Game 5 – Chicago’s Finest TV Anchors: Mad City Mac Region


1. Micah Materre (WGN) vs. 4. Anna Davlantes (Fox 32)

*Voting ends at 11:59 p.m. Thursday*

Micah Meterre

Anna Davlantes (pictured left)

Micah Meterre: WGN News at 9 has become a thing to watch when Micah Meterre took the reigns a few years back. I believe she’s a pretty tall woman. I might have mentioned before that it doesn’t really matter how tall/short someone is but I say it’s more icing on the cake than anything else. She is one gorgeous woman. Long hair, great rack and I have a FEELING that her eyes are intimidating to some. The curves on this woman are in the right places. I love it. One other thing she has you may ask? Patience. I say that because she has to deal with Tom Skilling every night. He’s awesome with the weather but I am sure he drives anchors nuts because he doesn’t know when to stop talking.

Anna Davlantes: Anna has worked for NBC 5 (go figure) and now for Fox 32 in the mornings. Something tells me that this woman comes off as the innocent one but behind closed doors, all bets are off. She might have been the shy one growing up but if that tells us anything, it’s that she knows how to handle things when the camera isn’t rolling. When she was at NBC 5, I made it a priority to see her do the news on the weekends. It also seems like she has a side career in modeling too:

Ladies and gentleman, this could go right down to the wire. The intimidator or the innocent?

One Response to “Game 5 – Chicago’s Finest TV Anchors: Mad City Mac Region”

  1. chucky Says:

    Waiting for Skilling to give his forecasts is enough to make me want to shoot myself in the goddamned head. You’re right, he doesn’t know when to shut the hell up and just give the damned forecast. And do you know what he does for vacation? He goes to Alaska in the dead of winter, and makes snow angels in -30 weather. What a loon!


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