I will not spend too much time dissecting this game. The Bears offense outside of Matt Forte and Rashied Davis played like shit. For the first time since the bye week, Mike Martz took his stupid pills and the Bears paid for it. Due to the lack of performance by Cutler and crappy play calling by Martz, the Bears risked facing the Packers should both advance later in the playoffs.

Offense: As said in the intro, Mike Martz called a very bad game. Numerous seven-step dropbacks by Cutler lead to a bunch of sacks. Where the hell was the balance on offense? 39 passes to 20 rushes? Let us also give Cutler thanks for throwing two dumb interceptions.

Defense: Other than the game against the Dolphins, the Bears actually played defense. There was even a Tommie Harris sighting when he sacked Rodgers. With the exception of the one drive where Bowman (Why is this guy on the field?) wandered around allowing Greg Jennings to nearly score a touchdown, the secondary did a good job. Even Charles Tillman (Fuck you) had a nice interception and took it back into Packers territory. Getting back to Cutler, he decided to piss all over that change-of-possession with a sweet interception into double coverage in the end zone.

Special Teams: Why wasn’t Devin Hester back on kick returns? Did Lovie Smith also take his stupid pills this game?

By this time next week, we will find out who and when the Bears will play in the divisional round playoffs. All I can say is if the Bears play like they did on Sunday against the Packers, it may be a short post-season.

3 Responses to “Blah.”

  1. chucky Says:

    And Doug and OB said they were impressed with the effort of everyone. They wanted to win this game. They played their hearts out. This game will carry them in the playoffs. Blah, blah, blah. I guess Smith and Martz weren’t the only ones taking stupid pills. The defense was good today, but I agree with you Fro. If this carries over into the playoffs, it’ll be one and done. This effort won’t get them shit. Period.

  2. genrebuster Says:

    Sorry…I am still not impressed with Lovie. I’ll be shocked if they make it to the big game.

  3. Fro Dog Says:

    I was impressed with this game defensively. I now can see how well this defense plays when the secondary actually learns how to cover receivers rather than wander off like they are lost.

    And here is something I heard on the radio that will make the stat wizards angry: The San Diego Chargers led the NFL in total offense and total defense yet didn’t make the playoffs. Also, the Oakland Raiders swept their division and like the Chargers, fell short. Maybe these fun facts will keep those clowns away from here.


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