Go-Go White Sox, Ugh!!!


Never in my existence have I ever allowed myself to wish the White Sox well, until last weekend. However, desperate times call for desperate measures, and this years version of the Cubs are about as bad as it gets. I was hoping for a sweep against the Brewers, and was genuinely pissed with the loss on Friday. The Cubs can ill afford to lose any more ground to the teams ahead of them in the division. Did any of you feel the same way as myself?

At least with the start of the Crosstown Classic series on Tuesday, I can resume my rightful position of hating the White Sox and Cardinals. If you think I was stricken with “temporary insanity”, I apologize.

52 Responses to “Go-Go White Sox, Ugh!!!”

  1. Nemo Says:

    I still rooted for the Brewers. Although Milwaukee is a decent team, the only team that seems truly capable of stopping the Cubs is the….Cubs. And they are doing a fantastic job of stopping themselves.

  2. Dave Says:

    Game postponed tonight. From watching the radar and having background knowledge on meteorology, and training to be in meteorology as well; I can tell you that this was a BAD, and UNNECCESSARY DECISION!! The rain is on its way out.

    Now there will be a Cubs home game at the cell, GAY.

  3. captain1kirk Says:

    The game postponed was a victory for both teams. Both these teams have a similar marketing approach, trying to convince their fans that despite playing like shit they are still in the race. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

    Soriano lead off 14 HR\’S 229
    D Lee 7 HR\’S 278
    Bradley 5 HR\”S 227
    Soto 3HR\’S 223
    Fukudome 5 HR\’S 266

    Now sheeple we are only 3-1/2 games out
    Now sheeple our pitching has been solid
    Now sheeple wait till we get Aramis back
    Now sheeple who is Mark DeRosa?

    Tick fucking Tock

  4. genrebuster Says:

    Kirk, welcome back!

  5. chucky Says:

    This team absolutely sucks fucking donkey balls. No heart. No guts. I honestly don’t think anybody gives two shits anymore. I’m beginning to not give a fuck anymore myself. In fact, I hope they finish in last place. They fucking deserve it, considering how shitty they’ve played.

  6. robert Says:

    new batting coach same damn batters same fucking result

    I just hope Jim Hendry doesnt get the idea to have Julio Zulletta come back and do more voodoo on the bats..

  7. captain1kirk Says:

    New batting coach same result. Great observation!! Do you think maybe it might be the pile of shit players?

    SorryONo sucked today
    Soto sucked today
    11 strikeouts

    The best hitter on the Cubs is Zambrano

    When are the Cubs being sold?

    I need an injection of hope can Hendry get 5 tool Pie back???


    Get another hitting coach!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. genrebuster Says:

    When are the Cubs being sold?

    Multiple choice:

    a. When hell freezes over.
    b. When pigs fly.
    c. When I receive my government bailout check.
    d. When all of the above happen.
    e. Who cares?

  9. erniesarmy Says:

    Let’s see, boys and girls, how bout dem Cubs?

    Soriano – .225 (what a lead off hitter! You know the definition of insanity? It’s doing the same thing over and over, even though it can’t, and never will, work.)
    Bradley – .234 (does he care? Nah, that’s how things go, ya know?)
    G. Soto – .217 (how them donuts Geo?)
    Fontenoet – .232 (Has he seen the baseball yet?)
    Miles – .202 (Our new starting second baseman, who needs De Rosa!)

    Uh, Mr. Piniella, you see that door Gerald Perry just went through, why don’t you, and that mental midget Jim Hendry, follow him. We have some parting gifts, and thanks for playing.

    Now, is it possible to get some professionals in this organization?

  10. robert Says:

    kirk I think a new batting coach proves the old phrase true

    You cant make chicken salad out of chicken shit

    ps welcome back kirk

  11. Nemo Says:

    Anyone think replacing Piniella will do anything to help this team hit? I sure as fuck don’t. Fire him or not, I don’t care, none of it matters. Fuck this franchise!!!

  12. Christopher Kinney Says:

    I see that my 1990 Sammy Sosa rookie cards have dropped to less than 50 cents a piece in less than two days. That piece of shit Sammy Sosa. I hope that he tries to come back into the U.S., and is arrested immediately.

    “Baseball been very very good to me”–Sammy Sosa, January 1999

    Yeah, you overpaid piece of fucking shit, and your fucking crap lying agent Adam Katz too. You can both can go to hell.

  13. ksmc2000 Says:


    Do you know what you can make from chicken shit? Jim Hendry. I don’t even know why this pisshead shows up for work. He has the farm system full of low talent players that other teams have no interest in to make deals with. And with all the no-trade clauses he handed out to players that are either past their prime, or just plain suck.

  14. captain1kirk Says:

    Thanks for the welcome backs. I need to vent after giving this piece of shit franchise a fair shot. Actually I had this figured out after the last two playoff sweeps that we hada pile of shit bunch assembled on the north side.

    Now who is suprised that Sammy I don’t know how that cork got in my bat Sosa was juiced? Sammy Sosa was a well calculated marketing ploy by Cub management. Sammy was the consumate cheat and loser. His only purpose was to sell tickets. This guy was poison in the club house. I wonder if the Cubs are still going to run his number up the flag pole along with the great Atlanta Brave pitcher Greg Maddux?

    We have talent down on the farm. Don’t we have the best wide receiver in Chicago? Oh the wrong sport. I heard Josh Vitters is doing good at A ball and he plays third. Do you think he might get some good experience and do just as well as Fontenot and Miles? What the hell give him a shot. Other than that Hendry has assembled a no talent farm system. There can be only one answer:



  15. MadCityMac Says:

    As long as the most important things to the management of this pathetic franchise are putting 40,000 sheeple in the park everyday and finding some hack shilling for their book or whatever pet project singing Take Me Out To The FUCKING Ballgame everyday, it’s going nowhere. Fuck Sam Zell, fuck Moe Hendry, fuck Crane Kenney, fuck Lou, fuck Larry Rottenchild, and fuck this franchise. There, now I feel better! Oh, and fuck Corky as well; not that I’m surprised he got caught.

  16. robert Says:

    who can fire an idiot and replace him with someone bigger the hendry man can the hendry man can

    who can sign an outfielder with a bad attitude who cannot count thehendry man can the hendry man can

    who can come up with excuse after excuse and then wonder why the team sucks the hendry man can the hendry man can

    who can give a bunch of cry babies who dont give a fuck a no trade clause the hendry man can the hendry man can

    who can take a solid 4th or 5th starter away and get absolutely nothing in return the hendry man can the hendry man can

  17. genrebuster Says:

    robert, I really like your song “the hendry man”

    …the music video could feature Corky Sosa “singing”…film it in the Dominican and end it with children beating on a Hendry Pinata with baseball bats, it breaks open and “I believe” bracelets fall out…but NO candy…the children are heartbroken and collapse on the ground, sobbing….as the camera fades out, the sheep in the streets are defecating and bleating


  18. robert Says:

    or it could be the cream…ps I dont think manny meant to take steroids from the drug he was taking I think he wanted to get pregnant

  19. chucky Says:


    Would the baby be born with those nasty-ass cornrows? And wearing a batting helmet covered with pine tar?

  20. robert Says:

    chucky thanks for that comment gave me a good laugh just as I am getting ready to watch the cub game

  21. robert Says:

    Lou said on the pre game interview if the cubs dont start hitting he is going to have to do something he doesnt want to do. Whats that wake up and watch the game? master the english language

  22. chucky Says:

    Dan McNeil on the score this morning was absolutely pissed off that Lou didn’t make any sizable changes today. Only real change was to insert Andres Blanco in place of Aaron Miles. Yeah, that’s some change there Lou. What’s next, put Miles at 3rd and move Fontenot to 2nd.

    I swear this smells like Dusty.

  23. robert Says:


  24. erniesarmy Says:

    You know, I was going to post something, but Chucky, Robert, Genrebuster, and KSMC took the words right out of my mouth.

    So, I’m speechless.

    Would firing Piniella make a difference? Probably not, but it would sure make me feel better.

    Hey, Lou, knock, knock, knock, hey Lou, wake up, where’s that line up change you wished you didn’t have to make? Oh, I forgot, it’s still your nap time. Go back to sleep Lou, you been good at that all season!!!!!!!

  25. Irish Yeti Says:

    I will not defend this team now…

    but you are all still fucking idiots for your moronic trade proposals and opinions.

    That being said, this team really sucks right now.

  26. Nemo Says:

    I propose we trade Irish Yeti to Bleed Cubbie Blue for…. well, we don’t want anything back for him.

  27. robert Says:

    does anyone smell sheep

  28. Irish Yeti Says:

    I’ve been banned from BCB. Sorry buddy.

  29. chucky Says:

    I do.

  30. chucky Says:

    This fucking team is harder to figure out than some of the bitches I used to date!

  31. Matt Stairs Superfan Says:

    I can’t believe I keep watching this team. Day after day. This is embarrassing.

    Irish Yeti, just so you know, we didn’t make any trade proposals. The one in the last thread was somebody from a fan site. Also, you have got to be kidding me if YOU were banned from BCB. Maybe they ran out of sheeple space? I would have to say yes. The sheeple are over whelming.

  32. genrebuster Says:

    I’ll be surprised if the Cubs sell before the end of this season.

  33. Irish Yeti's girlfriend Says:

    I’m here for the gang bang. Who’s next?

  34. Sandberg23 Says:

    How about some sheep

  35. genrebuster Says:

    Good news Yeti: next up is Hendry….batter up, have fun!

  36. morpheus Says:

    I too am banned from BCB. I dared challenge the new world order and the supreme leader Al Yellon, and for that I got this:

  37. genrebuster Says:

    Good news Yeti. Hendry can NOT make it to your party….but Yellon has agreed to take his place!

  38. Irish Yeti Says:

    “I’m here for the gang bang. Who’s next?” Hey babe, that’s later with my friends and the two sheep, remember? We’re going to put your ass on the fireplace mantle and go to town.

    “Good news Yeti: next up is Hendry….batter up, have fun!” I’m not sure what you mean by this…

    “Good news Yeti. Hendry can NOT make it to your party….but Yellon has agreed to take his place!” Again, I don’t know what you mean??

    My party? Is that the pants party?

  39. chucky Says:

    Have I mentioned lately how much I hate Rich Harden?

  40. erniesarmy Says:

    7 – 0 Indians in the 4th, ha, they’re just gettin started.

    Beating the Cubs is tantamount to beating the Rhode Island Red Hens, it’s just too easy.

    I would love to hear Piniella after this one; “Well, whatta want me to do? What can I do?….Whaaaaaaaa….Whaaaaaaaa…..Whaaaaaaaa…somebody give me my blankee.”

    What a pathetic whiner he turned out to be.

  41. robert Says:

    why is Jim Leyland a good manager

    Magglio Ordonez, homerless in a career-high 38 straight games, is on the bench indefinitely. Manager Jim Leyland said he believes he’s “tried everything” to get Ordonez ignited. He has moved him around the batting order. He has given him days off. Ordonez has taken extra hitting practice and studied tapes of his at-bats.

    Lou take the fucking hint

  42. erniesarmy Says:

    why is Jim Leyland a good manager

    Magglio Ordonez, homerless in a career-high 38 straight games, is on the bench indefinitely.

    Absolutely correct! Thank You Robert!!!!!!!!!!!!


  43. genrebuster Says:

    Yeti, I meant to respond to “your girlfriend”…lack of sleep is getting to me, I apologize for that.

  44. chucky Says:


    Worthless piece of shit.

  45. Irish Yeti Says:

    Did you guys enjoy that game? I mean, I see you guys freaking out on Pinella as they were losing, but there’s nothing once they pull out that outstanding victory. What will you do when they win the world series?

  46. chucky Says:

    Personally, I’ll probably be long dead from old age.

  47. robert Says:

    baaaa baaaa baaaa baaaa baaaa

  48. Matt Stairs Superfan Says:

    I missed the game today because of work and I can’t get 720 AM out here unless it is at night.

    I am happy they came back but my opinion does not change on this team. They can go on a 10 game winning streak and I will still say this team is not good enough. How many times did they do what they did today last year? Did they win it all? Did they even win a playoff game? NO.

    Yeti, you are a stupid moron if you think this team can win the world championship. BCB loves people like you.

  49. robert Says:

    yetti I am going to speak for everyone on this site and reply to this comment..

    Did you guys enjoy that game? I mean, I see you guys freaking out on Pinella as they were losing, but there’s nothing once they pull out that outstanding victory. What will you do when they win the world series?

    we all wanted to give lou a shot. we all wanted to give dusty a shot. we all wanted to give hendry a shot

    so to answer your question we will be happy on this site when this team wins 11 playoff games…

    we have all seen 84 89 98 03 07 08 and until this team wins 11 playoff games in one year we are going to be pissed off

  50. genrebuster Says:

    I’m happy that the Cubs won today…la la la la la la la la la.

    That said, I hate to burst anybody’s bubble…but it was the Cleveland Indians that they beat today, the team with the 2nd WORST record in baseball. Also, I heard that Kingsford made an appearance today….oooops, sorry!

    No. I didn’t enjoy the game…because I didn’t watch it.

    Yes. What robert said.

  51. genrebuster Says:

    Lest we forget:


    101 years.

    tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…

    PATHETIC. (that’s right Yeti….throw another rock…let your hair down).


  52. Dave Says:

    As much as I enjoy the suspenseful walkoff comeback wins that the Cubs have been putting together as of late, I could really go for a blow out win decided in the early innings.


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