Cubs 2011, Meh…


I’ve been waiting until the conclusion of spring training to post anything on the upcoming season for the Cubs. There were a few positives that came out of training camp. Castro had a great spring  offensively, but needs to play better on defense. We cannot forget that he just turned 21 last Thursday, so I think the defense will turn itself around with experience. I project him to be a Hanley Ramirez type player or better.

Byrd had a good spring both on the field, and in the clubhouse. He mentored some of the younger guys like Brett Jackson on what to expect at the big league level.  Darwin Barney also had a great spring, and should be starting at 2b.  Baker should be used as a starter against LHP and backup at 1st and 3rd. DeWitt sucks.

One move that blows my shit away is why Wellington Castillo bats nearly .700 in the spring, but the .043 hitting Koyie Hill wins the backup catching job. He’s not that good of a defensive catcher to warrant a roster spot. He’s never impressed me with his ability to throw out a runner trying to steal. Hill is just a wasted roster space from someone else that can do a better job.

The one person to blame for all this is Jim Hendry. This is his fucking mess.  It’s  sad to see a team with a 140 mil payroll year after year fail when you see teams with half that budget go all the way.  Hendry has been a players GM.  Sure he is. The players he signs are richer than their wildest dreams, but after the ink has dried, they don’t have to play to their expectations.

The Cubs will never get better until Ricketts realizes that Hendry  is a piss poor evaluator of talent.  Stop worrying about fucking bison burgers and bathrooms. Let’s get a winning team on the field!!

74 Responses to “Cubs 2011, Meh…”

  1. chucky Says:

    The problems with the Cubs start at the top of the food chain. Tom Ricketts has proven himself to be nothing more than a idiot fanboy. And a fanboy who doesn’t have a fucking clue. One example of this is Hendry. Why this bastard still has a job is beyond me. Another example is his begging for public money to repair and upgrade the worlds largest urinal. Yet another are all the stupid statues of former players and announcers scattered all around the ballpark. In other words, Ricketts is just like the rest of the sheeple who populate that shithole every home game, drunk as hell, proclaiming that “this is the year!”

    Nothing will change until all of the incompetence from top to bottom is cleared out.

    Chucky’s projected finish for 2011: 75-87, 4th place in the NL central. But hell, that’s ok! We now have that new Ron Santo statue at the park!! Maybe if we’re lucky, we can get statues made of the rest of the 1969 team.

  2. genrebuster Says:

    OK, here’s what I think…

    Uhh, nevermind….chucky and Keith covered it. Thanks for saving me the time.

    Wait till next owner (?).

  3. robert Says:

    Jim Hendry said when he released Silva….He has proven he is not up to pitching in the major leagues….


  4. Matt Stairs Superfan Says:

    Opening Day is tomorrow. 40,000 sheeple will be in attendance.

    I will say this…The last couple years, my predictions were spot on about this team. Of course I am not a genius. I think we predicted that those seasons were going to be below average. This year however, I don’t know what will happen. I am encouraged by what Quade has done in his short time as a manager. He has done more than Dusty or Louser has ever done. He doesn’t put up will bullshit like when he sent Silva packing and he seems to be letting the young guys get a shot.

    I won’t be surprised if they win anywhere from 90-95 games. On the other hand, it won’t be shocking if they are .500 either.

  5. Fork Says:

    “He has done more than Dusty or Louser has ever done”. Sorry I missed that pennant he won.

  6. chucky Says:

    I forgot too. What year did Baker or Piniella win the pennant when they were in Chicago?

  7. Matt Stairs Superfan Says:

    Ohhhhh how clever of you to bring up something Louser did when was in Cincinnati 20 years ago! Too bad I was referring to his few years in Chicago. Unless you are satisfied with getting swept in the playoffs in consecutive, then be my guest.

    I am guessing you are one of the sheeple that comes here every now and then to claim that we are idiots you and your friends are smart.

  8. Fork Says:

    You said “more than”. Piniella won 2 division crowns in Chicago, and Baker got to the NLCS here.

    So, by your own logic, Quade would need to win a pennant to do “more than”.

    So, yeah, it was relatively clever.

  9. chucky Says:

    Is there a reason you’re here Fork? Other than to be a pain in our asses?

  10. Fork Says:

    Hey, if Fro can keep showing up on my site being all asshurt, I can keep coming here & showing you meatballs what big buckets of wrong you are.

  11. chucky Says:

    Fine. But remember this. If you want to come here and puke out your bullshit we will be more than happy to rip your sorry ass up to nothing but shreds.

    You’ve been warned, dipshit. You will not be warned again. And if you decide to make the mistake of addressing me, you will show me proper respect and call me Mr. Asshole.

  12. Matt Stairs Superfan Says:

    There shouldn’t be any worries Chucky. For what it’s worth, our colleague Fork is satisfied and would rather have Dusty Baker managing this team than Quade.

    I hope he enjoys Friday afternoon in the bleachers and drinking out of the troughs.

  13. CT Says:

    “One move that blows my shit away is why Wellington Castillo bats nearly .700 in the spring, but the .043 hitting Koyie Hill wins the backup catching job.”

    So are stats bad or good? .043 can’t measure size of Koyie Hill’s HEART. The man cut off three of his fingers with a rusty saw put them in a bag of ice and had a surgeon sew them on without anesthetic and still plays baseball. Wellington Castillo sounds like some asshole who wears boat shoes and a rugby shirt in the clubhouse. I know who I’d rather have as my backup catcher.

  14. chucky Says:

    You would rather have the .043 hitting Koyie Hill over the .700 hitting Wellington Castillo because you don’t like his name? Because Hill has HEART?

    Do you smoke it or take in the fucking arm?

  15. CT Says:

    Awesome, Castillo hit .700 off fucking A-ball washouts in spring training. Just like Gary Scott. Chucky’s probably waiting for Gary to get called back up the majors too.

  16. chucky Says:

    You stupid motherfucker. Hill hit .043 against the same fucking A-ball washouts. You’re too goddamned retarded to figure that out.

    Now go fuck yourself.

  17. CT Says:

    I’m sorry if you can’t understand the importance of a having a veteran backup catcher who knows how to handle a pitching staff. I’m not going to bother to explain it to you.

    You’re too busy swooning over your good friend Jim Hendry’s draft picks. Pathetic how many fans are taken in by this guy.

  18. genrebuster Says:

    Fork: NOT clever. BTW, what is “your site”? Is it the one where Mikey D changes his urine soaked diapers?

    CT: Who’s swooning now? Has Koyie received his flowers yet?

    I don’t give a shit about a Division Title, unless a Pennant and World Series title are attached. Get it? For those who don’t, here’s a translation for ya:

    baaaaaaaaaaaaaa baaaaaaaa baaaaaaaa baaaaaaa

    It’s bad enough that we have to put up with a PATHETIC GM and a PATHETIC owner. Now we have PATHETIC smugsters posting here…sheesh.


  19. Robert Says:

    Fork do you realize on 07 and 08 the cubs only played six more games then the pirates

  20. Fork Says:

    Do you guys actually read yourselves? Quade is great, except that he cut a backup catcher who was a Spring Training Babe Ruth. The fact that someone says Quade hasn’t done shit yet obviously means Dusty Baker is the only other alternative.

    Wasting time/energy spazzing out over which shitty player will play the 25 games when Geo Soto rests on this team – a team that has to have things break right in order to finish third – is tantamount to walking up to a burning car & checking the air in the tires.

    Seriously, did any of your parents have any children that lived?

  21. chucky Says:

    Yeah, each of us had one more than your fucking parents.

    Go fuck yourself, asshole.

  22. Fork Says:

    blow me.

  23. Fork Says:

    You’re so cute with your keyboard muscles.

  24. chucky Says:

    1) Blow you? I’ll let you know when I need to floss my teeth.

    2) I’m cute? Sorry, but I’m not gay. Look somewhere else for a date.

    3) Keyboard muscles? Pot….meet kettle.

    4) Go fuck yourself.

  25. Fork Says:

    Maybe you’re not gay, but I just figured a loser like you is better off keeping your options open.

  26. chucky Says:

    Maybe you should just mind your own goddamn business, asshole.

  27. Fork Says:

    When does the ripping my sorry ass to shreds start, big guy? I’m looking forward to it.

  28. chucky Says:

    I’ve already done it, bitch. You’re just too fucking retarded to know it.

  29. Fork Says:

    That’s it? Geez, you’re a pussy.

  30. chucky Says:

    Oh. you got me! Guess I’ll just kill myself now.

  31. genrebuster Says:

    FORK. Where is YOUR site? I’d like to check out your writings and see how they compare to what you post here.

  32. Fork Says:

    Genrebuster, for a mere $100 I can give you my intensive “Fork’s namelinks made E-Z” class.

  33. MadCityMac Says:,19870/

  34. genrebuster Says:

    I’m not interested in a class but thank you for the hint…I’ll assume that is YOUR site…please correct me if that is not the case, as sometimes people link to sites of interest…and not sites that they own.

    Besides, I don’t have a spare $100 at this time.

  35. genrebuster Says:

    I omitted “Fork” in my previous post; no rudeness intended.

  36. genrebuster Says:

    Mac, that OSN story that you posted above is perfect! HA!!!!!!!!

  37. Fork Says:

    Nope, for better or worse, Hockeenight is us.

  38. genrebuster Says:

    Looks like you put a good deal of time into it, well done.

  39. chucky Says:

    Mac…I know it was a joke, but I wonder just how many of those guys truly felt that way.

  40. Nemo Says:

    Clearly the Onion speaks the truth in this case and the satire is coming from Trib, Suntimes, GN, etc.

    See the Cubs are starting off in fine fashion, getting dominated by the lowly Pirates again. Wait ’til next year!!

  41. Ron Santo's legs Says:

    Happy Opening Day everybody. I am back for yet another season of mediocre baseball. Sure, this was the first loss. But, it’s loss number 1 of 81. To all the sheeple out there, enjoy this season. Make sure to come back later to tell us we are all wrong. Just like the last few years, right?

  42. chucky Says:

    Choke, Cubs, Choke

    What a joke

    Hey Chicago what do you say

    The Cubs are going to lose today

    And tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day……

  43. Nemo Says:

    Oh, noooo-it’s Ron Santo’s leg’s ghost!!!

  44. genrebuster Says:

    Ha ha…welcome back fellas…here we go…..again.

  45. Jimmy D. Says:

    Fuckin’ BUTLER!!! Oh, well…it was a great run for VCU.

  46. chucky Says:

    I guess I might as well ask this question now: Even before todays game, how many of you guys had any confidence in Carlos Marmol closing out games?

    I didn’t. What happened today is the reason why.

  47. erniesarmy Says:

    Garza: Hendry’s “great” offseason acquisition gives up 12 hits!

    Marmol: Hendry’s twenty million boy blows the save by walking guys!

    Castro: Can hit, but can’t field to save his life throws the ball in the dirt.

    And our manager? He just can’t believe it –

    “”A tough one for sure,” Chicago manager Mike Quade said.

    “Carlos [Pena] did a heck of a job fielding it and nearly throwing the guy out at home. Seems like one of those days where there was a lot of stuff.”

    “one of those days where there was a lot of stuff”? Try 102 years of a lot of “stuff” Quade!!!

    What a moron. Sell the Cubs to someone who has a clue!!

  48. genrebuster Says:

    They’re just not ready to play. Same old shit. I know it’s early but these games count. Business as usual…if it continues through June, I’ll probably quit following the team.

    Did you see Ricketts in the stands? What a dweeb…what a disappointment.


  49. Matt Stairs Superfan Says:

    I am not going to blame Quade for what has happened. I am actually in favor of him being the manager unlike the last few we’ve had in the past.

    However, I am NOT in favor of some of the players that are on this team and that has a lot to do with Jim Hendry. This fat fuck is responsible for every player on this team. If Marmol is going to get paid all that money, then he needs to shut the damn door. Wood got out of the 8th and Marmol kissed it goodbye.

    We are use to this shit. I am starting to laugh at this. We lose two out of three to lowly Pittsburgh.

  50. genrebuster Says:

    I’m ok with Quade for now, too.

    Sandberg deserved better than having to work for Ricketts & Hendry, I’m happy he didn’t get the job.

    This IS Hendry’s team, and will be until he is fired.

    Imagine the Cubs without Moe Hendry, Sorry-O-No A-Ram, Fuk-a-Dummy, Lil ‘Z… ommmmmmmmmmm…..ommmmmmmmmmmmmm…..ommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    Still hopeful that Castro’s d will improve…

  51. Nemo Says:

    Quade got this job based on the last 6 weeks last season-“He made an out of contention team care and play well-Let’s see what he can do in the beginning of the year” many said. Well, it’s only 3 games, but it’s another series loss to the Pirates at Wrigley, so this rings familiar and does not bode well. Not that I am surprised. Or even care that much anymore-didn’t watch a pitch. Only saw maybe 3 games last year. My intention is not to ever watch another Cubs game again unless it is in October. If they continue to suck, I’ll stop even looking up the scores pretty soon.

  52. ksmc2000 Says:

    I just finished watching “The Bartman Game” on the MLB Network. This was after I watched the debacle at Wrigley this afternoon. I’m asking myself, why do I keep putting myself through this shit. At least during the off-season I wasn’t letting the Cubs piss me off on a daily basis.

  53. Yeti Says:

    So, shall we address KSMC’s insane idea that he thinks Starlin projects to be like Hanley Ramirez or better?

  54. chucky Says:


  55. The Ghost Of Irish Yeti Says:

    So, shall we address my insane idea that I thought Kevin Gregg was a serviceable closer? You know…I thought the same thing of Latroy Hawkins and Terry Adams.

    Let me get my stats out and I’ll prove it. BE RIGHT BACK…

    (Runs away)

  56. genrebuster Says:

    Ghost of Irish Yeti. PLEASE….keep running and spare us the stats on Gregg & Hawkins.

    Is ksmc’s projection on Castro that out of whack?

    How about the hordes of sheeple who continuously expect this PATHETIC Cubs organization to WIN it all, year after year after year after year…………………?

    That is WHACK.

  57. If Dusty was the manager Says:

    Dude. We would have won the game yesterdayif the wind hadn’t knocked Pena’s would-be grand slam. Marmol wouldn’t have to go in then…Dude.

  58. genrebuster Says:


  59. Matt Stairs Superfan Says:

    The Chicago Tribune reported that the Wrigley attendance Monday afternoon was just over 26,000. That is the smallest announced crowd since 2002.

    Now, I will say that the weather and school had some part in this. I can only hope the rest are the sheeple finally “getting it” and not buying tickets. Now if we can just see this shit at games in June and July on a beautiful day. Then I know something satisfying might be happening. If fans do go to the games, they should eat at a restaurant before and not at the concessions. That is where moron Ricketts makes his cash the most.

    This is for the ghost of Irish Yeti…Find me the stats on Mel Rojas. Did you think he was serviceable too? You are such a smart fan of the game!


  60. genrebuster Says:

    26,000 sounds great. Hendry wouldn’t make it through the All Star break if that continued..of course it probably won’t.

    baaaaaaaaaaa baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    How about some Milton Bradley stats, just for fun….WHEEEEEEEEEEEE!

  61. Yeti Says:

    There’s no point in discussing closers with you guys. You assume that every closer must never blow a save in his entire career… That’s a very Fro-like retardation of thinking. EVERY PLAYER THAT I ROOT FOR MUST BE PERFECT EVERYTIME ALL THE TIME. Yes, Gregg was “serviceable”. That simply means that he wasn’t the worst closer in the league, and he was more a middle of the road guy. Rojas, I don’t give a fuck about. Adams, same thing. Hawkins, he was damn good for about a season and a half or so. The guy was never really a closer but he was put into the role. And, it’s quite a bit different to “project” Starlin Castro as someone who could be better than the second best NL player than to say a mediocre closer is “serviceable”. To say “project” indicates that KSMC has actually done analysis beyond saying “Castro is a SS. Hanley is a SS. Castro is young and good. I think he’ll be like Hanley Ramirez. Both are Hispanic and play the same position! It must work.” I wonder if the Tasmanian Devil on the hood of his Trans Am felt the same way.

  62. Matt Stairs Superfan Says:

    We assume that every closer must never blow a save is his entire career? Where did we on this blog say anything about a closer being perfect? We know closers will blow saves. We know teams will lose games. Have you not figured out that the bullpen for us has been a problem for years? This team beats themselves quite a bit. Take this season already for example. Five games, two blown leads late in the games. That’s bad. If you deny that, then you do not watch enough baseball.

    Not trying to beat a dead horse, but your Kevin Gregg argument is pathetic.

    Latroy Hawkins was good for about a season and a half? Are you serious? You mean, your own stats aren’t even telling the truth. He was good for the first half of 2004. If you remember which I highly doubt, Borowski was hurt then Dust-rag threw him into the mix. I don’t believe he was put in a position to fail as you may think but he sucked ass from June of 2004 until he was mercifully traded in May of 2005. So you are a big bucket of wrong on that.

    As far as ksmc’s comment about Castro, what position do you think you are in to say he is wrong? You have been not only wrong on all of your points, but ignorant as well. In fact, you and all of your butt buddies from whatever other blog you visit are also wrong. You guys have called us idiots for the last few years about this team sucking ass, yet, we were right all along. I know for fact that myself along with Genre and a few others have said we had no chance of contending. Who was right?

    Don’t you have any other stats to bring up? If not, please go away.

  63. Audience Says:


  64. Tom Ricketts Says:

    baaaa baaaa baaaa baaaa baaaa baaaa baaaa baaaa
    baaaa baaaa baaaa baaaabaaaa baaaa baaaa baaaa
    baaaa baaaa baaaa baaaabaaaa baaaa baaaa baaaa
    baaaa baaaa baaaa baaaabaaaa baaaa baaaa baaaa
    baaaa baaaa baaaa baaaabaaaa baaaa baaaa baaaa
    baaaa baaaa baaaa baaaabaaaa baaaa baaaa baaaa
    baaaa baaaa baaaa baaaa baaaa baaaa baaaa baaaa
    baaaa baaaa baaaa baaaa baaaa baaaa baaaa baaaa
    baaaa baaaa baaaa baaaa baaaa baaaa baaaa baaaa
    baaaa baaaa baaaa baaaa baaaa baaaa baaaa baaaa
    baaaa baaaa baaaa baaaa baaaa baaaa baaaa baaaa

  65. Yeti Says:

    You consider shit like this a “prediction”:
    I won’t be surprised if they win anywhere from 90-95 games. On the other hand, it won’t be shocking if they are .500 either.

    Man, way to go out on that limb. I, too, think the Cubs will win anywhere from 60-100 games this year. I guarantee you I’ll be right about that one.

  66. Yeti Says:

    As far as my assertion that you guys expect closers to be perfect… I remember saying how Gregg only had 4-5 Blown Saves at one point to which you guys responded “that’s 4-5 too many”

  67. chucky Says:

    Kevin Gregg fucking sucks Yeti. LaTroy Hawkins fucking sucks. End of story. The fact that you can’t see that proves your fucking ignorance.

    Just shut the goddamn hell up and go the fuck away.

  68. genrebuster Says:

    Yeti, Didn’t Gregg have his worst season as a Cub? I think the stats will reflect that. He pitched better in 2010 for Toronto…but who cares. Gregg as a Cub=FAIL.

    To be fair, Cubs since 1908=EPIC FAIL.

    As long as Hendry has the GM job, Ricketts is just another stinking bum with too much money.

  69. Guest Says:

    Irish Yeti…Irish Yeti…Irish Yeti and an Irish Yeti…

  70. Guest Sheeple Says:


  71. Booty Call City Says:

    I think Dempster needs to take some time off from the Cubs. Perhaps AAA Iowa would do him some good. I could really say what I want to concerning Dempster, but it would be considered politically incorrect and insensitive. Let’s just say I know a lot of people who are unemployed right now. So why does Dempster have a job? He obviously cannot concentrate on his pitching.

  72. genrebuster Says:

    Good question. Here’s another: Why does Hendry have a job?

    Nobody seems to have the answer!

  73. ksmc2000 Says:

    I apologize for my misguided projection of Castro. After Hendry caught wind of this, he immediately traded Castro to St. Louis for Theriot and gave him an eight year deal with a full no-trade clause just to make Yeti happy.

  74. genrebuster Says:

    Excellent news, Keith! And, how many beans has Yeti counted today?


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