These are the real Bears.


This is going to be short because I have to get up early for a long day of work. I am sick and tired of all of this shit. On Monday night against the Lions, the Bears showed what kind of team they are and it is no surprise to me. I am so damn pissed right now, I don’t know what all to say. The blame is to be put on Jerry Angelo and Lovie Smith.

During this game, we saw 51 false starts by this PATHETIC offensive line. Kellen Davis chipped in with about 15 of his own. We also saw wonderful coverage by Charles Tillman (Worthless) and Tim Jennings (Fuck you). By the way, when the best wide receiver in football is going down field, it would be real helpful if SOMEBODY would cover him. That didn’t happen.

Jay Cutler was once again running for his life. It didn’t help that Frank Omiyale was letting everyone go past him. IS THERE NOT SOMEBODY BETTER THAN THIS FAT FUCK OUT THERE THAT CAN PLAY? FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, THIS GUY IS TERRIBLE.

I would also like to thank Lovie Smith for his great coaching. He was down one challenge and out of timeouts by the end of the first. Also, with 3rd and 1, then 4th and 1, the Bears couldn’t get one damn yard. I’ve been bitching for years that the easiest thing to do is to just do a quarterback sneak but I forgot that we have a dumbass for a head coach.

I don’t see the Bears getting better anytime soon. In fact, it’s going to get worse before it gets better.

54 Responses to “These are the real Bears.”

  1. Joe Says:

    HOW the fuck is Frank Omiyale still in the National Football League?

  2. chucky Says:

    YOU’RE pissed Fro? You should listen to Doug Buffone right now HE’S pissed.

  3. Fro Dog Says:


    I am not doing that. Buffone would get me more pissed off. I am about to go to bed. All I have to say is you were on the money for the last year about Lovie Smith. This guy is a fucking hack.

  4. dreamr38 Says:

    you think the mccaskeys give a fuck??? hell no!!!! i say fuck them and dont nobdy show up for another game till jerry angelo and that stupid fuck phillips are shown the door. they know u stupid fucks will show up to another game, why change??? its free money.

  5. Pie in the Sky Says:

    I don’t understand how this wasn’t a “Must-win game.” More importantly, how dumb is your head coach to say that? He really needs to be called out for that. I guess it’s only “Must win” during do-or-die seasons for him /:

  6. chucky Says:

    Fro…I’m calling it a night real soon too. I’ll catch the podcast tomorrow. It’s too good to pass up. O’Bradovich is really going off now too. He’s normally a little calmer than Buffone, but not tonight.
    They’re calling for everybody to be dismissed. Players, GM, and coaches. The fans are screaming for it too.

    I’m onboard with that.

    And I can’t believe the Detroit fucking Lions are 5-0. My head just exploded.

    Next week is against the Vikings on Sunday night. I doubt they can beat them at this point. I’ll say it right now, 5 games in. The wheels have officially come off. This season is over. I hope you’re happy Virginia, you senile old fucking bitch. Your guy said today wasn’t a must win game. How do you feel about that now?

  7. genrebuster Says:

    Guys, I am far from an expert on football/the Bears…but what I saw tonite made me sick. Lovie Smith has as much business being a head coach in the NFL as the pile of shit I almost stepped in walking my dog. The Bears performance this season, the endless penalties and lack of discipline…and the inane bs he spews to the media make it so.

    Is Omiyale really the best option at his position? REALLY?

    As for Cutler, I thought he was very impressive given the lack of any protection from his offensive line. The offensive line is PATHETIC and the defense wasn’t much better. Cutler will be lucky to make it through 10 games….I won’t be surprised if he suffers a serous injury even sooner….I sure hope I am wrong

    Angelo needs to go and the coaching staff is not doing their job either.

    The Bears will give the Cubs a run for their money if changes aren’t made soon. I’m not surprised.

  8. Nemo Says:

    How about Kellen Davis? Sure, he caught a TD pass. But the rest of the night he was missing blocks, picking up penalties, and at least twice Cutler had to physically direct him where to run in motion before the play.

  9. Kevin Hill (@kjh71can) Says:

    George Mccaskey your Chairman, do something to fix this mess.

  10. Joe Says:

    Omiyale was inactive for ENTIRE sixteen game seasons TWICE, on TWO different teams, before Jerry signed him to a four year, $14 million contract. The worst GM in the history of pro football wouldn’t do that. Wait–he did.

  11. Kyle Says:

    Im glad I stumbled across this site. I am getting annoyed by all those people on other bears sites that always do the don’t worry, the bears will win, have faith. Fuck that. Angelo is running this team into the ground, lovie is a shitty coach, and the owners are cheap bastards. Get rid of them all. And frank omiyale is an embarrassment to the sport of football. Its ridiculous.

  12. Joshua Perea Says:

    This was taken directly from Angelo’s profile from
    The second paragraph gives you a small look into why we got to the SB.
    But the other moves are laughable. Not to mention after the draft day muff, teams will hesitate when working deals with us. Thanks Jerry! You suck!

    The Bears current roster bolsters such free agent acquisitions as 2009 starters DT Anthony Adams (UFA – 2007), S Josh Bullocks (UFA – 2009), TE Desmond Clark (UFA – 2003), G Roberto Garza (UFA – 2005), OL Frank Omiyale (UFA – 2009) and T Kevin Shaffer (WFA -2009).

    Players such as Ruben Brown (LG), Thomas Jones (RB), Ricky Manning, Jr. (CB), Fred Miller (RT), Muhsin Muhammad (WR) and John Tait (LT) were also free agent pick-ups that started for the NFC Champion Bears in 2006.

    In addition to the draft and free agency, Angelo and his staff have also found contributors via the waiver wire, opponents’ practice squads and other football leagues. Chicago acquired Pro Bowl special teamer Brendon Ayanbadejo and DE Adewale Ogunleye, who were key contributors during the Bears Super Bowl run in 2006, via trades. Angelo’s personnel department has found key contributors that were waived by other teams such as Pro Bowler Robbie Gould (K, 2005), Hunter Hillenmeyer (LB, 2003) and Jason McKie (FB, 2003). LB Nick Roach and WR Devin Aromashodu were signed by the Bears off of practice squads of other NFL teams. Angelo has also guided the Bears to success in acquiring talent outside of the NFL, signing Rashied Davis (WR) out of the Arena Football League in 2005.

  13. chucky Says:

    Just a note to some of the newer guys here…Feel free to come here and rant alongside the rest of us totally pissed off fans. It’s good to here and see more people out there that aren’t goddamned sheeple.

    Kyle…I’ll disagree with you on only one point. I won’t go as far as saying the McCaskeys are cheap. They seem willing to spend money….in all the wrong places. Just look at the payroll. How many players on the Bears that are first stringers with big, fat contracts who wouldn’t get a second glance from any other team. That falls on the top brass for allowing that goddamned idiot Jerry Angelo to stay on as GM. And Lovie Smith is the responsibility of the old bitch Virginia McCaskey. For some reason she just loves this stupid retarded bastard. But everything else you said is totally spot on.

    So all you new guys, keep on ranting with us. We need some more people in here to develop ulcers with.

  14. Pissed bear fan Says:

    Finally, I found a damn site that has mostly intelligent PISSED OF BEARS FANS LIKE MYSELF. (I’ve been wanting to get this out for a long time. FUCKING JERRY ANGELO PIECE OF SHIT!. What the hell is wrong with this guy? Out of all of foolish things he has done, now he doesn’t want to pay his offense (Yes, Forte IS the fucking offense)? Why the hell does this guy still have a job?? All of the horrible offensive coordinators, all the draft busts, and the good draft picks they’ve given away. If I saw Jerry AngleHO on the street, I’d kick his fucking ass up and down the street until he agreed to pay Forte his due money, and resign. As as Bears fan, I vomit on myself watching games such as the Monday nighter against the Lions. I love the bears till death, but I’m sure losing faith in these guys…

  15. Intellectual Says:

    Pissed bear fan is so erudite and eloquent. He might want to invest in a nurse or an airsick bag if he is going to keep watching the games though.

  16. Gary S. Says:

    Just found this site! Angelo & Lovie & Martz need to be FIRED! Bring in Singletary to coach!

  17. Pissed bear fan Says:

    Well, before you name yourself as “Intellectual,” you might want to learn how to use commas correctly… Jackass

  18. Gary S. Says:

    Hey PissedBearsfan, WHY should Angelo pay Forte? He made a brilliant move and signed Roy Williams who was good 5 years ago? Forte is good NOW, why would Angelo pay him? He will let him walk, and then sign an over the hill back and overpay him. AAHHH! So tired of Angelo and Lovie and the lack of passion! Run the ball, play some defense, and quit the duck and chuck offense of Martz!

  19. jimmyd Says:

    Pissed bear fan,

    Well, the “Intellectual” would also need to suggest an airsickness bag, rather than an airsick bag.

    Also, welcome to the “new guys”. We’ve been camping out here for a few years now. This blog was originally dedicated solely to the sad excuse which is the Chicago Cubs. However, it’s evolved to much more than that.

    The common thread is the Cubs. You’ll find some of the loyal posters are fans of teams other than the Bears in the NFL, but we have a great deal of fun on this site.

    Jimmy D.

  20. Intellectual Says:

    Pissed bear fan-
    Praytell, do enlighten me on how to use a comma correctly. Next,apply the rules to yourself. While you are it at it, look up how to use parentheses and how not to write in sentence fragments. If you can do all that in 99 expletives or less (and without threatening physical harm), then perhaps I will deign to have a discussion with you about the Bears.

  21. genrebuster Says:

    Pissed Bear fan, I think your post was great, keep it coming. Chucky, I bet you approved, too!

    Intellectual…I don’t believe “erudite” has been used here before…very scholarly!

    ….is “airsickness bag” the same as a BARF bag? 😉

  22. ChuckH Says:

    Thank God for this Site.

    Everyone in the country knows once Angelo’s done in Chicago he won’t be coming back to the NFL. The only ones that don’t know that are the people in the front office.

    What makes me sick about this team is the fact that the bears D was great for years. All we needed was an offense and a offensive line to go with it. Instead of fixing it Angelo’s gets an unproven rookie, picks up a center that doesn’t play center, and drops Olen Kruetz or best lineman. Then he has the nerve to say that the bears did more than any other team to fix their O line.

    You did what? Do you really think we are all fucking retarded? You did nothing Angelo and you suck.

    I honestly watch some of these games and get physically sick to my stomach watching the hits Jay Cutler takes. This line is so bad they make even the worse defensive linemen look like Bruce Smith. Angelo should be fired before this season ends.

  23. genrebuster Says:

    As Jimmy D. already stated, welcome to the new guys…one and all!

  24. Kevin Hill (@kjh71can) Says:

    Angelo can sorta get you close to winning it but couldn`t or wouldn`t or didn`t know how to add the final pieces. He`s done.

  25. Kevin Hill (@kjh71can) Says:

    If Cutler doesn`t get hurt bad I`d be surprised, the line is AWFUL.

  26. MadCityMac Says:

    To chime in with Genre and JimmyD, welcome to the new guys. After listening to Boers and Bernstein today, I’m not surprised at all that a LOT of people were probably Googling “Fire Jerry Angelo”, so welcome. You new guys will find out that this is one of the few sites that will let you swear to your heart’s content. Being a somewhat lapsed Cub fan at this point due to the massive incompetence of that fucking organization, there aren’t enough “shits” and “fucks” somedays. By the way, don’t know if anybody else is watching the ALCS, but there was a report a few minutes ago that Theo Epstein just might be taking the Cub’s GM job- now to get rid of that fucking assbag Clown Kenney, and Mike “Nickname” Quade; good fucking riddance to both of them! Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out of town you cocksucking doucecoptors!

  27. chucky Says:

    Mac….If Epstein comes here I hope to hell the first thing he does is get rid of “Dr. Evil”. I’m not going to get too hopeful until he signs on the dotted line. Not with all we’ve been through all these years.

    See it before you believe it.

  28. Pissed bear fan Says:


    These posts are supposed to be Bears fans voicing their frustrations. If you have a problem with me or my posts, shut your damn computer down then. “Now, back to our regularly scheduled program.”

    Angelo SUCKS and should be fired whilst playing hopscotch on the edge of a cliff.

  29. Robert Says:

    Pissed instead of him playing hopscotch can him and crane kenny play leapfrog instead

  30. Pie in the Sky Says:

    I don’t think Crane Kenney is going anywhere. He was reportedly part of this whole process. Would be kind of weird to interview the guy who is going to replace you… unless Kenney is getting some type of promotion or wants to resign soon.

    I have serious doubts with Epstein making it work here but it’ll be fun to watch these next few years.

  31. Pissed bear fan Says:

    Of course, Robert. Of course. HAHAH

  32. MadCityMac Says:

    Pie, I hope you’re wrong- I hate that fucking douche Kenney maybe even more than I hated Hendry. If FanBoy keeps him he can go pound sand in his ass!

  33. Nemo Says:

    If Ricketts’ is being honest that the new GM will report directly to him, I am not too worried about Crane Kenney staying on-as long as it is made clear to him that no orthodox priests, rabbis, imams, buddhist monks, shamans, wiccans, or druids get anywhere near the dugout or the clubhouse if the Cubs make the playoffs,

    This is one situation where not having a baseball man at president is working in the Cubs favor-it allows the Cubs to offer Epstein more power than he had in Boston.

    I hope this happens.

  34. Matt Stairs Superfan Says:

    Folks, here is my take on this…

    If Epstein is coming to town, I am in favor 100%. First off, Kenney will finally be shown the door. What comes after that is something that we have not seen before from this trash can of an organization and it’s something that I have discussed for quite some time.

    1. Some big contracts need to be dismissed of. Ramirez is already out the door. Idiots like Soriano, Zambrano and Dempster should be next in line. Ricketts has to come to the conclusion that he is going to pay these guys anyway so they might as well hurt someone else’s team. Epstein would do whatever it takes to get rid of them by trading them. It’s possible.

    2. After that, we as realistic fans know that this team will suck for at least another year or two while Epstein takes out the garbage. It won’t be such a bad thing because he will have the opportunity to draft some young guys and find out who is capable of playing in the big leagues. If the big contract guys are out of town, the kids will be playing for the next year or two and sure, they may suck but at least we will find out faster so Epstein can find someone else in a particular position.

    3. After the young pieces are in place and as we have seen with Boston over the years, the young guys will have some positions and key trades/free agents will then be here to fill whatever spots are left. If anyone can do this and do it the right way, it’s Theo.

    It’s going to be a process ladies and gentleman. We know that. Let’s say for argument’s sake that Theo is indeed, the GM and does what I have said above. It’s all possible. I don’t see this team being a contender for another three, four or five years but if so, it’s being done the right way. Finally.

    And really, what’s another five years anyway? Not to knock on any of you older folks as some of you have waited 40-50 years. With myself, it’s almost 30. We’ve all suffered enough. If it means winning the World Series by 2016, I am sure all of us will be satisfied.

  35. jimmyd Says:

    It’s being reported that the Cubs and Epstein are on the verge of finalizing their talks. Let the rebuilding begin. Let’s see what a real organization looks like.

  36. Pie in the Sky Says:

    No. 3 is what I’m concerned with. Epstein has had so many foul moves in free-agency and trades since arriving in Boston. I’m not going to name all of them (anyone remember Matt Clement?) Even without Carl Crawford I can list dozens of “Iffy to failed” transactions over the years. Even many of the good moves he made (E.G. David Ortiz) were supposed to be his “Plan Bs” after his “Plan As” (Jeremy Giambi) failed on him.

    I hope he focuses on the farm system and stays away from handing out big contracts to anyone other than homegrown talent. Tom Ricketts may not believe in rebuilding but he needs to give Epstein time to rebuild this franchise, not insert quick bandages.

    He inherited a goldmine from Dan Duquette. He only had to put a few finishing touches on those teams.

    He’s inheriting an empty cupboard from Jim Hendry. We’re going to see if he’s the real deal or the benefactor of an outrageous payroll.

  37. Pie in the Sky Says:

    Oh and just to clarify…I’m still much more satisfied with Theo than Jimbo. MUCH more.

  38. genrebuster Says:

    Pie…I understand your trepidation regarding Epstein…but the Red Sox hadn’t won in 88 years or so when he came on board. They won twice with him as GM, and the first one included the amazing comeback against the Yankees in the ALCS.

    On the other hand, we had a manager/organization that let a team completely derail after the Bartman play (which di NOT cause the Cubs to lose the 2003 NLCS).

    The culture of losing is a big part of the problem. Epstein has the mojo of wnning it all with the Red Sox under his belt; and if nothing else, offers a glimmer of hope that a century of losing, of inane and putrid bullshit will somehow change for the better.

    If Epstein is hired, I hope he blows the the shit up, ie. shows “the idiots” the door as Matt Stairs Superfan so aptly put it.

    As for the PATHETIC Jerry Angelo’s sorry fucking ass…Here’s an idea: turn Urlacher and Cutler loose on him….

  39. genrebuster Says:

    …my sincere apologies – for my typo – to Mitch Cumstein and Intellectual.

  40. genrebuster Says:

    Pie, of course you are…never doubted that!

  41. ChuckH Says:

    Needed to get back and drop some Angelo F bombs….

    Has anyone on here ever noticed how its seems other NFL teams are all ways able to fill the gaps in their team with free agents? How is it possible we have someone like Frank Omiyele still on our roster? I’ve looked at free agent charts for this year and there is a still a ton of linemen out there looking for a place to work. The fact that Angelo doesn’t go out and pick up 2 or 3 to work out and replace this fucking retard is ridiculous. Can anyone in the world please answer why that fucktard is still on our roster?

    He doesn’t block and he can’t even sit still and go on the snap count. If it wasn’t for Mike Tice being the line guru he is I can only imagine what this line would really look like. Enough is Enough! Go out and sign a new fucking line man Angelo. It’s been two fucking years with this group of chumps how are you not looking at line men everyday? Stop sitting around your office and beating off. Do your fucking job you idiot.

    How many of you get sick watching these hits Cutler takes? I’m not saying he’s Joe Montana but I’m sick of these Cutler haters? How many of you Cutler haters think you could take one hit from a pro football player? He’s taken more hits than anyone in the league for the last 3 years. This joke needs to end and Angelo is the comedian trying to tell everyone its all right. Get some linemen or get the fuck out of Chicago you fucking moron. How do you fuck up one of the most loved franchises in sports?

    Sorry needed to get that out.. Fuck you Jerry Angelo.

  42. K-mak Says:

    Why the fuck did we sign Marion Barber to get us 1 yard then not even use him on the the 3rd and 1 and 4th and 1????????????

  43. Joe Says:

    From now on, let’s keep referring to Jerry Angelo as “the architect of the Bears current failure.”
    Because that’s what he is.

  44. Fro Dog Says:

    We have two Chucks now on this site. That’s twice the anger! Keep it up guys.


    I am going to use your “Architect of failure” phrase at the top of this website. Major credit goes to you.

  45. Kyle Says:

    I know why the Bears keep Frank Omiyale. I keep seeing it everywhere. He is the nicest guy. Well, they can pay me half of his salary and I’ll go out there and let people run around me all night, but I’ll be the nicest guy anybody has ever seen. It’ll be good. The skill level on the field stays the same and I’ll save the team alot of money.

  46. Kyle Says:

    Congrats to you Cubs fans on Theo Epstein. I was born and raised a Cardinals fan. I know within the next few years things are going to get interesting in the NL central. He will improve that team quick. I just hope the cardinals don’t pull an angelo and not resign their best player after this season. If Pujols goes its going to be rough. Don’t you cubbies even think about trying to pick him up! Haha

  47. Kyle Says:

    Last one before bed. The one coach I hope the bears are smart enough to keep is Dave Toub. That man is a special teams genius. He needs to stick around. He would only be better if he could convince Lovie that their kicker can actually kick FGs from more than 30 yards out.

  48. philtration Says:

    You guys don’t understand.
    The Bears are not 2-3.
    They are just 0-1 for the 2nd quarter of the season.

  49. Nemo Says:

    Good column from Rosenblahh today:,0,4352729.column

  50. Joe Says:

    Fro Dog–be my guest.
    And let’s all spread it around until the sportscasters and journalists start using it.

  51. ChuckH Says:

    You can tell Cutler is getting sick of getting the shit beat out of him.
    I really loved him comments and I hope the more he gets hit the more the filter comes off so people can really see what he thinks about these assholes running this team.

    On another note.
    If i hear how nice Frank Omieyle and Angelo are on another radio station I’m going to vomit. No ones gives a fuck if they’re nice. The last time I checked this was the NFL. You know the sport where people get the shit knocked out of them. If they were nice Angelo would get some new linemen. I like giving Omieyle shit but its not just him the entire line sucks, but don’t worry though guys I heard they’re all very nice.

    Nice doesn’t win football games and nice doesn’t put fans in the seats. The day is coming where people are going to start showing up with bags over their heads or not at all. I sick of them acting like its impossible to get people to replace these assholes too. We have money under the cap and there are free agent linemen still available. I beat I could find ten people off the street right now that could block better than some of these guys.

  52. Fro Dog Says:

    I don’t give a damn if they are nice either. I’d rather have 52 assholes who are the shittiest people to deal with and have them be great than 52 nice guys who can’t block lineman and cover receivers.

    Being nice is fine and everything, but you better be damn good to go along with it.

  53. Joe Says:

    That’s the SAME reason the Cubs don’t dump Dempster–because everyone LIKES him. $14 million a year for a 10-14 pitcher….

    I want my linemen to be ugly, psychotic, ex cons with a hair trigger temper.
    (At least Omiyale has the ugly part down.)

    When Leo Durocher was talking about “nice guys finish last,” there are the nice guys, then fifty feet of crap, and then Jerry Angelo.

  54. Yeti Says:

    Joe just used a pitcher W-L record for his analysis….. Awesome


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