I don’t have much to say.


I am exhausted. Everything went wrong with the Bears from the second the ball was kicked in the air. In the first half, the defense was awful. Then in the second half, they kept the Bears in the game. Where was that shit in the first half?

Cutler gets hurt then a pathetic excuse for a quarterback comes in. He then gets “hurt”. Enter Caleb Hanie. For a minute, it seemed like one of those movies where the bench warmer comes in and leads the team to a miraculous victory. He then throws two costly interceptions. But before that last interception, what was Lovie thinking giving it to Bennett on a handoff? I cannot believe this. Out of all the crap that was going on, the Bears still had a chance to at least tie the game.

I would sit here and write more about what went wrong but I am tired. Very tired.

16 Responses to “I don’t have much to say.”

  1. jimmyd Says:

    My apologies up front….but, WOOHOO!!! The Packers are heading to the Super Bowl. Certainly a tense 60 minutes of football. All of Packerland tip their collective hats to a very solid Chicago defense. None of us, at the beginning of the season, could have even dreamed that we’d have seen this match-up…for all the marbles.


  2. chucky Says:

    Jimmy…..Congratulations. I must say this, the Packers wanted it a hell of a lot more than the Bears. From our end that was one shitty game.

    I have one more thing to say. This entire season Lovie Smith and his fucking goon squad pulled one of his oldest cards out of his deck. He coached himself just barely enough into another contract extention. He was on safe ground because of the possible work stoppage next year. They wouldn’t have made a change if they were not going to be playing. But mark my words, that arrogant, incompetent piece of shit lands a new contract based on getting this team to the NFC title game. And he doesn’t fucking deserve it. Quite honestly, I wish the Bears had lost every fucking game this year.

  3. chucky Says:

    One final thought, and this is actually good. I think the Todd Collins experiment is finally over.

  4. genrebuster Says:

    RANDOM THOUGHTS from a fan (not an expert)

    Yes…the game wore me out, too. Very frustrating to watch. NO Bears offense to speak of…until Cutler and Collins were “out”.

    ….what WAS that 3rd down handoff to Bennett? Was that really the best play they could run? Did Martz call that?!?!?!?

    I thought the Bears defense was mostly excellent in the 2nd half.

    Green Bay came ready to play, it was obvious…had the Bears come out with the same intensity, they would have probably won the game. That lack of intensity is a problem with coaching and leadership, IMOP.

    You know, Howie Long and Jimmy Johnson both commented on Cutler’s attitude and leadership qualities after the game. I completely agree with what they said: to paraphrase, that Cutler’s attitude prevents him from being the best QB and leader that he can be. I hope Cutler will grow up a little — or a lot — more in the off-season…if he handled himself a little more like Brian Urlacher (just one example on the other side of the ball), then the offense just might respond more…besides, what does Cutler have to be crabby about? He’s a starting QB in the NFL on a storied franchise and is a multimillionaire…we should all be so fortunate.

    If the Todd Collins experiment isn’t over, then the Bears should definitely hire Jim Hendry.

    From where I sit, Caleb Hanie did a fine job under a great deal of pressure, congratulations to him.

    The Packers punter did a helluva job,too.

    Congratulations to Green Bay…they WON.

  5. chucky Says:

    Caleb Hanie had the best QB rating out of all four QB’s that played to today. Cutlers head wasn’t in the game. At all. Collins suck goat balls. Take him out back and shoot him. Aaron Rodgers had a 55+ rating. Caleb Hanie was 64+.

    Jesus Christ, didn’t anybody want to win this fucking game. I know of one guy who didn’t give fuck if the Bears won or not.

    Lovie fucking Smith. Goddamnit, shitcan this asshole tomorrow!!!!

  6. genrebuster Says:

    chucky. Good summary. Lovie bugs me, too. I’m with you…something is just not right with him (besides his name).

    Rodgers cooled off as the game progressed…but he is a quality QB. Cutler is NOT there yet…shades of Ryan Leaf (or is that too harsh?

    I hope that the Bears hold on to Hanie, at least in the short term. They may need him down the road. Not giving up on Cutler yet, just sayin’….

  7. Robert Says:

    Contests mad city and Jimmy but as you know for the next two weeks when it comes to football we are enemies

  8. jimmyd Says:

    Robert, congrats to you too (I think that’s what you meant, but we’ll just assume you were typing after an assful of alcohol in celebration of your AFC Championship win). Yes, we are fan foes for the next 2 weeks, but….your misery will end abruptly on February 6th as the Packers will emerge victorious to, once again, bring the Lombardi Trophy back to Green Bay. GO PACK GO!!!

  9. chucky Says:

    I hope Green Bay wins. Only to embarass the living shit out of Smith and Angelo.

    Guess I was right about Lovies contract extension. Did any of you guys hear Angelos press conference today? He said extending Lovie is a top priority of his. Are you fucking serious? You want to extend the guy who “likes their quarterback evaluation process”? Who thinks Todd Collins is better than Caleb Hanie? Get real!!!! What are you fucking doing Jerry? Trying to outJim Hendry Jim Hendry? This team is as fucking doomed as the Cubs.

    Goddamned idiots!!!!!!

  10. MadCityMac Says:

    Guys, it’s a dream come true to get to another Super Bowl; I know Jimmy and I are ecstatic, and Robert, good luck! Should be a helluva game!

  11. robert Says:

    The Rooney Family explained in an interview as to why the Steelers have been good for so long…

    The Owners own

    The scouting staff drafts

    The coaches coach
    The players play no 1 interferes in the other jobs

  12. chucky Says:

    The Rooneys sound like they are smart owners. That is good for the Steelers fans. Know who we have for owners?

    Cubs = Ricketts family. Baa. Baa. Tom Ricketts = Head sheeple.

    Bears = McCaskey family. Make no mistake, Michael McCaskey is STILL running the show. Along with the old bitch Virginia, who has a boner for Lovie Smith.

    Oh we are sooooooo doomed.

  13. genrebuster Says:

    As bad as McCaskey is, I think Ricketts is worse.

    Ricketts is indeed the HEAD SHEEPLE, a complete idiot with too much money, surrounded by idiots who kiss his ass…until Kenney and Hendry are gone, I’ll stand by that.

  14. ksmc2000 Says:

    Best wishes to Mac and Jimmyd for your victory over the Bears. They overcame several injuries to put themselves in a position to win the Super Bowl.

    What I’m pissed about is the national treatment that Cutler has received after being injured in the NFC Championship game. I suffered an ankle injury that didn’t require surgery, but it wasn’t pain free for two years. I don’t want to see the same thing from the fans that Grossman had to deal with. The Bears will win or lose with Cutler, so it would be best to get behind him.

  15. MadCityMac Says:

    The Steelers are one of the classiest organizations in pro sports-they truly do things the right way, and I’ve always respected the Rooneys. Keith, thanks, the Pack did something I didn’t think they had a chance to do with all the injuries. And I’m sick and tired as well of all the “meatballs” calling The Score and just letting the whole Cutler issue drop. Idiots!

  16. MadCityMac Says:

    Oops, that’s NOT letting the Cutler issue drop.


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