Comments fixed.


I know some of you are having problems posting comments. I think I just fixed the settings. WordPress changed up the format when I log in. Supposedly, I was given an option that if an article has two or more links to a website that it will ask me if I want to approve of it or not. I think links in posts should work. I will keep testing it out so hold on until I figure this out.

*Update: I posted a few links in a post and it went through fine. Everything should be fine now as long as comments are concerned.

17 Responses to “Comments fixed.”

  1. chucky Says:

    Thanks FroDog. I was wondering what had happened.

  2. genrebuster Says:

    cool…there was 1 link in the comment I posted…I didn’t think “ASSHOLE” was no longer allowed!

  3. Fro Dog Says:


    Every word is allowed on this website.


  4. Nemo Says:

    Peavy deal dead:

    According to this the sticking point was the Cubs being unwilling to pay over 50% of Marquis salary to the Padres. Marquis salary was $9.8 million and the Cubs were willing to pay about $4 million of his salary. The difference to get it over 50%? About $900,000! That’s right, apparently the Cubs let $900,000 get between them and Jake Peavy!!!! That’s a big MERRY FUCKING CHRISTMAS from the Cubs to us!!

  5. robert Says:

    fuck you hendry rezine you fat fucker rezine

  6. genrebuster Says:


    HA HA HA

    RIP George Carlin (and thanks Fro!)

  7. genrebuster Says:


    I sincerely apologize if that word offended anybody.

  8. chucky Says:

    You are too vulgar to be on this blog, genre. That was totally offensive.


  9. Sandberg23 Says:

    Also it as been reported that Sean Marshall being thrown into the trade equation is what ruined it as well. So basicallt the Cubs think having Sean Marshall on the roster is more important then having Peavy. WTF?????? What are they thinking??? Once again just something else that has pissed me off since the end of last season. They are kidding they’re fucking selves if they don’t think they needed Peavy!! Hell they should have let Dempster walk and made the trade for Peavy. I would take Peavy over any of these starters the Cubs have. I hope Peavy wins the Cy Young and shoves it in there ass for not acquiring him. Not to mention what happens if Dick Harden goes down and Dempster comes back down to normal next year as a ver y average pitcher?? Then they got Zambrano, Lilly and who knows else trying to pick up that rotation. Marquis??? This is fucking joke!! They passed on one of the best pitchers in baseball for Sean Marshall.. Unbelieveable!! Fuck You Hendry!! Fuck you LOU!! Why don’t you make sure Sorry-ano is penciled in again as leadoff cause you don’t wanna hurt his feeling next year ya fucking dickweed! I got a feeling they are gonna have a bad season and the no trade for Peavy is gonna bite them in the ass big time. You don’t have players like that they’re for the taking everyday. And they blow it off like they have the best rotation in baseball and they don’t need anybody else. Fuck you assholes and you’re arrogance. You got you’re fucking brains beat in again in the playoffs!!! You would think they would do something about that right?????? No they are set with what they got. All we need to do is add a left handed bat like Raul Ibanez and add the 100 yr old Randy Johnson. Yeah fucking right!! Go ahead and get Randy and spin it like you just got something great and you can talk about how he is a future hall of famer but failing to point out that the fucker can’t hardly make half his starts and he can only pitch 5 innings now!! There I feel better now!! It’s been a while since I have posted in here. So once again thanks Fro for the site!

  10. Ron Santo's legs Says:

  11. genrebuster Says:

    Sandberg, good post. After last season, I expect the Cubs to have a mediocre 2009. And if that happens, I hope Piniella decides to leave early.

    Soriano batting leadoff makes me sick. I would be happy to see that selfish poser traded…oh wait, I forgot he is so overpaid it’s unlikely that anybody would ever want him…Great!

    Hendry. Hendry. Hendry. Hendry. Hendry. Hendry. Hendry. Hendry. Hendry. Hendry.

    (sorry chucky)

  12. genrebuster Says:

    I just read the article ron santo’s legs linked to…

    Further proof that the Cubs organization (management/ownership) is currently the most pathetic, fucked up, greedy, collection of jagoff losers in the professional sports.

    Keep up the good work, you’ll soon drive all the real fans away…except for the ones who are rich and don’t mind spending their hard-earned $$$ on crap.

    Crane Kenney does resemble Andrew MacFAIL more and more.

    Read the comments in the blog (below the article), lots of unhappy people.

  13. chucky Says:


    Please clean up your language. This type of vulgarity will not be tolerated any longer!

  14. genrebuster Says:

    Hendry HendryHendryHendryHendryHendryHendryHendryHendryHendryHendryHendryHendryHendryHendry (chucky, that makes me sick, too)


    Jake Peavy, loser: The San Diego Padres pitcher supposedly was so jacked up about becoming a Chicago Cub that he was spotted singing “Go Cubs Go” in a Las Vegas bar after a Brooks and Dunn concert he’d attended with Astros pitcher Roy Oswalt. After the Cubs and Padres broke off trade talks Thursday, he might as well have been singing “A Man This Lonely” by the country duo.

  15. MadCityMac Says:

    Thanks Frodog- it’s just not possible to have a Cubs rant website without cuss words; FUCKIN’ A!

  16. genrebuster Says:

    Congratulations to Kerry Wood on his new contract with Cleveland…and also for escaping from the most pathetic sports franchise of the last 100 years. Thank You for your efforts as a Cub.

    For once, I regret that Wood is a class act…I would have enjoyed hearing about him slapping Hendry in the face before exiting.

    Sell the fucking team already.

  17. MadCityMac Says:

    Fuck Crane Kenney, fuck Hendry, fuck Lou, fuck Shitbag Zell, fuck the Trib, fuck winter, fuck psycho girlfriends, fuck the economy, fuck the veterans committee, fuck corporate breweries, fuck Wal-Mart, fuck everything. Ah, that’s a load off. Now I can go off to work in the proper mindset!


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