from that year other than some of the names on the roster.

    Santo knew how to take a walk-something the Cubs haven’t done in decades it seems. His career OBP was 85 points above his BA. He led the league in walks 4 times and in OBP twice-included .412 in 1966. He also knew how to advance runners-leading the league in Sac Flies 3 times. Those are lost arts in the Cubs organization.

    Now, the Veteran’s Committee in a fit of guilt will probably vote in Santo next time. How about honoring people when they still have a chance to enjoy it?! Anybody who follows the Cubs know that the annual/bi-annual snubs just killed him.

    And let’s not forget (fairly or unfairly) the Cubs failing to get to the World Series certainly hurt Santo’s chances to get in the HOF.

    And the 37 years of subsequent failure after he played for the Cubs was crushing to him too-1984 and 2003 being particularly devastating. Particularly telling is that Santo’s most famous catchphrase is not something positive like “Hey, Hey” or even dual-use like “Holy Cow” but “Ohh, Noooo!!” Ronnie deserved so much better.

    Rest in peace

  8. Nemo Says:

    Great article about Santo being screwed over for HOF:

  9. genrebuster Says:

    Yes…well put jimmyd.


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