Food for thought.


maybe a change would do Joe good…

4 Responses to “Food for thought.”

  1. Matt Stairs Superfan Says:

    In 2006, I wanted Girardi to manage this team or Brenly as a second option. Since 2002, this PATHETIC franchise has passed up on Brenly, Girardi, Sandberg, Leyland and others in favor of Louser Piniella and Johnny B. Baker.

    I don’t think Girardi would leave but if so, Ricketts would be a dumbass not to welcome him with open arms.

  2. Pie In The Sky Says:

    Don’t forget Mike Quade > Ryne Sandberg. Such dumb management.

  3. Yeti Says:

    Ryne has not been with the Cubs for two years, at least in their organization. How many offers to manage a big league clubs has he received in that time frame?

  4. chucky Says:

    Please, respectfully, don’t bring up Sandberg. It’s that same sentimental BULLSHIT that landed the Cubs in the position they’re in now. Hire somebody who has a goddamn functioning brain and someone that was “A great Cub”, or who “played the game the right way”. The time has come ( actually it’s already passed) to shitcan the fucking sentiment and goddamn get serious about fielding a winning team.

    And on that note, I think Kerry Wood won’t be hired to replace Brenly.

    THANK FUCKING GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!


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