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March 6, 2021

On Friday, Brent Seabrook announced that he’s done playing hockey due to injuries.

He played his entire career for the Blackhawks.

I will miss him playing. I cannot forget the 2013 season the most. The overtime-winning goal in Game 7 against the Red Wings after they were down 3-1. And I definitely cannot forget Game 4 against the Bruins in the Final of that year where he scored yet, another game-winning goal in overtime that tied the series. The Blackhawks were in danger of going down 3-1 in that series and he saved it. About a week later, I am at a parade in Grant Park celebrating the Blackhawks’ second Cup in four seasons.

Not sure if it’s good enough for the Hall of Fame. But he was a big part of all three Cups. Championships are what matters. And he is forever a champion.

Open thread

February 25, 2021

Topics to discuss:

  • The Bears will probably be quiet during free agency since there doesn’t seem to be any cap space available (thanks Ryan Pace).
  • The Blackhawks seem to have a team that’s shocking many (myself included and I’m not complaining).
  • The Bulls have also seemed to be competitive. It’s amazing what happens when an actual head coach is there. Too bad some players on the team suck.

Jake Arrieta?

February 13, 2021

I’m ok with this, if it happens. Not a bad move, IMOP. Thoughts?

Simply the best.

February 11, 2021

Hate him or love him, he’s the greatest. After the Bears beat the Buccaneers on that Thursday night, it appeared that some “experts” were writing Tom Brady off as washed up.

If only Ryan Pace could find a quarterback half as good as Brady, the Bears would be in pretty good shape. Supposedly, Carson Wentz is Pace’s solution to all of the problems.


Who do you have winning the Super Bowl?

February 4, 2021

Chiefs or Buccaneers? I am picking Buccaneers because it’s crazy seeing Tom Brady still dominate. Many had written him off after a few games into this season. It’s incredible what he is doing.

It wouldn’t bother me if the Chiefs won either. Of course, they start dominating even more and not blowing leads because the bald-headed dipshit is no longer there to piss on the team.

Fire away.

Seriously, Hub Arkush?

January 29, 2021

Hub Arkush of football journalism fame in Chicago the last 30 years or so decided to write an article this week about the possibility of the Bears trading for DeShaun Watson.

He put this in the article: “But the Jay Cutler trade already proved it’s not always as simple as it often appears” and that “pulling off a trade for a star quarterback doesn’t guarantee success.”

First off, Hub, this is apples to oranges in comparison. In no way whatsoever should Jay Cutler be mentioned in the same breath as DeShaun Watson. Granted, I was ecstatic when the Bears pulled off that trade back in 2009. Many were. And I’m not going to dive into that cesspool again. I’ll just say it was the best the Bears could do at that time. However, Cutler was all “potential.” DeShaun Watson is a once-in-a-lifetime quarterback. Really, he is. Cutler wasn’t a star. Watson is. It’s absolutely ridiculous.

Yes, Hub basically wrote that the Bears should look into trading for him. But he didn’t seem like he wanted the Bears to get him. And if that’s the case, he’s dumber than I thought. And I may have been one of the few that respected and enjoyed his thoughts on the Bears many years ago. I just feel he is very wrong these days on a lot of things. Our good friend of this site, Chucky, has expressed his ANGER for Hub.

Absolutely, the Bears should do everything they can to try to get Watson. Pace knows his job is on the line and getting Watson would buy him a few more years. Make no mistake about it, this team is still in shambles. Having a legit, franchise quarterback would help suppress those flaws.

Pace fucked up royally four years ago. And it’s going to cost a fortune to correct it. Might as well start with this trade.

Are the Cubs selling out?

January 24, 2021

If they trade Bryant AND Hendricks, I’ll have to think thrice about Jed Hoyer, and the Cubs ownership. Are they trying to compete with the Bears?

Trading Hendricks makes no sense…he’s not a velocity pitcher, his ‘age’ should not be a factor. And they’ve traded Darvish already. What’s next?

Respect. Rest in paradise, Hammerin’ Hank.

January 22, 2021

The greatest baseball player of all time. And still, the REAL home run leader.

Let’s go to Halas Hall for an update.

January 18, 2021

It would be nice if the Bears gave us something to be excited about. Maybe a trade for DeShaun Watson? With the Blackhawks and Bulls being irrelevant these days, it’s going to be a long several months.

Anyone listen to the Bears press conference today? George is totally satisfied with lying (and losing)!

January 13, 2021

George McCaskey: “Ted Phillips doesn’t meddle in football decisions.”

Five minutes later.

“As far as contract extensions are concerned, I leave that to Ted.”

Also, George McCaskey talks to other owners on advice he can get on making decisions.

That’s like me in my field of work going to my competitor for advice on how to run a better business. Like, the other competitors are going to help him? Fuck no. I was texting loyal reader, Genrebuster, about this. He said the same thing I was thinking: “You’re doing great. Don’t change.” is essentially what he knows other owners are saying.

Fuck all of this!