Open thread and a few other things.


Just a couple quick things to talk about:

1. For you readers who are wrestling geeks, I will be at Monday Night Raw tonight at the Allstate Arena. It is awful that WWE is having all of these guest hosts who don’t know a damn thing about the product. However, Bob Barker is going to be at RAW and Stacey spent time yesterday making a sign that says “The Price is Right 4 Monday Night”. So if that gets on TV, that is probably ours.

2. NHL ’10 comes out for Playstation 3 next week. I downloaded the demo over the weekend and it is pretty cool. I know it’s $60 but this is only the second video game I’ve bought since last year and I don’t buy newer games too often. This will be the first NHL game I am buying since 2006.

With that, I want to wish everybody a happy and safte Labor Day. This is my first day off in nearly three weeks.


6 Responses to “Open thread and a few other things.”

  1. chucky Says:


    I hope you and your girlfriend have a good time tonight. The last one I went to one was about 20 years ago, and it really wasn’t very good. It was a regular WWF house show, not a real TV show. Have fun tonight.

    May I make a suggestion for a sign to take tonight? I thought something like “Larry Horse wants a title shot” would be a good idea. Might get a pop from the crowd. At least anybody who listens to Boers and Bernstein.

    One more thing Fro….Where and how did you get tickets? My brother and I would like to go one more time like we did during the hayday of the AWA.

  2. Fro Dog Says:


    I got your message when we were already on our way there and I am just now getting a chance to reply back.

    We had a good time. The place was nearly sold-out. The crowd was into it from the start. A lot of good things were going on. Our sign didn’t get on TV but oh well. It was a good show.

    As far as getting tickets, I think you mentioned once before that you live in the suburbs. If you live close to the Allstate Arena, tickets go on sale usually a couple months before the show. You can either go to the box office in Rosemont or you can go to Ticketmaster’s website and get them when they go on sale.

  3. chucky Says:


    I think you did make it on TV. I have to look at the DVR again, but I think I saw your sign during the first segment of the show, the one where Jericho got into Barkers grille. I’ll watch it again and let you know. I don’t know about you, but that crap was painful to watch. Sorry, but I miss the days of Bobby Heenan, Nick Bockwinkle and Ray “The Crippler” Stevens.

    I don’t know what cable system you have, but a repeat of Raw airs tomorrow night on “Mun2”. I think at 7:00 PM.

  4. Fro Dog Says:


    I have it recorded. I still haven’t had a chance to watch it yet. I got home at about midnight and had to go into work. I’ll get a chance tonight.

    To say what WWE is doing with this guest host shit is painful is an understatement. It’s their way of trying to grab the attention of the main stream media and to help some people promote their little projects. Examples would include Jeremy Piven going on there to promote his new movie despite the fact he probably hasn’t watched a single show in his life. Bob Barker going on to promote his book is another example.

    Now if actual fans of the product that are celebrities would host just for fun rather than to promote their new book or show, I would be fine with that. This day and age of wrestling can still be fun and it is at certain times. It’s just a couple things they need to fix to make the experience overall better.

  5. Fro Dog Says:


    Just a follow up to my previous comment, I just watched RAW on the DVR and I am shocked. The show looked awful if you watched it on TV. It didn’t make any sense because when we were inside the arena, the crowd was loud and really into it from start to finish. I was sitting in the seventh row and I still couldn’t hear what any of the wrestler’s were saying during the show.

    I think that just may be how wrestling is. You can kind of compare it to a sport like soccer. Some people can say that soccer for example is great to watch in person but on TV, it can be boring.

    I met a couple good people there at the shows. There was an eight year old kid sitting next to us who was a genius when it came to wrestling. That kid had a lot of knowledge for the product and knows the history of the company. He was even telling me about the matches that Ric Flair had against Steamboat in the 80’s. He said he watched a lot of old wrestling on YouTube.

    Another fan I met was about 17. This kid and I discussed wrestling for over an hour and a half while we were outside waiting to get in. He had a lot of knowledge as well and we both shared some good moments in wrestling’s past. It shows that there are a lot of smart and bright fans out there that want a better product.

  6. chucky Says:

    Those are good stories. It’s cool that kids that young know that much about the history of wwrestling.

    A couple of stories of mine. My brother and I were walking in the corridor of the Rosemont Horizon (that’s what it was called back then) and damn near ran right into Terry” Bam Bam” Gordy. That guy was absolutely HUGE!!!!! He was just walking around like a normal fan. Really weird for us.

    The next one is funny. We were walking around outside in the parking lot (not sure why) after a show one night when we came across an Oldsmobile with a lot of people surrounding it. We approached it and saw Baron von Raschke signing autographs. I approached so he could sign my program when a woman probably in her 30s got out of the car and yelled to the Baron “Baron, can you get in the car? I’d like to get to the bar before last call!”

    I laughed all the way home that night.


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