Adding my two cents…


Three topics to catch up on since I haven’t had a chance to lately would be the Illini, Bulls and Blackhawks.

1. The Illinois Fighting Illini as of this moment are 21-6 and trail Michigan State by two games in the Big Ten. I know they played like shit and blew a nine point lead against Penn State. They scored just four points in the last ten minutes of that game. At that record however, it has shocked just about everybody including myself. It just shows how good of a coach Bruce Weber is with players that weren’t considered to be big time playmakers when they left high school. Just imagine what kind of record they would have if he had top of the line players. With that being said, they are in the round of 65 but the question would be what number seed would they be. Right now, they are good enough for a fourth or fifth seed but it could be a two or three if they play well in the Big Ten Tournament.

2. The Chicago Bulls made three trades. I do not know if the new guys coming in will make this team better but they are still not a contender. Amare Stoudemire is staying put with the Suns and I read in a couple of places that the Bulls didn’t consider the trade because they would have to give up their first round draft pick in return. If that is the case, John Paxson is dumber than I thought. As an organization, you don’t know if your next draft pick is going to be good.

However, you do know that Amare Stoudemire is very good and if you have a chance to get him and give back the Suns a bunch of garbage in return, then you do it. Amare is good for 25 points and at least seven rebounds a game. No one on the Bulls right now can do that. The Bulls might still end up making the playoffs as a 7th or 8th seed but it won’t be worth it. They are better off missing the playoffs so they could have a chance to get lucky again and get a high draft pick.

3. Last but not least, we have the only feel good story in town right now and that is the Chicago Blackhawks who are 33-15-8 on the season. They shutout the Florida Panthers Thursday night for their 3rd straight win. Huet (about damn time) had a good game getting the shutout. This season has been really excited to watch. This team is young, good and fun to follow. There have been some injuries but it has not affected them so far. They are really on a roll and there is no reason why it should stop anytime soon. Patrick Sharp will be out at least two more weeks with the injury he had against Dallas last week.

I couldn’t write about the Blackhawks without giving Nikolai Khabibulin big time props. This guy sucked the last two years and before this season started, the Blackhawks put him on waivers and no team claimed him. Right now he is out with an injury but his record is 17-5-5. He lost the first game of the season in October and did not lose a game in regulation until late December. That is pretty damn good. So to Khabibulin, he gets my props. He is one of the main reasons why this team is on the upside and looking real good this season.

– That is about it for me. You guys take it easy this weekend and I might have a new thread sometime next week.


4 Responses to “Adding my two cents…”

  1. Jonny Dave Floyd Says:

    Dang good post, Tip. I knew you’d turn this little blog around. Are you sad to see Thabo go? It’s for the best, I think. Breakups are hard to get over, but it can be done with healthy doses of RC, Moon Pies, and perspective. I nearly come apart at the seems when my boy Brett retired and then didn’t. You might even say that I DID come apart at the seams. But I think I mended up real nice, ya might say. Now, I got my own place, a management position, and I’m even gettin’ along with Momma’s new boyfriend. Life could be worse. I’m just glad to see Brett playin’, is all, no matter who it’s for.

  2. Thrillho Says:

    “I nearly come apart at the seems…”


  3. Matt Stairs Superfan Says:

    Good points on the Bulls Fro.

    Since I have been living in Virginia for almost two years now, I have only been able to follow them on WGN America and they only put 15 games on there a year compared to the 25 or so they put on WGN in the city.

    Other than that, whenever they are on TNT or ESPN, I will for sure tune in. We will see how those trades pan out.

  4. genrebuster Says:

    Thrillwhore, are you related to Mitch?


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