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A number one pick and all the cap space in the world isn’t worth a damn when someone incompetent is making the moves.

January 10, 2023

I owe no apology for the headline of this post. I have experienced shitty Bears football for over 30 years. Some others here have dealt with the bullshit even longer.

I have zero optimism that Ryan Poles knows what he’s doing. Same for Matt Eberflus. What should have been a turning point after they shocked the world by beating the Patriots on Monday Night Football resulted in losing every game after.

Sure, trades of Robert Quinn and Roquan Smith hurt the defense. But let’s be real here: There were at least five games after those trades that the Bears still should have won. Everyone is to blame. The players for fucking up in key situations and the coaches for the shitty play-calling. Both were at fault for those losses.

So the Bears have all this cap space. Great. But this isn’t basketball where three superstar free agents can be signed and instantly, they are contenders. It doesn’t work that way in the NFL. Drafting players who are actually good are the ones that matter.

Last year, Poles drafted all busts. And don’t tell me Kyler Gordon and Jaquan Brisker are good. They are rotten. Velus Jones can go fuck himself. Go ahead and check the rest of that class and let me know who stood out to you. I’ll be here waiting.

The fact that the Bears couldn’t even find ONE outstanding player in the draft last year is reason for the panic button to be pressed. 11 players drafted and one of those was punter Trenton Gill. Other than him, who from that class will be on the team in two years? And for the record, I think at least three of those players aren’t even on the roster anymore. That’s not a good sign.

Want more of a reason to know that him being in charge isn’t a good sign? Look no further than the amazing signings of the backup quarterbacks. Trevor Semen and Nathan PeterStroker. The statistically worst quarterbacks in NFL history were signed. Maybe they should have used one of those picks on a quarterback?

Ryan Poles failed this team. And this April, it can be the same thing all over again.

Bears vs. Vikings Thread

January 8, 2023

We’ve finally reached the end. One of the worst seasons in the 103-year old franchise will be over around 3:00 today.

It’s a simple scenario. The Bears lose and they guaranteed at least the second spot in the draft. They win and risk being as high as the fourth overall pick.

The sooner they draft, the less time we all have to wait on who the next bust will be for this team.

Nathan PeterWhacker is starting this Sunday.

January 4, 2023

Good! Why play Fields? I mean, the guy sucks anyway. Whether it’s him, the offensive line or the shitty coaches (or maybe all three) is another discussion. There isn’t a need to risk him getting killed in a very meaningless game.

Nathan PeterWhacker is statistically the worst quarterback in NFL history. And we all know how shitty that is. We’ve lived through the eras like Jonathan Quinn and Todd Collins. And PeterWhacker has worst numbers than those two fuckwads.

Fuck. Now I’m getting flashbacks.

The Bears need to lose along with the Texans winning on Sunday. That could happen. If so, should the Bears at least consider taking a new quarterback with that first pick? Some may think I’m insane. But I listened to some sports radio and others are suggesting the same thing.

Fields could end up sucking ass. Or getting hurt. The Bears should definitely look into an insurance policy at the position.

Your thoughts in the thread.

One of the worst seasons in franchise history and no one will be held accountable.

January 2, 2023

How PATHETIC is it when history tells you that Ryan Pace and Phil Emery were better general managers than Ryan Poles?

How PATHETIC is it when history tells you that Matt Fucking Nagy was a better head coach than Matt EberLOSE?

How PATHETIC is it when history tells you the Bears broke a franchise record for consecutive losses (nine)?

And yet, everyone will be brought back next year. We all know what will happen in the end-of-season press conference because it happens every single year. George and Ted will get up to the podium and tell everyone that they aren’t happy with the results, but that the team is “making progress.” It’s repetitive. It’s the same thing every year.

But I know how the Bears can make that “progress” that they say they are making. Instead of trying to build a stadium in a suburb that is an absolute pain in the ass to get to on a random Tuesday afternoon, George should announce that he is selling the team to an actual fan of the team. Someone who knows how to build a winning team and actually wants to. I already know someone is reading this and thinking I’m stupid for suggesting a fan actually buys the team. How much worse can it get?

This team has hit rock bottom.

But it won’t happen. So I am just dreaming.

Bears vs. Lions Thread | And is Kevin Warren the savior?

December 31, 2022

News broke this week that Big Ten Commissioner Kevin Warren is a leading candidate to replace the most inept football president in history by the name of Ted Phillips. I don’t think this guy is the answer. He’s just like Ted Phillips by just being someone who wants to make money. He negotiated TV deals for the Big Ten. Would he know that Ryan Poles and Matt Eberflus suck at their jobs? Would he give a shit if he did know?

Also, the Bears should be playing their final game of the season. But again, Roger Goodell and the owners are greedy fuckwads by continuing to water down the product with adding an extra game and playoff team to the season. Fuck all of this.

The Broncos have one more win than the Bears. They fired their coach today.

December 27, 2022

What does that tell you about the Bears? I am sure Matt EberLOSE is a nice guy. I am sure he would make a great neighbor by keeping his yard clean, taking out the trash and living a quiet lifestyle. That being said, I don’t want him coaching my favorite football team.

Where is the urgency?

Bears vs. Bills Thread

December 22, 2022

I hope everyone has a great Christmas this weekend. For me, I’ll be working and paying little attention to what the Bears are doing.

The wind chill will be -25 or so. Tickets for the game are going for 10% of the face value. I certainly hope no one is there just to show the Bears that the fans won’t put up with this bullshit. It should be like that every home game.

The Bears suck. The Bulls suck. The Blackhawks are tanking. The Illini suck. It’s going to be a long winter in Chicago.

Bears vs. Eagles Thread (For anyone who cares)

December 18, 2022

Well, this team is awful. And with that comes a decrease in traffic here at the worst site on the internet.

Bad Bears Football equals less interaction here as we all know. I can’t blame anyone.

I don’t know how much I’ll watch. Four games left of this nightmare. Any of you can chime in with thoughts.

Bye-Week Thoughts

December 11, 2022

Four more games to go before this nightmare season ends. Nothing matters anymore with this team even if they win the remaining contests. But if they continue to lose, they lock in the second overall pick.

And let’s be real here. The Bears never do anything of value with these picks to begin with. Pick first or pick last, it’s all the same. Another bust is on his way.

The Titans, who are in first place, fired their general manager. Why can’t the last-place Bears do the same?

December 6, 2022

Is it because upper-management there doesn’t tolerate bullshit? A team in first place and primed to win their division fired general manager Jon Robinson for what they felt is because he did a shitty job drafting sub-par players. Making the playoffs isn’t enough. Drafting players who don’t suck is a priority for the Titans. I am not saying they are now going to win the Super Bowl. But let it be known that even that team doesn’t accept bullshit. The records don’t tell everything.

Over at Halas Hall, six-game losing streaks have been the norm for the last 30 years. Mediocrity is not only accepted, but praised with contract extensions.

The Bears should follow suit and tell Ryan Poles to take a hike.