Defense crappy; Offense on cruise control.


It was frustrating to see the Bears’ defense once again let their opponents throw and run all they wanted. The good news was that they only allowed it in the first half which helped the Bears beat the Lions in a close one 24-20. The Bears have flaws all over the place but the important part of their 9-3 record is being able to adjust to them.

Offense: Shitty offensive line? Martz early on was sending Cutler to the seven-step dropback and he paid for it. Cutler was running for his life quite a bit in this game. Martz to his credit though, had Cutler going just one or two steps back on some plays then firing the ball to a receiver which was huge. We also saw some draw plays for Forte and Taylor and both were able to score on the ground. The word I have been saying in these recaps since the bye-week is “balance”. No matter what the stat people (Cue the idiots who believe they know everything about football) think, balance of the run and pass plays can be the difference between a win and a loss. The Bears ran the ball 28 times and passed 26 times. As long as it’s close to 50/50, this team will be in every game. Another important part in balancing the offense is that this leads to controlling the time of possession which the Bears did win by almost seven minutes.

In the passing game, Cutler hit seven different receivers including Earl Bennett who had a career game with seven catches for 104 yards. A key play of this game was the Nadamukong Suh hands to the head of Jay Cutler. When watching it live, it looked like Suh hit him in the back of the head real bad. When the replay was shown, Suh pushed him on his shoulder with his left hand and on his neck with his right. I didn’t think it was a penalty but the Bears were lucky on that. Rather be lucky than good? I’d say so.

Defense: In the first half, the defense was absolutely shitty. Drew Stanton was Drew Brees early on. I realize that these aren’t the same  Lions the Bears are use to seeing but that was awful. Here’s a stat for the morons to chomp on: The defense gave up 253 yards in the first half alone and over 100 of those yards were on the ground. The last drive of that half went for TWO plays and 91 yards (45 yard run by Best and 46 yard touchdown by Johnson). All I have been hearing this whole season is the defense saying in the media that they don’t care if anybody else thinks they are good or not. Well, the first half proved that they are not as good as people think. I will give them credit in the second half that they decided to wake up and actually play defense. The only score they gave up after halftime was a field goal and that was because Cutler fumbled the ball in his own territory and they only gave up 49 yards. They found a way to hold it down but problems still remain.

Special Teams: Well, this has been the most consistent part of this team. Robbie Gould nailed a career-long 54 yard field goal in a crucial time down six in the third quarter. Devin Hester nearly took one back on a punt return but later on, the Bears scored the eventual game winning touchdown so the field position he gave the offense was huge.

The Bears are now 9-3 and maintain their one game lead in the North. They will host the Patriots next Sunday while the Packers are on the road against the Lions. This division race will not be easy.

2 Responses to “Defense crappy; Offense on cruise control.”

  1. Nemo Says:

    It could be hard to clinch this divison. However, it is hard to lose as well-even if Bears go 1-2 and Green Bay goes 3-0, they could still win the division by winning the finale in Green Bay. New England looks really tough, but nothing the Bears do surprises me any more.

  2. CKBears90 Says:

    Funny, I seem to remember being ridiculed on this site because I said the Bears might make the playoffs, and that they just needed to run more. Now you’ve completely taken my ideas and written nothing back.

    I’m all for you understanding the concepts, but at least apologize and give personal credit when due. Assclown.


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