Open thread.


We have reached a milestone here at Fire Lovie Smith. This post is our 400th since our inception in 2008. Along with this, is the news that David Stern will be stepping down as NBA commissioner in 2014. Good riddance.

27 Responses to “Open thread.”

  1. Fro Dog Says:

    The Bears will be going into Sunday’s game with a two-game lead in the division after the Buccaneers beat the Vikings. I have a hard time believing the Jaguars will do anything against the Packers so this makes Sunday’s game even more important.

  2. MadCityMac Says:

    Fro, I figured all along the Vikings were doing it with smoke and mirrors. This was a 3 win team a year ago, and they really didn’t do anything to get better other than Ponder having a year’s worth of experience under his belt. The Packers, even with Jennings and possibly Jordy Nelson out of the lineup, should destroy J.ville, especially if Jermichael Finley can actually catch the damn football. Rodgers is playing like an MVP again, and I don’t think losing Charles Woodson is going to hurt them all that much, except for his leadership, but he’ll still be on the sidelines. Now if Mason Crosby can get his head out of his ass and stop making some of his kicks look like some of my golf shots……

  3. chucky Says:

    Fro….I get this feeling that the Bears will play down to their opponents this weekend. Monday night is prime example of this. Detroit should not even come close to the Bears. Yet they drove the ball right down their throats in the final minutes of the game, in part thanks to Lovies goddamned I-Pass defense, and only managed 13 goddamn points total themselves. I don’t expect them to score 40+ each game , but cmon, this is the Detroit fucking Lions! They aren’t THAT good. The Bears should have kicked the shit out them, especially coming off of a bye week.

  4. Fro Dog Says:


    Don’t the Bears usually play down to their opponents? They did it in the first half against the Jaguars until Lovie had to say something at halftime. I put it in the last recap that the Bears could have put the game away with another touchdown but Mike Tice had to be a genius and call three straight passing plays with 1st and goal inside the 5.

    You mentioned the I-Pass defense that the Bears love doing. They automatically revert to it late in games and it drives me nuts too. It’s almost like why not continue to do what worked earlier in the game? Last year, the Panthers had over 500 yards of total offense against this “great” defense. This year, they are 1-5 but lost three of those games by a touchdown or less.

  5. chucky Says:

    Yes Fro…you know what I’m talking about. it’s just one example of why Lovie Baker MUST BE SHOWN THE GODDAMNED DOOR!!!!!!!!!

    Do not, do not, do not overlook Carolina. That would be right in Lovies fucking wheelhouse. Jesus I hate that fucking guy!!!!!!

  6. Greg Says:

    Why don’t you go find a goddamned door chucky? You are such a whiny little fucking bitch. Lovie Smith has been a great coach and I hope he’s extended. If he is fired at the end of the year, you will just start bitching about the next coach. We’re 5-1 and all you do is bitch and moan like a fucking woman. Would it be better if we were 1-5?

    Please do me a favor and shut the fuck up…Thanks you fucking douchebag.

  7. Greg Says:

    Congratulations on the milestone post Fro Dog…you fucking dipshit! You should celebrate this non accomplishment by fellating yourself and then jump off a bridge…take care douchebag.

  8. chucky Says:

    Greg….why don’t you find a fucking pistol, make damn good and sure it’s fully loaded, point it at your empty fucking head, and pull the goddamned trigger.

    If you think we’re so fucking stupid, why would a genius like yourself lower himself by coming here. Oh yeah, that must it! YOU’RE THE BIGGEST DOUCHEBAG FUCKSTICK COCKSUCKER ASSHOLE PIECE OF SHIT MOTHERFUCKING SLIMEBAG TROLL WALKING THE GODDAMNED PLANET!!!!!

    Now go fuck yourself bitch, and don’t come back. If you think Lovie is such a great coach why don’t you get job washing his car, or mowing his lawn.

  9. Fro Dog Says:


    Where did you come from? How did you find us? This dark corner of the internet is reserved for idiots like us. By the way dickhead, nice comment you left in the “about” section of this site. You must impress the women with your keyboard muscles.

    This is who we are. We do nothing but piss and moan about a coach who has fucked up numerous chances. Sorry about that. Also If I had a nickel for every time you said the word “douchebag” in your comments…

    Chucky, I think this site needs more fire and passion.

  10. Fro Dog Says:


    It appears that our new friend, Greg, left four comments on this site within a short span, all of them containing the word “douchebag”. He also did a great job calling me a homo and in one of these posts, a fag.

    Chucky, take it easy on him. He’s only a teenager.

  11. chucky Says:

    Fro….no fucking chance. I’ll have no problem bitch slapping his little punk ass all day long.

    Kinda makes you wonder why he likes the word “douchebag” so much, doesn’t it? It calls into question which way he leans.

  12. DVXPrime Says:

    On a lighter note, congrats to Chucky, Fro Dog, and all the gang at Fire Lovie Smith for 400 posts…cuz we gotta have somewhere to vent our spleen when the lamestream Chicago media won’t let us do it…

  13. chucky Says:

    Thanks for the kind words DVX, but I don’t deserve any credit for this. This is FroDogs baby. HE deserves all the kudos. Evidently, I’m just a whiny little fucking bitch that can’t see the greatness that is Lovie Smith.

  14. Kevin Gregg Says:

    I think Greg meant to post “Lovie Smith has been a great coach and I hope he’s extended right up my ass”…

  15. MadCityMac Says:

    Guys, completely off topic, but have a great weekend, (except that hog fucker Greg). Off to drink beer and watch my Badgers kick Sparty’s ass!

  16. genrebuster Says:

    When are Bud Selig and Roger Goodell stepping down?

  17. ambrose Says:

    Just saw the UCLA/ASU game, and I would love it if the Bears drafted Joseph Fauria. Just sayin’. They could use a good TE.

  18. Fro Dog Says:

    Well, if Jerry Angelo and Lovie Smith weren’t dumbasses by listening to Mike Martz, we would still have Greg Olsen.

  19. Yeti Says:

    Olsen was traded for a 3rd rounder. That third round pick was a part of the Marshall trade. So, who cares about Greg Olsen

  20. Pie In The Sky Says:

    Hey… I’m happy about it. Packers don’t have anyone who can cover TEs. Thanks Jerry.

  21. ambrose Says:

    I’m a Bears fan, but I’ve also been following the Chargers for years (More by force than anything else, mom’s from SD). And there is a silver lining to Lovie Smith. At least he’s not Norv Turner.

  22. genrebuster Says:

    How DOES Norv keep his job?

  23. chucky Says:

    How does Lovie?

  24. Fro Dog Says:

    It looks like we are going to right about this game Chucky. Cam Newton is having his way.

  25. chucky Says:

    Not to worry Fro. Lovies greatness just won this game for the Bears. And I’m still just a whiny little fucking bitch to those that recognize Lovies superior greatness and intelligence.

  26. Matt Stairs Superfan Says:

    Congratulations to San Francisco for winning their second World Series in three years. You see, when teams have good pitching, timely hitting and a strong farm system, they become very successful. Unlike the morons at Clark and Addison that have never figured out how to draft and develop actual talent, sign decent free agents and hire a manager who actually knows the game of baseball. PATHETIC!

  27. Robert Says:

    Now if only Gary betteman will get hot buy a god damn truck


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