I’m here folks.


I apologize for not getting up a thread earlier this week. I have been pretty busy at work and didn’t get much of a chance to go near a computer.

I missed most of the Bears game Monday night and when I finally had a chance to tune in, the game was well out of reach. I did see the highlights and I will say that was awful to say the least. Then again, this is what we should expect from the Bears: Shitty defense in terms of the secondary and a horrendous offense led by the genius Mike Martz. I saw this shit last presason so it isn’t anything new. When they play the Titans on Saturday, I think it’s going to be just as ugly. Just imagine how bad it’s going to be when the regular season starts. For the stat idiots out there, don’t waste your time here about how the Bears almost went to the Super Bowl last year. They go 11-5 yet played like a an 8-8 team. I’d rather have a team go 8-8, barely get into the playoffs and eventually win the Super Bowl than the same team going 11-5 and showing how shitty they really are when it matters the most. Enough of that though.

Madden ’12 comes out at midnight Tuesday. I have the demo for the PS3 and it’s much better than last year’s game. The game play is much more smooth without a delay in calling plays and they have actual player celebrations. In addition, they finally have Soldier Field in the game. The demo doesn’t have any commentary but I think Gus Johnson is still doing play-by-play for the full game. That would be awesome.

That’s it for me. I may have thoughts on the Bears/Titans game in a few days. Have a good weekend everybody.

36 Responses to “I’m here folks.”

  1. Robert Says:

    We were not worried about u pulling a bobby d

  2. MadCityMac Says:

    Scott, hope you’re safe from Irene!

  3. chucky Says:

    Damn….I never thought about that. Now I feel like a total jerkoff. Please let us know that you’re doing ok

    Be well Genre. And get the hell out of the way of that thing!

  4. Fro Dog Says:


    My wishes to you as well down there near Raleigh. Please chime in soon to let us know how things are.

  5. Yeti Says:

    A top 5 ranked defense is shitty. If ya ain’t first, you’re last, y’all

  6. chucky Says:

    Nice to see how concerned you are about Scott, Yeti.

  7. chucky Says:

    A few thoughts during the bottom of the 5th inning here.

    1) How ignorant is it to get thrown out of the game in the top of the first argueing balls and strikes. Yes, I’m looking at you, Mike Quade. At least wait a couple of innings to see if there might be apattern. Now you pissed off the umpire, making it that much harder on your pitcher and the rest of your team. Moron.

    2) Len Casper just called Casey (Fuck You) Colemans delivery as “old school”. I’d say it just outright fucking sucks since you just had Zack Grienke, a former American League pitcher who probably doesn’t have a shitload of batting experience, single to right field, then STEAL SECOND FUCKING BASE!?!?!?

    3) Speaking of the ever useless Coleman (Fuck You), nice pitch that you just served up to Corey Hart, you fucking turd.

    4) And going back to our illustrious manager, Dr. Evil, I will be so fucking glad when he gets his walking papers. This grade school mentality of his to give everybody he meets some nickname has really gotten under my skin. His latest: calling Starlin Castro “Cassy”. Are you fucking kidding me? If I were Castro, I’d go up to Quade and, at first, politely ask him to STOP CALLING ME “CASSY”. If he cannot comply with this request, call him out in public. If Quade feels it’s necessary to embarass me, when then I’ll just have to embarrass him right back. In all seriousness, the nickname thing has gotten out of control. Here’s the list I found on CBS Sports website:

    • “Dougy” for Doug Davis
    • “Marm” for Carlos Marmol
    • “Sori” for Alfonso Soriano
    • “Wellsey” for Randy Wells
    • “Cassy” for Starlin Castro
    • “Fuke” for Kosuke Fukudome (remember that one, Cleveland)
    • “Woody” for Kerry Wood
    • “Marsh” for Sean Marshall
    • “Bake” for Jeff Baker
    • “Colve” for Tyler Colvin
    • “Hilly” for Koyie Hill
    • “Russ” for Jeff Russell
    • “Cash” for Andrew Cashner
    • “Z” for Carlos Zambrano
    • “Demp” for Ryan Dempster
    • “Rammy” for Aramis Ramirez
    • “Sote” for Geovany Soto
    • “Zamarge” for Jeff Samardzija
    • “Monty” for Lou Montanez
    • “Barn” for Darwin Barney
    • “Garz” for Matt Garza
    • “Carp” for Chris Carpenter
    • “Zeus” for third base coach Ivan DeJesus

    If he spent half of the amount of time actually managing and not thinking up retarded nicknames for his players he may one day have a chance at being a decent manager.

  8. erniesarmy Says:

    Chucky, please tell me he didn’t really call Soto, “Sote”!

    You were just joking right?

    And Genre (“Scott”) call in buddy, we are all concerned about you. You’re a big part of the team.

  9. Pie in the Sky Says:

    The only one that’s even somewhat creative is “Zamarge.” No idea what that means though or what it comes from…

    Most of those sound like someone one’s niece would give them. Sup Joshy!

  10. Pie in the Sky Says:

    Actually, I think “Zamrage” would work better for Zambrano…

  11. genrebuster Says:

    Thank You fellas….all is well here in Raleigh. We were on the outer edge…got some rain and wind but having been through Fran in ’97 this was almost a non-event. Unfortunately, it’s a different story an hour or so East…

    Is that nickname list for real? I almost threw up just now…

    I see the Cubs are once again 20 games under .500. Hopefully the Quade experiment ends and Rickett s has the balls to blow this shit up once and for all.

    SOS. Enough is enough. 104 years…….PATHETIC!

    tick tock…tick tock…tick tock….tick tock…

  12. chucky Says:

    Ernie…I didn’t actually hear him call Soto that. Those names came from 670 the scores website. Here’s the link.


    It’s not creative, and in my opinion, not very professional. And the Cubs desperately need some professionalism. At all levels

  13. chucky Says:

    Genre…you and I must have been posting at the same time. Glad you’re well.

    That list is indeed real. As pathetic as that may seem. As far as Ricketts having balls….he has them. Just not in his pants. They’re the ones the batboy hands to the home plate umpire every couple of innings.

    Seperated at birth—Tom Ricketts and Michael McCaskey.


  14. genrebuster Says:

    The list is PATHETIC and so are the Cubs. Again, 20 games under .500 is fine with me, maybe if they continue to lose now as the season is winding down, it will cost Quade his job as manager. Fine with me if they keep him employed in a lesser position….but I’m not impressed with him as a manager…or giver of nicknames.

    “Cassy”…I’m surprised Castro hasn’t punched him in the throat.

    Ricketts will have to do more than firing Hendry for me to respect him. I’m sick of wealthy fan boy owners. We deserve better.

    Somebody…please remind me what happened with Cuban’s bid to buy the Cubs. I doubt that he would have put up with–and perpetuated–the utter bullshit that we are subjected to day in, day out by this PATHETIC organization.

  15. Nemo Says:

    Whatever happened to the good old days when a player’s nickname was based on his personality, physical attributes, or an interesting anecdote?

    Off the top of my head the ’84 Cubs had Sarge, The Red Baron, Zonk, The Penguin and White Lightning. Sure, they had a couple obvious ones like Ryno and Jo-dy, but that entire list from Quade makes me ill.

    Why the fuck Quade gets kicked out in the first inning protecting Ramirez is beyond me. It’s not an ejection likely to fire up the team-and even if it did, so what? They’re down by 23 games with a month to go.

  16. chucky Says:

    From Cubs.com:

    “I wanted to make sure ‘Ramy’ didn’t get thrown out,” Quade said. “I didn’t go out there to get thrown out myself. ‘Ramy’ rarely says anything. I just wanted to make sure that Bill wasn’t upset with him and make sure we had him for nine innings.”


    Quade now is tied with the Twins’ Ron Gardenhire for most ejections in the Majors this season.

    “‘Gardy’s’ having a rough year, too,” Quade said.

    Yeah, I know “Ramy” is up on my list, spelled differently, but Gardenhire is new.

    Gardy? What a fucking moron. He’s really starting to challenge Dusty Baker for the title of “Most annoying assbag in Cubs history”. This better damn well be the only season this douchebag gets as manager.

  17. Pie in the Sky Says:

    I’m going to get everybody here nick names courtesy of Mike Quade.

    Rubber Ducky (Ernie)
    Matty (Stairs)

    … Who else wants a Quade name?

  18. Neme Says:

    Don’t forget Yets-it’s a serviceable nickname.

  19. genrebuster Says:

    Busty? damn………………………..

  20. genrebuster Says:

    ….a little too similar to “Dusty” (I just threw up in my mouth)

  21. genrebuster Says:

    Maddie…or Macko? 😉

  22. genrebuster Says:

    also….I thought it was “Ass-Ram”? Or was that “Nut Rub” Bynum’s nickname for Ramirez?


  23. MadCityMac Says:

    Scott, Bynum was Freddie “Fuckhead” Bynum- I’ll take credit for that! Let’s go with “Macko”!

  24. Pie in the Sky Says:

    I wonder if Soto knows that Sote is an acronym for “Scum of the Earth.”

  25. genrebuster Says:

    I wonder if Quade knows?


    I knew “Macko” would win!

  26. chucky Says:

    Quade doesn’t know his ass from 3rd base…no pun intended. I am sooooooo sorry I suggested this guy last year when they were looking for Lou Piniellas replacement. I don’t think anybody else could have done much better, but at least maybe a certain level of professionalism could have been maintained, and we wouldn’t have to listen to this idiot babble on with his retarded nicknames.

  27. legenrebuster Says:

    ….it’s ok, Chuckster…there’s been a lot of bad judgment pertaining to the Cubs the last 103 years or so…. (cough cough)

  28. Jimmy D. Says:

    No, Jimmer IS NOT acceptable!!! That said, JD has been in use most of my adult life.

  29. Nemo Says:

    Thanks, Chuckster. (I like Upchuck better for all the venomous rants that spew from your throat). Why the hell did Premature Ejection need Ramirez in the game so badly? Might finish 24 out instead of 23? It may be good to teach kids the manager has your back, but you don’t want to teach kids that it’s okay to argue with the ump over stupid bs.

    Not very encouraging on the GM front: http://goo.gl/UtXDt
    If they can’t get Cashman or Epstein, I’d be willing to steal Hahn (Hahnnie in Quade-speak) from the White Sux.

    Imagine if the Cubs got Cashman and Quade was still around-it would screw up his nickname system. One of them would have to be Credit or Carry-nah, he’d probably go with Bri.

  30. Pie in the Sky Says:

    Could you imagine Albert Pujols being referred too as “Pooey” or “Ally?”

  31. genrebuster Says:

    “We swung the bats great and Wellsie was something else,” Chicago manager Mike Quade said.

    These nicknames are PATHETIC. I’d rather listen to Chris Berman…somebody, put a gag on Quade.

  32. chucky Says:

    I just tried something different. Let’s see where this will take us. I just sent the Cubs an e-mail. Here is what I wrote:

    Will somebody please tell Mike Quade to stop with the utterly stupid nicknames he is giving everybody? This garbage is really getting beyond annoying and stupid. He’s making a jackass out of himself, and making the Cubs look even more lame. It’s stupid, and it’s time to PUT AN END TO IT!!!!!!!!

    They said they prefer to personally service me(?), so I’ll be hearing from a rep very soon. If and when that happens I’ll let you guys know. This should prove to be interesting, to say the least!

  33. Nemo Says:

    Pie in the Sky Says:
    August 30, 2011 at 3:25 pm

    Could you imagine Albert Pujols being referred too as “Pooey” or “Ally?”

    –Just once, Pie. Just once.

    Hey genre, what’s that liveleak link about? I’m afraid it’s a webcam of a urinal.

    Chucky, the only personal servicing the Cubs have done for their fans involves butts-and it hurts.

  34. chucky Says:

    That’s what I’m afraid of Nemo.

  35. genrebuster Says:


    Regardless of what you think of the Giants/Brian Sabean…they won a WS last year and are apparently not afraid to make a move, ie. moves former star/solid players who don’t produce WHEN THE PRESSURE IS ON AND IT MATTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The PATHETIC Cubs organization–and former GM Jimbo Hendry should take note.

    Better late than never, you say (Hendry’s recent firing)? Absolutely…besides, it’s now officially 104 years of WS futility…..but hey, who’s counting?

    FIRE CRANE KENNEY. Blow this CRAP up.

    Does anybody here miss Lil’ Z? I DON’T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    p.s. Dear Yeti, how’s your buddy Kevin Gregg doing? And, what’s the going rate for a bag of shells?

  36. genrebuster Says:

    Sorry Mitch (you miserable puke). “Move”


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