This is for you Chucky.



Sorry buddy. I didn’t bring a sign as you requested but I brought you the next best thing: TNA President and your favorite person, Dixie Carter.

6 Responses to “This is for you Chucky.”

  1. Tony Cossio Says:

    Hey fro, were you on the score’s who are you crapping yesterday, talking about willis tower?

  2. chucky Says:

    Fro…it’s obvious from looking at that picture that you had a great time last. I’m happy for you. That’s what it’s all about. But I have to ask; Did Bubba Ray walk right past you in the opening segment? I thought I saw you, but I wasn’t sure. I’ll bet Dixie is a really nice person. She seems like it anyway. I just don’t agree with about hiring Hogan and his no-talent daughter. And in reality, I am a big fan of James Storm. He’s got the wrong gimmick. He vshouldn’t be a “cowboy”. With his look he should have a biker gimmick. He’d be perfect for that. I like Roode too. He could be a guy who is close to being like Ric Flair. He actually was for awhile, when he was World Champion. Now he’s stuck in mid-card hell with that dwarf Aries. I can’t stand that guy. And HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!!!!!!!! Christy Hemme looked absolutely fucking stunning. DAYYYUUUUMMM!!!!!!!!

  3. Fro Dog Says:

    Tony, I actually was. Bernstein assumed that Revsine was “joking” about the Willis Tower being one of the few buildings that survived the Great Chicago FIre of 1871. Then, two callers tried crapping him for a couple of other things and he got all pissy on the air like he usually does instead of just admitting his mistakes.

    Hey Chucky, that was me when Bully came out. You were right about bringing a sign. The thing, I went straight to the arena right after work and was lazy to stop off at my house first. I should have brought it but honestly, who else would be watching anyway? As soon as it went off the air, I was glad it was over but Borash gets on the mic and says, “We have more matches coming up”. Most people are exhausted after that. They taped next week’s show too but I was sitting down for most of that.

    Dixie Carter is a class-act. You’ll never see Vince go out and meet fans before the show as well as watching it with some fans in a suite. In addition, they pick fans out of the stands to have meet and greets with some the wrestlers during and after the show for a bit. I agree that she has no idea what the hell she is doing with the company and she’s trying, but picking the wrong people. It’s like the McCaskey family. They spend their money, but until Emery came along, they spent it for the most part, in the wrong places.

  4. Tony Cossio Says:

    Yeah, I’ve been listening to B&B ever since Mac left ESPN1000 – except I would never call their show because all they do is insult people w/ the exception of a handful. Also Bernstien annoys me with his left wing/atheist agenda that is being push on the show. If I wanted to hear politics I’d tune into am760. He’s worse than Olbermann was on NBC. Also I feel like throwing up when those two talk about “athletic injuries” and concussions they had playing tee pall or ice hockey w/ kids.

    I was one of those who jumped ship after Mac left – whoever’s idea was to let him go at ESPN needs to be fired, probably the same idiots that thin Harry should have been fired while keeping Carmen on. Probably be best if Waddle is moved up to the Afternoon and Carmen is sent with the other Goldenboy. The “Herd” on 10-1 will seal ESPN’s fate.

  5. chucky Says:

    Tony….you’re right about Bernstein being insulting to people who don’t agree with him, but if he likes you, he tones it down. He’s always trying to come across as some elitist, but ends mostly making an asshole out of himself. The flip side to that is when he gets a real, true moron to call in who doesn’t know his ass from third base. Those people deserve to get raked over.

    I don’t think he’s an atheist either. Remember the infamous first call from Joe in Evanston? Joe asked Bernstein if he was Jewish and Dan said yes. And the left wing stuff you mentioned isn’t all that bad, at least to me. I’ll speak strickly for myself, but he sounds a hell of a lot better than assclowns Limbaugh. Bernstein may be a blowhole like Limbaugh, but the difference is that Bernstein is listenable. 5 minutes of any republican on the radio cause extreme bleeding from both of my ears.

    Fro…I am a bit surprised you called in. The last time I heard you talking to them Bernstein WAS a complete dick to you, and for no good reason. It was cool that Dixie made herself available to the fans. Vince always struck me as kind of guy who was above that sort of thing. In other words, a snob. I don’t understand the idea of filming two shows on the same night. I’ve heard it cuts down on paying the wrestlers multiple appearance fees, but that will also create a more dangerous work environment, and a hostile locker room with shitty morale. That doesn’t do justice to the wrestlers who work very hard, or the fans who pay to see them.

  6. Fro Dog Says:

    Yeah. I use to call all the time and they got a kick out of it; especially when I called every now and then for ‘Who Ya Crappin?’ years ago when I was in college. That was the first time I called The Score in just over a year. I know you don’t like Holmes, but him and I had some chats over the years along with Abbatacola and they weren’t asses at all. These days, I rarely listen to 670 at all but that’s usually because I am at work and the TV is usually on.


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