Big 4 Game Series With Houston Starts Tonight.


The Cubs could increase their slim lead in the NL Central with at least 3 of 4. They have played the Astros well this year going 6-4. Oddly enough, the Cubs are already finished with the season series in Houston, going a respectable 5-3. The remaining 7 games will be played at Wrigley. Thursdays game will be a makeup from the 5/15 rainout.

The Cubs have played well since the All-Star break going 8-2. But the Astros have been the hottest team in the division thru the month of July. As I stated in prior threads, Houston is quietly sneaking up on everybody else in the central. They are 2 games behind the Cubs, and in 3rd place. It should be a good series. The Cubs get a break with Lance Berkman out of the lineup.


P.S.   I think they’re still a little pissed off at the Cubs for Zambrano’s No-Hitter, and Lilly’s one hitter at Miller Park last September.

31 Responses to “Big 4 Game Series With Houston Starts Tonight.”

  1. Sheep Boy Says:

    Let them be pissed, and lets kick their asses.

    Hendry has only 5 days remaining to end the Milton Bradley failed experiment.

  2. Dave Says:

    Let them be pissed, and lets kick their asses.

    Hendry has only 5 days remaining to end the Milton Bradley failed experiment.

  3. genrebuster Says:

    I see that Sheep Boy may be having an identity crises…Dave, I think he’s starting to come around to a different viewpoint! HA HA HA HA

    For ONCE….I’d like to see somebody in this organization show some balls, admit they made a mistake and get rid of Bradley. Bradley and T.O. are two guys who would never play on MY team. There are others, too.

  4. Dr. Kenneth Noisewater Says:

    You have a footbaseball team? That’s impressive. And BOLD.

    Bradley has been not terrible the last three months. While I don’t like it one bit that I’m celebrating his not terribleness, at least it’s not…um, terrible?

    May: 268 .348 .439 .787

    June: .273 .377 .348 .725

    July: .269 .465 .404 .869

    His OBP has been outstanding. I don’t think the Cubs can do anything with him but eat his salaray or play him (regarding the treade deadline), so my only suggestion for the Cubs is to play him everyday, hit him second in the lineup behind Fukudome (especially when Soto returns) and hope for the best. An even more drastic approach would be for him to scratch switch hitting for the remainder of the year as he’s a beast hitting RH.

    vs LHP as RH: .343 .405 .478 .883

  5. genrebuster Says:

    Dr. Kenny, Bradley’s “history” speaks for itself, are you familiar with it?

    If Milton could focus on baseball, not be a distraction to the team on the field or in the clubhouse and stop with the inflammatory/stupid comments to the press, etc. then I think your suggestion of batting him 2nd from the right side is a worthy experiment indeed.

    That said, his excess baggage far outweighs his usefulness…so far.

  6. Nemo Says:

    Hey there Noisy-
    I see that you don’t mention Bradley’s homers or RBI’s the last three months.

    May 3 12 (RBI’s ok for May)
    June 0 3
    July 2 6

    These numbers SUCK, ok? They SUCK. Hitting .272 for the last 3 months-that is very pedesterian. He hit over .300 the last two seasons, so he is clearly significantly UNDERPERFORMING. Yeah, he’s taking a few more walks in July-that is an improvement. But how much does it mean? He is not a leadoff man. He is not a spark plug. He was brought in here to blow up the Cubs clubhouse and make sure they go another year without winning (ooops.. I mean he was brought in here to drive in runs from the left side and for that he has SUCKED).

    Of course he is a horribly bad influence on the team and who knows how to quantify that-but you can be sure the results are negative. Maybe Bradley would hit better if you removed your lips from his ass before he entered the batter’s box? Maybe Bradley would have a better attitude if you gave him better blowjobs? Do something Kenneth, because it is all your fault.

    Rosenbloom had a great blog about Bradley today:

  7. genrebuster Says:

    Nemo, Thank You for that post.

    I’ve been trying to be more diplomatic lately, kinder & gentler — BARF BARF — etc (scoozi!)…maybe I’d feel better following your example…or Chucky’s…or Kirk’s…or The Ghost of Leo Durocher.

  8. Dr. Kenneth Noisewater Says:

    Can you guys respond to a post with out being completely thinking-deficient? In my previous post, did I ever mention that I was happy about his production? No. Counting RBI is quite the stupid concept, but HR production is another animal altogether. I know his RBI/HR numbers aren’t good. In fact, I also said that I am not celebrating his nonterribleness.

    What evidence do you have that supports your blockhead theory that Bradley is a bad influence on the team? I’ve always thought the rap was with him and management. I doubt Lou puts up with much of his crap, if he shows it, as evidenced by Lou sending him home that one day. Now, the two are working closely to try to repair Milton’s left handed swat.

    Here’s an entry on’s site about Milton and his teammates:

    Reed Johnson isn’t afeared to talk baseball and give Milton a vote of confidence:

    For a “piece of shit,” Lou recants and thinks he’s an alright “young man:”,0,4436044.story

    I’m not making apologies for Milton Bradley. I’m not saying he’s perfect. I’m not saying he’s an angel. Far from it. But, you can’t just make blanket statements like that. It’s just dumb.

  9. erniesarmy Says:

    “But, you can’t just make blanket statements like that. It’s just dumb.”

    Why not? You do it all the time.

  10. genrebuster Says:

    Look Kenneth…as for your “blanket statements” statement: the guy has a HISTORY…why don’t you research THAT a bit before you come in here blabbing your fucking mouth like a all-knowing frat boy.

    Btw, don’t believe everything you read in the press. And, what do you know about “Public Relations”, “damage control” and “spin”? Feel free to share.

    TRUST and RESPECT both are earned over time. If Bradley keeps it together and proves himself to be a healthy addition to the Cubs, I’m willing to give him all the credit he’ll deserve…IN TIME.

    You asked: “What evidence do you have that supports your blockhead theory that Bradley is a bad influence on the team? ”

    here’s one thought: Milton Bradley has played for 7 different teams since 2001…how VALUABLE does that make him? Sorry if I’m confusing you Kenneth, here’s a hint: the square peg does not fit in the round hole.

  11. Nemo Says:

    “Counting RBI is quite the stupid concept,” quite the dumb blanket statement if I ever saw one.

    You intentionally left out the HR and RBI numbers because they did not support your assertion that Bradley was “non-terrible.” You may think OBP is more important than RBI’s and if Bradley was a lead-off hitter, that would be true-but he isn’t, so it’s not. And by not criticizing those numbers, you certainly implied that you were satistfied with them. You are not very intellectually honest. But then, what sheeple ever is?

    I think I made a cogent point with a little ad hominem thrown in at the end. You throw in some ad hominem as well, but don’t really have any compelling point to your post.

    The problem with you statqueens, Noisy, is that you think if you can’t quantify it that it must not exist. Bradley is a whiney, petulant, underperforming asshole. How do you do in your job when such people are around? How do any of you feel with someone like that in your presence? How does it make you feel? It’s a FUCKING DISTRACTION and it’s SHITTY FOR MORALE! In a real job, Bradley’s selfish, petty attitude would have gotten him fired a long time ago-instead the annoying distraction never goes away and that CANNOT HELP ANY baseball team. And I’d say 7 or 8 teams in the last 10 years have had enough of his shit. If you think that platitudes by Piniella and Reed designed to give the PUBLIC APPEARANCE of unity and support are iron-clad evidence that he is not a distraction in the clubhouse, I again refer you to all his former employers. They can’t ALL be front office issues. How often does management deal with a player? The manager and players have to deal with him every day. We KNOW some of the things Piniealla said behind the scenes to Bradley when he thought there was no audience-and they were not good. He is a jag-bag who brings the same attitude wherever he goes. His attitude-like yours, Noisy, gets real old, real fast. Celebrating non-terribleness? With such a low standard, I surmise that it is pretty hard to disappoint you. The deficiency in thinking is coming from your side Kenny-or should I say Carrie Muskrat?

  12. Audience Says:


  13. robert Says:

    Guys I Think Milton Bradley was a great signing look it what it has allowed the cubs to do trade Jason Marquis for nothing…completely reject Bobby Abreau …and it would have forced us to play jake fox I mean come on bradley has 29 more hits 2 more homers and 2 more rbis and he has 142 more at bats…and to think some of us want Jake in the lineup…ps if we wouldnt have signed bradley we would not have gotten to see that game where he left 10 men on base or caught the 2nd out and posed then threw it into the stands….bradley is awesome

  14. Sandberg23 Says:

    If memory serves me correct. I swear I heard on the Score radio broadcast after the Cubs – Sox game that Piniella sent Meltdown Badley home for the day. There was a report of some mention that Cub players are not crazy about Meltdown and that he was being termed a loner that isolates himself from the whole clubhouse. I believe it was maybe Soriano (could be wrong on the player) who said it is hard to talk to Meltdown cause you don’t know what mood he is gonna be in when he gets to the ballpark. Can this be termed as a bad influence on the team Dr. Kenny?? Or maybe evidence of it??

    BTW, Great at bat by Soriano in the 13th. But the antics where uncalled for. Don’t be suprised if he gets one in the ribs from Oswalt tonight.

  15. Sandberg23 Says:

    Also, the not running to first base on what he thought was a foul ball he deserves to get one in the ribs for.

  16. robert Says:

    the guy who makes milton bradley look awesome

  17. genrebuster Says:

    robert, you are right about that….and that is why Latoya gets to sit on Dusty’s lap for Thanksgiving dinner, he deserves it. MOST PATHETIC.

  18. erniesarmy Says:

    And that is why they call him “Dumpster”!

  19. Dave Says:

    Give Ryan a break! It is his first time off the DL for a broken toe. He’s gonna have a little issue. He did keep us in the game until the bullpen blew it in the later innings.

    I usually don’t get mad, but we will NOT go back to his closer days and call him “Dumpster” after one game! Sure he has been anything but sharp this year, but still decent. One of our best pitchers last year does not deserve that type of childish regression in attitude towards him.

  20. Dave Says:

    Extreme ass-whooping in progress at Wrigley Field. Randy Wells remains scoreless.

  21. Matt Stairs Superfan Says:

    Knock on wood Dave. These are the lovable losers we are talking about here. But yes, I do agree with you. No reason to knock on Demps after having an off night right after the injury. Now if he continues to be that way after a few starts, then it is a cause for concern.

    Nice to see Philly get a former Cy Young winner in Lee. These contending teams are getting better while we sit there and stand still.

  22. robert Says:

    Matt did you not hear hendrys reason for the cubs not going to do anything…. We dont have players anybody wants….gee well whose fault is that him and oneiri fietta

  23. erniesarmy Says:

    You’re right Dave, I was wrong to call him that, I apologize.

  24. Dave Says:

    Second half season power surge continues for the Cubs as they have batted around this inning, including back-to-back jacks by Bradley and Fox. The rest of the runs have been manufactured.

    Yet another Asstro-whooping in progress at Wrigley. This team is starting to show what they had all of last year. I hope this continues into the tough upcoming road trip.

    Still I wonder if Hendry is going to make any move at all, only one day remains until the trade deadline.

    Like I have said before if this power surge continues, I don’t think we will see the Cubs in 4th place in the end.

  25. Matt Stairs Superfan Says:

    Who knows Dave. But you have noticed just as much as I have that the kids can play. The kids are showing they belong here. Now if the minor league system can produce quality players throughout the system. That goes on scouting and it needs to improve.

    Maybe there are a couple other minor league players who are down there right now that can contribute now. I would gladly see them play over some veterans on this team.

  26. Dave Says:

    Trade/acquisition talks include Relievers John Grabow, and Tom Gorzelanny as well as outfielders Mark Teahen and Jeremy Hermida

    Apparently very close to a deal with Grabow already.

  27. erniesarmy Says:

    Are the Cubs this good, or is Houston this bad?

  28. Captain Kirk Says:

    Houston is that bad

    Trade Samardzija to the Bears

    What a great deal ….. FIRE JIM HENDRY…..

    Milton Bradley Sucks!

    Why did it take Sweetie Pie Lou all this time to get a lead-off man????


    What next hang SOSA 21 from the flag pole in right??????????????




  29. erniesarmy Says:

    One things for sure, St. Louis isn’t going away, and I got a feeling Milwaukee and Houston have a few more bullets in their guns before all is said and done.

    Cubs are playing very good baseball right now, the key words are “right now.” We’ve all seen this film before numerous times: The Cubs start showing signs of getting it together, and we all get our hopes up again, only to have the same thing happen all over again.

    I, for one, am not getting on that merry-go-round this time. Let’s see where they are after Labor Day weekend, but even then, the crucial test will be the playoffs, if they make it.

    Nothing less than a World Series victory will satisfy the true Cub fans.

    The sheepie on the other hand? They’re satisfied with a souvenir mug, a photo of Ron Santo, and third place.

  30. robert Says:

    ernioe the sheeple will be ecstatic with a third straight year over 500

  31. Nemo Says:

    Director, Amateur & Professional Scouting
    Tim Wilken

    Wilken is in is 3rd or 4th season with the Cubs and is highly regarded around the league (sounds like Rothschild). When the Cubs hired Wilken, Steve Stone said he was one of the best and would be dramatically improving the Cubs farm system. Clearly this has not happened.


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