Milton Bradley, The Saga Continues….


DeRosa and Marquis were traded in the off-season to free up enough money to sign this piece of shit. He was brought here to be the lefthanded run producer in the middle of the lineup. Nearing the All-Star break, Bradley has batted in a whopping 16 runners with 5 home runs.

Yesterday, after going 0 for 3 with two strikeouts, Bradley went off on the cooler, and got into it with Piniella. Lou sent him home for the rest of the game. How about sending him to Iowa to get his fucking shit together? Maybe a few bus rides will humble his sorry ass. Piniella has actually considered only using him against lefthanded pitchers so he can bat right. Nice going Hendry, what a wonderful signing Bradley was.

If, and when this team is ever sold, Hendry should be the first one out the fucking door.

33 Responses to “Milton Bradley, The Saga Continues….”

  1. chucky Says:

    You won’t get an argument from me. But we should add to that list Larry Rothschild, Aaron Miles, Aaron Heilman, Sorryanus, maybe Lou(?). Is there anybody else? Oh, yeah……KEVIN FUCKING SHIT-STAIN GREGG!!!

  2. robert Says:

    This is going off the topic but I am going to get on my soapbox.

    Can someone tell my why Pete Rose is not in the hall of fame.

    You have the strike of 94 which destroyed confidence in the game. Baseball comes back but what bought the fans back to the game the great homerun chase of 98 between Mcgwire and Sosa..Turns out they both cheated. You hear people talk baseball and they immediately talk steroids. You saw homerun records set and fall almost immediately. You have Palmeiro saying before congress I never used steroids period gets caught three months later.( oh it was something someone gave me) You see Manny Rameriez get caught (oh it was something a doctor gave me I did not mean to) You find out Sosa is a cheater…

    You want People to learn the correct way to play the game you show them tapes of Pete Rose..Someone who ruined a guys carrer to win an meaningless All Star Game…

    I realize he should have been punished for betting on baseball but if you can cheat and only get 50 games and still be eligible for the all star game. Dont you think 20 years is enough to punsish someone..You get punsihed less than that for rape robbery or murder…

    Enough is enough Let Pete Rose take his place in the hall of fame…

    And If I hear Bud Selig say one more time we are entering into a new and glorius chapter of baseball I am going to puke..

    Bud if you want to see a real commisioner at work call Roger Goodell of the NFL who is showing players you want to act up…Get the hell out of my league…

  3. erniesarmy Says:


    First, do us a favor and ban that troll IrishYeti, he adds nothing to this site, not even humor (go take a peek at his “posts” on the other thread).

    Second, did you see the latest? Piniella apologized to Bradley today, that’s right APOLOGIZED to Bradley! Then he put him back in the lineup, at the same place, and Soriano in the leadoff.

    The guy has seriously lost it, even worse than Dusty.

  4. robert Says:

    Ernie on prior post you said you were going to say something but me and several others beat you to the punch…well you said what I was going to say…Uncle Lou and Uncle Milty are the new Dusty and Neifi

  5. erniesarmy Says:

    Robert – Dusty & Neifi vs. Milti & Uncle Lou, what a matchup! Only the Cubs could be so inept.

    This is from a guy by the name of “Billy” on another site, and what he says goes for me, and I would guess, most of you guys as well –
    From Chris Deluca of the Sun-Times:

    “Here’s everything you need to know about Milton Bradley. The setting was the opening homestand of the season. Bradley was expressing his unhappiness in Chicago during a contentious session with reporters. As he walked away, the oft-injured Bradley was asked: How do you feel?

    “I feel like 30 million bucks,” Bradley said over his shoulder, not missing a beat.

    That is the quote the Cubs never wanted you to see.”

    What an absolute prick. I don’t care how Bradley plays once Aramis comes back, Fox better be playing RF. Bradley doesn’t deserve to wear a Chicago Cubs uniform, let alone any other MLB uniform. I for one will not be supporting this team as long as this jackass is on it and other incredibly deserving players are being punished for his attitude and lack of heart. Jim Hendry needs to owe up to his huge mistake and do something about Bradley or he’s going to alienate even more fans than he already has.
    He’s already alienated me the first time I heard Hendry signed him. Can we send Hendry, Miltie, and Uncle Lou on assignment?

  6. robert Says:

    check these stats out

    Player A 56 games played 24 runs 40 hits 16 RBIS

    Player B 17 games played 15 Hits 11 RBIS

    Player A is Milton Bradley

    PLayer B is Jake Fox

  7. jimmyd Says:


    Quite frankly, I think you post well, are well informed and make sound arguments. Keep in mind that arguing over opinions is pointless, as opinions are personal. Also, you can’t argue based solely on statistics either because statistics can be twisted to make pretty much any argument you’d like.

    I also think that your posts indicate that you are a man of intelligence.

    I’ve got a statistic for you to chew on.

    So far, this year, the Cubs have lost 11 games in the opponents final at bat. 11 times out of 36 losses. Not that it’s important, but that’s just a shade under 31%. Quite shitty in my opinion; nearly 1/3 of your losses come as a result of your bullpen not being able to get the job done.

    Now, because YOUR “serviceable” buddy is our esteemed CLOSER, he’s almost always in final inning situations. He has 3 blown saves, 2 losses and at least 3 other situations that were not save opportunities that he has puked all over himself (one of which he blew a 4 run lead in the 9th inning….without recording an out…..but the Cubs actually bailed him out with a run in the 10th for the W). That “serviceable” piece of shit has cost the Cubs games that matter tremendously in the standings.

    If you watch the way the man pitches, he get’s rocked every time (okay, maybe it’s not every time, but at least it appears like every time) he’s in a game. Like someone else posted, he’s averaging more than 20 pitches per outing. That’s horseshit for a “closer”. Now, please don’t dig up statistics that shows the average pitches per innings for other closers in the league. I’m not interested in that information or I’d look it up myself. Statistics don’t dictate the outcome. All you have to do is watch him pitch and it’s evident that he fools nobody. There’s no movement to his pitches and his location is frightening.

    Now, I’m a realist and I know that there will be blown “saves” (unless you can replicate Gagne’s feat of 84 or 85 in a row). However, if this man which you call “serviceable” had wet his pants only half of the time that he actually has, the Cubs would be at the top of the division. That’s quite a feat considering that this team has had a bad run of luck with injuries and they haven’t been hitting the ball 1) for average and 2) when it matters.

    That said, I still remain optimistic that this team has a strong chance to win the NL Central. That’s one thing. Advancing deeply into the playoffs is a whole different story (as we’ve seen the past 2 years).

    I’m not happy with the bullshit batting order and the fact that the highly overpaid and overrated Alfonso Soriano continues to lead off. Before the Cubs acquired him, I posted that I was vehemently against getting him. There were many reasons that I felt that way and I also posted that he would (in all likelihood) NEVER post another 46 homerun season. I didn’t need statistics to tell me that; I just needed to know baseball and have a good eye for the game.

    Does he have the power to hit 46 dingers in a season? Absolutely. Then, why am I so confident that he’ll NEVER do it again? Because there’s only one part of the plate that he can use to consistently hit the ball out of the park. Surprise….the opposition pitches away from that strength and the result is a whole bunch of “solo shots”. Big Fucking Deal. Mr. Clutch, he’s not.

    There are other things which I think are preventing this team from accomplishing more than they have, but I want to keep this post shorter than that. Maybe another day when I have more time.

    Pretty deflating loss today. This team is playing to the level of a .500 team, and that’s not acceptable.

    One last thing. To answer your question, who would I rather see in the closer role? I don’t have the answer to that. I do know that I would change from the status quo. I don’t know if it’s Ascanio or Guzman or someone from the minors. I will say this: I’m against most posters on this site. Marmol doesn’t have the goods. He’s been mindfucked and for whatever reason cannot, or will not, rely on the fact that he has nasty shit. Until he does that, he’s going to continue to struggle.

    Jimmy D.

  8. jimmyd Says:


    Read my last post. I don’t think that this team is DOOOOOMMMMMEEEEDDD!!!!!!

    I know a few of the regular posters on this site. I also know that they feel the same way (they don’t feel that the Cubs are doomed). On the other hand, I think it’s safe to say that just about all of us “have had it up to here” and we’re so fucking frustrated with the overall ineptitude exhibited by this franchise.

    Case in point. A couple of weeks ago, on the same day, there were 2 major gaffes in Major Leage Baseball.

    Gaffe #1: Milton Bradley catches a one out fly ball with runners at 1st and 3rd. After catching the ball, he faces the right field fans, takes a pose and then tosses the ball into the bleachers. The problem was that there was only one out, not two. In the end, did it matter? No, the runner from 3rd was going to score anyway and the runner who advanced from 1st to 3rd on the “error” didn’t score. Now, after the game, Lou’s comment to the media was something like this: “What should I do? Have a practice to teach him how to count to 3? One, two, three?”

    Gaffe #2. The Mets are leading the Yankees by 1 run with 2 outs in the bottom of the ninth inning. The Yankees have runners at the corners and A-Rod’s at the plate. A-Rod pops one up just on the grass behind the second base position. The second baseman (Castillo?) casually goes back for the ball and DOINK, it bounces off of the heel of his glove and drops to the ground. End result, both runners score and the Mets lose the game. At the press conference after the game, Jerry Manuel, visibly upset, shouts to the media….”fundamental baseball….you ALWAYS use two hands to catch the ball”.

    Quite a difference in the 2 approaches. One seems to welcome and tolerate shameful and heartless play. The other, expects nothing but perfection.

    That’s the same thing on this site. The long time sufferers which have followed this team for decades are sick of the mediocrity (and the lighthearted attitude that goes along with it). Especially when the Cubs have the payroll and talent that they do.

    That said, stop with your smug little comments and attacks and try to post something of substance. I’d really like to learn more about you based on your comments and insights into the game, rather than your trivial name calling. I do, however, enjoy the humor you manage to interject here and there (thus the name at the top of this post….it’s called humor).

    I’m quite confident that you will post an attack to this email, and that’s okay. I’m not going to step down to that level.

    Jimmy D.

  9. ksmc2000 Says:

    jimmy d,

    I was at the Timberrattlers game against the Peoria Chiefs tonight. I was looking forward to watching Josh Vitters for the first time. The kid didn’t disappoint. He hit a solo homer to left to give the Chiefs a brief 1-0 lead. He also flashed some good defense at 3rd. I’d say he is about two years away from the bigs.

    It was a long ass night though. We sat through three rain delays and 14 innings of baseball. Wisconsin won the game on an error by the Chiefs 2b on a missed popup in short right field.

  10. Nemo Says:

    While a generally agree with everyone’s opinion of Soriano, he did get a two-run double today on what appeared to be an outside pitch with two outs. I only saw the highlight briefly as I don’t watch any of the games. Obviously this is an exception, and perhaps it is naive to hope this is the result of working with the new hitting coach as opposed to a fluke.

    After the A-Rod drop, the Mets are 6-8 (including a 15-0 loss to the Yankees in the rubber game of that series), so while I appreciate Jerry Manuel preaching fundamentals, has it really done them any good?

    As far as I can tell, Piniella’s apology was for calling Bradley “a piece of shit” NOT for sending him home, but yeah, Bradley has been a fucking bust-I don’t know ANYONE here who thought it was a good idea at the time. It clearly exposes the bullshit philosophy behind trading players merely to make salary available. If the Cubs were a REAL team they would have kept DeRosa AND signed who else they wanted-payroll be damned. But, now we have Bradley and no DeRosa. Nice. And DeRosa has just been traded to the Cardinals, so well done Hendry.

    I don’t know that I consider the Cubs doomed. Sure, they are in the race, but this is such a fundamentally flawed team. Is it just me, or does it seem that the pall that set in on Wrigley after that home run last October settled in already?

  11. jimmyd Says:


    My point wasn’t about “preaching fundamentals”, it was about expectations, taking what happens seriously, and demanding excellence from your “professional” athletes.

    Confidence is contagious. So is lack of confidence. ~ Vince Lombardi.

    What we’ll never know is what would the Mets W-L rate have been over the past 2 weeks had they not squandered that game away. Personally, I think that an episode like that detracts from team confidence and swagger; even if it’s only for a game or two. However, if the performance in that next game or two is poor, the “weed” has a chance to “grow” in the garden; further extending the slump.

    I had just heard about the DeRosa trade before logging on this morning. That’s okay, though. Making intelligent trades to improve your team is not for us; that’s nonsense for other teams to worry about. The Cubs will stand pat because all is well in Wrigleyville and there are no voids to be filled. Jim Hendry is a moron.

    Jimmy D.

  12. erniesarmy Says:

    Watching Zambrano implode for, what, the eightieth time of his career? He’s a time bomb waiting to go off. He’s no ace, and will never be an ace as long as this garbage is tolerated by the manger and management.

    The guy has terrific stuff, but like Stoney said, “You want to know why Carlos Zambrano has won no more than 14 games, there is the reason.”
    “That’s the same thing on this site. The long time sufferers which have followed this team for decades are sick of the mediocrity (and the lighthearted attitude that goes along with it). Especially when the Cubs have the payroll and talent that they do.”

    Thank you, JimmyD, that pretty much sums it up.

  13. Matt Stairs Superfan Says:

    Nice to see that firing their hitting coach did a lot. Maybe it the hitters themselves.

    0 runs. While this team may not be DOOMED as Irish Yeti would say, it is for sure looking ugly and we haven’t even hit July yet.

  14. robert Says:

    what has been the worst cub signing since 1990

    a Danny Jackson
    b Dave Smith
    c Todd Hundley
    d Mel Rojas
    e Milton Bradley

    I want to eliminate a and c due to the fact the players they were traded for were Steve Buechelle who played a good 3rd base for two years and Mark Grudizelanek and Eric Karros

    Right now for me its a toss up between d and e

  15. Matt Stairs Superfan Says:

    Robert, I would have to say Rojas was the bigger bust since 1990. He shit away so many games and he was traded later in the season for a couple players but I don’t even think they made it to the show.

    Maybe, just maybe trading this piece of shit Bradley can bring something back down the road. Doubt it though.

    Fire Jim Hendry.

  16. genrebuster Says:

    excerpts from here:

    If this is a common occurrence, then Bradley needs to be released…or better yet, sent down to the minors.

    Yeah, right, sure.

    Jim Hendry is so full of shit. He put up with Dusty Baker for 4 years and I expect he’ll put up with Bradley for far too long, too.

    Time for Bradley to go.

    BULLSHIT, it needed to happen. I’m not thrilled with Piniella but had he punched Bradley in the throat, I would have been ok with it.

    Interesting, is Soriano running for mayor now? Seriously, does anybody here believe that Bradley is “good” for this Cubs team? Not me.

    Pass the peace pipe, Geo!

    Gee….Thanks, I feel better about this team already!

    Bullshit. There’s zero accountability for failure or bad behavior in this PATHETIC organization…is there?


    It figures that Soriano would think Bradley is a “great guy”, two hot dogs who play for themselves first…

    At least DP Lee has a positive attitude. I hope he’s wrong about Uncle Milty, he with the 30 million.
    Jim Hendry can be so disgusting and pathetic.

  17. genrebuster Says:

    damn, I forgot you can’t use brackets (text between them disappears)…..that said, if you read the article, my comments should be clear….whether you agree with me or not.

    Dump Milton Bradley.

    Fire Jim Hendry.

    Sell the Cubs.

  18. robert Says:

    Matt in that Rojas trade we did get Mark Clark and Lance Johnson but we also traded Turk Wendell so yeah that would be up there

  19. Matt Stairs Superfan Says:

    Really Robert? Wow. I knew that was about 12 years ago but my memory is a little blurred. Thank the franchise that we follow for that.

    Turk Wendell was a shit stain so I didn’t have a problem with that. Clark had a few good games in that “magical” year of 98. Lance gave this team a good run for his use.

  20. robert Says:

    the trade was brian mccrae turk wendell and mel rojas for manny alexander (neifi JR) lance 1 dog johnson and mark clark

  21. robert Says:

    I do believe now is the time to do what the Florida Marlins did after winning the world series in 97…Break up the team and get prospects…

  22. genrebuster Says:

    It sure worked for the Marlins. Anybody remember 2003? (just kidding)

  23. robert Says:

    Are you a sheeple or a realist test yourself and find out

    A sheeple will say man our cubbies are doing ok….a realist pukes when he hears that word

    A sheeple will say We were 5 outs from the world series we would have gotten there if it wasnt for Steve Bartmann… A realist will say he had nothing to do with it… If Alex Gonzalez doesnt boot that double play ball the cubs escape the 8th inning unscathed.

    A sheeple will say Jim Hendry is doing a good Job look he fleeced Derek Lee and Aramis Rameriez and did not give up anything… A realist will tell you that was in 03 what year is this now

    A sheeple will tell you he signed Ted Lilly from his Hospital Bed…A realist will tell you he was trying to save his ass If you remember after the 06 season John Mcdonough said enough of this loosing it has gone on long enough a change is coming ( look at what he has done for the Hawks since taking over)

    A sheeple will tell you we had no shot at Johan Santana he said he wouldnt waive his no trade clause unless the team played on the east coast and they trained in Florida…A realist will tell you Santana stated if the cubs had been interested he would have gone

    A sheeple will tell you we have won two division titles in a row… A realist will tell you we won as many playoff games those two years as the non playoff teams

    A sheeple will tell you our farm system is ok we have Josh Vitters…A realist will tell you who do we have besides him

    A sheeple will tell you the mlb draft is the biggest crapshoot a realist will tell you to explain the Boston Red Sox they consitently pick low in the draft and not counting 07 and 08 6 of there last 8 first round picks have made the majors

    A sheeple will tell you Hendry got rid of Marquis….A realist will tell you to explain his 9-5 record and ask you to explain why he has never missed the playoffs in his carrer besides who did we get

    A sheeple will tell you Carrie Muskat said this …. No comment

    A sheeple will tell you we are only 3.5 games out of first… A realist will tell you we are 1.5 games out of last


  24. MadCityMac Says:

    One of the great things about having bought a house late last year is that I’ve found so much to do, outside and in. Landscaping my little place on Madison’s eastside has kept me sane, instead of wasting my time watching this pathetic collection of yahoos.
    Moe Hendry has to go. Great fucking move douche-signing Uncle Miltie. I do admit I thought this ass clown would light a fire under these rudderless assholes. My bad!
    Lou has to go. He obviously doesn’t give a flying fuck whether this team wins or loses. Is there anybody out there who has the cajones to manage this team the way it should be?
    Hey Zell, you useless fuck. Sell the goddamn team!!!
    There, I feel better!

  25. robert Says:

    this is 2 good to make up…Thursday is Great American Mattress night at Wrigley Field… The first 10,000 fans get a Great American Mattress stuffed sheep

  26. Matt Stairs Superfan Says:


    Go figure.

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahaa. I bet Irish Yeti will be the first in line to get one of those.

  27. genrebuster Says:

    robert. Happy to report that I’m still a realist……you are joking about the stuffed sheep, right?


  28. genrebuster Says:

    And now for the ballscores:

    Pirates 3, Cubs 0.

    ***The Cubs were shut out for the second time in three days and eighth time this season.

    “I think we’ve forgotten how to hit, especially with men on base,” said manager Lou Piniella, whose team was 0 for 5 with runners in scoring position. “The problem is basically what it’s been all year, putting runs on the board. Until that gets solved, it’s a huge struggle.”***

    And now for our next number, courtesy of “Up With Sheeple”….

    So we gotta say goodbye in October
    Cubbies we promise you this
    We’ll send you all our love
    every day in a letter
    Sealed with a piss


  29. robert Says:

    genre no I am not and I think matt is right…ps how will we tell the stuffed ones from the real ones

  30. Sandberg23 Says:

    Robert. Excellent post! I wonder if the sheep talks too. “Like let’s go cubbies!” “What’s the score again?” “We are the loveable losers”. On another note has anybody been hearing some of the comments Guillen has been saying about Wrigley Field and Larry Rothschild? This shit is priceless. I know a lot of Cub fans hate him however I’m not one that does. I think he just speaks his mind. In case you haven’t heard any of this read these articles.,CST-SPT-soxnt01.article,CST-SPT-ssep30.article

    I hate having to saying I agree with him but I do. Especially what he had to say about Rothschild. He is more worried about finding a snitch then worrying about his shitty bullpen.

  31. genrebuster Says:

    I agree with Ozzie too and don’t mind saying it.

    I believe Lou said he tried smoking weed once but “it didn’t do anything for him”…then I heard (on the radio) Andrew Siciliano (I think it was him, subbing for Jim Rome) suggest that a tv good show would be Ozzie, Lou, a bong and some conversation….hell, I’d pay to see that!

    Another good outing by Randy Wells today, Thank You sir.

  32. robert Says:

    remember we lost randy wells in the rule 5 draft before the 08 season…he had 1 bad game in toronto and they returned him to us….another great move buy moe hendry

  33. morpheus Says:

    I go away for a week on business and I get a civilized response from JimmyD. My whole thing with Gregg is that I know about the times he’s looked horrible – the problem is there are plenty of other times he’s looked pretty good and those seem to get forgotten. As you say, you can find stats to back up either opinion… I just think that the guy has gotten a bum rap. Time will tell, since it doesn’t look like he’s pitched himself out of the role yet.

    Frankly, if we *did* take it as a given that Gregg were to be fired (a big IF) I’d prefer Guzman to be the one to take over, as he’s shown the most consistent stuff. Of course, he’s hurt. Plan C?

    Glad to see Big Z coming through where Koyie Hill, Alfonso Soriano, and Ryan Theriot can’t, today.


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