Just a few parade photos.


Frank The Tank from Dekalb and I meeting up at the parade.

Me and a bunch of random dudes.

Rocky Wirtz

Adam Burish

Some idiot decided to climb all the way up there to steal a couple Stanley Cup Champion banners. He was successful.

10 Responses to “Just a few parade photos.”

  1. MadCityMac Says:

    Fro, great pictures! Wish I could have hooked a ride but it was fun talking Friday. Unbelieveable day huh?

  2. Fro Dog Says:


    It was fun talking. It was a damn good day despite the humidity. Frank (pictured above) and I were completely soaked in sweat by the end of the day. We couldn’t move at all during the parade and a few fights were close to breaking out because of some idiots drinking and what not. Great day though and we never know when this day might happen again so I am still enjoying it.

  3. ksmc2000 Says:

    So right you are Fro. Winning the Stanley Cup has to be the most difficult in all of sports. It’s four rounds of guys beating the shit out of each other. Fuck the Cubs, I’m going to enjoy this all summer.

    Going into this season, I thought the Blackhawks were about two years away from making a serious run at the title. They gained alot of experience from last years playoff run and built from that. Everything fell into place for them with the quick exits by the Capitals and Penguins. Not that the Hawks couldn’t beat either of those teams in a best of seven, but it made the road a little smoother. The Flyers put up a good fight though.

  4. erniesarmy Says:

    Even though I am an Anaheim Ducks fan, congratulations to the Chicago Blackhawks. If someone other than the Ducks had to win it, then I am glad it was the Blackhawks.

    At least one Chicago team can hold their heads up as true winners.

    Hey, Ricketts, you moron, why don’t you give the Blackhawks organization a call, you might actually learn something about a winner. Something you would know nothing about, since you’re just as lame as the last owners of this pathetic organization called the Chicago Chok … er … Cubs.

  5. fallscountanywhere Says:

    Wow, awesome pictures!!!! CHICAGOOOOOO!

  6. Mohammad Says:

    HAHA im one of the random dudez!! haha your awesome man!

  7. Mohammad Says:

    No worries Fro Boy we still love you

  8. Joe Sanfilippo Says:

    im one of the random dude too! and ya fro boy your a fucking flamer

  9. Circle Jerk CEO Says:

    Joe, Nowruss, Dre and jonh: Only jerky boy a-holes are invited….we’re waiting for you, don’t be late!

  10. Fro Dog Says:

    What a bunch of bandwagon turds. And the sad thing is, one of the dorks has the same name as me. Fortunately, my name is spelled a different way.


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