Bears/Seahawks Recap.


13 Responses to “Bears/Seahawks Recap.”

  1. Kevin Hill Says:

    it`s all over.

  2. genrebuster Says:

    Wow, just saw the score…this would be a good time to clean house, as things have bee deteriorating, not improving.

    But as long as the fucking McCaskey’s own the team, that is wishful thinking.

    There is NOTHING that Lovie can say about this one. Too bad he won’t just keep his mouth shut and say “no comment”.

    Who’s worse….Angelo or Hendry?

  3. chucky Says:

    Angelo by far. Even Buffone and OB are saying it’s time to clean house.

    I guess I was off only in the score.

    But seriously, when is enough fucking enough? ANGELO AND THIS ENTIRE FUCKING COACHING STAFF HAS TO FUCKING GO!!!!!!

    Fuck you Angelo.

    Fuck you Smith.

    Fuck you Martz.


    All four of you motherfuckers should walk out in front of a speeding bus. And I hope you fucking do. FUCK ALL OF YOU COCKSUCKERS!!!!!

  4. jimmyd Says:


    OMG!!! That’s an awesome way to start out the thread. That’s one of the funniest graphics I think I’ve ever seen.

    Jimmy D.

  5. chucky Says:

    Oh, and by the way, a message just for Jerry Angelo.

    Go whistle Dixie.


  6. Joe Says:

    Who’s worse–Angelo or Hendry? Wow….that’ll make you think.
    It was always Angelo but Hendry was close. But we don’t have to worry about Hendry now, do we?…

    I knew the Bears were going to blow that one, as soon as it was obvious that the Bears coaching staff made NO adjustments to what Pete Carroll did at halftime. It’s like a chess game–you have to anticipate and counter. But Seattle’s D closes down the outside, the Bears bring no extra protection, and Hanie is dead meat. ALL downhill from there.
    That loss was SOLELY on Lovie and Martz. NO adjustments, completely outcoached in the 2nd half. They CANNOT give their team a chance to win a fucking game.
    First half, the Bears’ defense does great–NOT playing the Cover 2.
    Second half, they go back to the Cover 2. WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?
    WHO is making these decisions???
    Tim Ryan is right: the Martz offense is outdated because you MUST give your QB the ability to audible. Hanie was doing damn well in the first half. In the second, same old story–NO support from Martz or the rest of the team. Drops back three times for long passes, three sacks. WHY is Martz calling that…..when there’s no fucking blocking?
    AS for everyone who wanted “the veteran QB” to come in–a pick on his second throw.
    But he’s a VETERAN.
    But he knows the MARTZ SYSTEM.
    But it doesn’t make A DAMN BIT of difference.
    Even with Cutler and Forte, this is NOT a playoff team. Too many other weaknesses. Angelo has seen to that.
    You cannot act as if your back up is as good as your starter when your starter has so much talent, like Cutler. Cutler can make magic throws that only 4 or 5 other QBs on the planet can make. You have to field a SOLID all-around team, so that EVEN your back up can come in and make plays and move your offense.
    You need a first-rate O-line.
    You need AT LEAST one star receiver.
    You do NOT want or need people like Webb, Louis, and Frank Fucking Omiyale, who all like to turn around and watch their man pound our QB.
    And you do not need a bunch of Droppy McFumbles as your receivers.
    I don’t care HOW many picks Hanie throws; the real Hanie we saw in the first half. The awful sportswriting in this town will continue to blame him, but they’re mostly morons and lazy writers. The coaching–and lack of it– threw him and the offense to the wolves in the 2nd half. Give Hanie a solid O-line and a solid receiver, LET him audible, he will have no problems.
    Enough is enough of this.

  7. chucky Says:

    Well, at least Tim Teblow and the Broncos are getting killed right now by New England.

  8. Joe Says:

    And at least the Packers will NOT have a perfect season.
    Kind of funny that it took Orton and Jones to do it, but I don’t care.
    Orton couldn’t beat Aaron Rodgers in a playoff game if Rodgers was in a coma.
    Or course, Orton has never BEEN in a playoff game….

  9. Kevin Hill Says:

    The Broncos and Tebow are not very good talent wise, nice guy but needs a lot of work mechanically, Hanie could be decent if the Bears fire that qb coach. and get a good one. Maybe Lovie will find another relative to hire.

  10. genrebuster Says:

    Lovie is now the Dusty Baker of football. Congratulations on that.

    This team will NEVER win the Superbowl as long as he is the head coach. I don’t care what other changes are made. It’s clear that Martz and Angelo have to go but so does Lovie. I’d rather watch a bobblehead doll and listen to a recorded message than sit through another post game Lovie interview…what a jerk.

  11. John Says:

    Give me Jonathan Quinn over this garbage. GARBAGE!!

  12. Rob Says:

    I would like to get a big stick and grease the two ends and use it as a double dildo and fuck the shit out of Lovie & Angelo at the same time!

  13. Payton J Pickett Says:

    Martz will walk to a NCAA coaching job. Why be an OC for a team which has no offensive line? Angelo is out on his own terms and after holding the post for TEN YEARS. If anyone has proof that the Phillips and McCaskeys even care, please share it.

    The most common argument I hear in defense of Lovie Smith is that the players like and respect him. I couldn’t watch the game yesterday so I couldn’t see how the play was in the second half but did it look like the players on offense and defense just gave up? That either means they threw in the towel instead of digging in and just playing for pride OR they no longer respect their coaches and have ceased to listen to them. I am asking, how did it look player wise? Were the Seahawks walking into the end zone? If the players no longer respect Smith, there goes the only argument to keep him. This got Wade Phillips fired from the Cowboys last year.

    Has any bastards (McCaskeys/Phillips) claimed that only injuries are the reason for the collapse? I’m on the east coast and never hear the sports talk details about CYA.


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