2010 Cubs, A New Season…


I have been finding it very hard to get excited about this teams chances of  doing well and making the playoffs. The window for the Cubs was 2008, but they couldn’t get it done. The window is closed. I am just hoping that Ricketts has enough sense to see Hendry for what he is, and fire him.

Hendry has spent countless of millions on players that haven’t produced to expectation. He has a fetish for signing players that have  injury issues, and try to rehabilitate them to where there were. The newest victim is Nady. Hendry shelled out over 3 mil for a player that might not see the field until June.

6 Responses to “2010 Cubs, A New Season…”

  1. Irish Yeti Says:


  2. Mitch Cummstein Says:

    Good catch Einstein.

  3. ksmc2000 Says:

    So kind of the albino bigfoot to correct my spelling error. Now go play in traffic.

  4. Captain Kirk Says:

    The Ricketts are bull shit, I met my wife the love of my life in the bleachers. I want to puke. Get some brains and balls and fire Hendry already. You have an aging, over paid under motivated team and an idiot fro a GM wake uo Ricketts you pussy.

  5. ksmc2000 Says:


    I think Rickett’s will have Hendry on a very short leash in 2010. He’s giving him one season to get his fucking shit together and win something, or he’ll be gone.

  6. genrebuster Says:

    …cut the leash and let him run in traffic


    102 years. PATHETIC.


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