Open thread.


– The Bears need to win their last two games while the Vikings to lose both of their games to get into the playoffs. This shouldn’t have been a problem if the Bears didn’t blow one of three games that they should have won. The game against Carolina where they had I believe a 17 point lead and pissed it away. The Tampa Bay game where they had a two-score lead and they gave it away much in part due to Charles Tillman’s stupid penalty in overtime. Last but the most frustrating game was the Atlanta game where the Bears scored a touchdown with 11 seconds to go only to let Matt Ryan throw a 30 yard pass with one second to go leading to the game winning field goal.

– The Chicago Bulls are doing OK with their near .500 record. Derrick Rose is showing it more and more every game that he is the real deal. He is their best player on the team. In fact, he is probably their only good player. I like Drew Gooden as well. He is not the dominant post player that teams need to contend but he is doing a good enough job so far. He is having some games in which he putting up 20 points and around 10 rebounds a game but not consistently. Everyone else on the team needs to be let go or traded away for draft picks in order to contend in the next couple years.

– The Chicago Blackhawks have been kicking some ass in the last couple weeks. As of this writing, they are tied for 3rd place in the Western Conference with a three game trip in Canada. I was at my first Blackhawks game this past Sunday and it was amazing. I had a lot of fun and it was very relaxing for me. The young lady and I sat right next to the tv cameras in the club level, first row. The crowd really got excited when the Hawks had a chance to score and when they did, the crowd went nuts. If you haven’t been to a Blackhawks game yet, I suggest you do. For the best in-depth coverage of the Blackhawks, check out the good guys over at

– If you guys want to discuss anything else, feel free to.

8 Responses to “Open thread.”

  1. ksmc2000 Says:

    The Bears dug a huge hole for themselves now with the games that you mentioned that they let get away. They shouldn’t be in a position that they need help to get into the playoffs. If they would have taken care of Minnesota on Thanksgiving weekend, it would have made things alot easier now. There is plenty of blame to go around.

    Great to see the Blackhawks finally playing well again. I haven’t been this excited since the days of Bobby Hull, Stan Mikita, Tony Esposito, and one of my favorites, Keith Magnuson. He was one bad-ass defensman. Looking forward to the Winter Classic at Wrigley on New Years Day. The ice will be going down on Friday.

  2. genrebuster Says:

    damn, KSMC….flashback!

    Hull (the “Golden Jet”), Mikita, Esposito…Magnuson (I had forgotten him, sorry!)….I was a very young lad…but I remember listening to Stanley Cup playoffs on the radio (maybe the year they won it all?)…

    As for the Bears, they are out of it until a coaching change is made.

    Sorry: “Me no likey Lovie”

  3. Nemo Says:

    helluva 3 game road trip for the Hawks!

  4. Fro Dog Says:

    Agree Nemo.

    This is really fun to watch. I have been surprised that I am watching these games from the drop of the puck until the buzzer at the end of the game.

    The Hawks are well on their way to be the hottest ticket in town.

  5. Dave (formerly armycubsfan) Says:

    Vi-Queens lost! Offense played poorly leading to 4 turnovers and 10 points given up. Bears have a division chance if they can get revenge on the Packers in sub-zero temperatures tonight. Its fucking cold out there!

    I’ve actually started watching Hawks games a little. And this team may turn me into a long term hockey fan. I would start following the sport like I do baseball and football.

  6. genrebuster Says:

    Dear Mr. Kenney,

    You are cordially invited to dinner at my home Christmas Eve, 8pm. Don’t be late, happy fucking holidays. – Guv’nor Blagojevich

  7. Nemo Says:

    WGN has this new thing called WGN America. The programming on WGN America is often different than what WGN broadcasts locally in Chicago. So, I haven’t been able to watch any of the Hawks games on GN. Can still see them on Comcast.

  8. Fro Dog Says:


    Where exactly are you located?

    WGN America use to be called WGN Superstation. I get the local WGN in Chicago and you have to be within about 70 miles to get the local feed which is much better than the National feed.

    The local WGN has more Bulls games and all Blackhawks games because of NHL and NBA rules that restrict WGN to broadcast games on the National Feed.


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