Our championship game is set.


Well, Cinderella is going to the big game. That would be #4 Susannah Collins out of the Irish Yeti Region as she took down her co-worker and Chucky Region winner, the #3 seed Jen Lada by a final score of 18-16. #3 Cheryl Scott of the Mad City Mac Region edged out the powerhouse and #1 seed out of the Jimmy D. Region, Erin McElroy 19-16. It’s #3 Cheryl Scott vs. #4 Susannah Collins Friday. The prize? The first and only, Larry Horse trophy. Picture is below.

See you folks there.


2 Responses to “Our championship game is set.”

  1. chucky Says:

    Fro…this is off subject, but I thought you should know, in case you hadn’t heard. Ric Flairs son Reid, 24, died today. No cause listed yet, but I know he did have drug issues. He was arrested before on charges of possession of black tar heroin. Damn, that just sucks. Reid was supposed to follow his dad, and was supposed to be real good too.

  2. Fro Dog Says:

    I read about earlier. It’s unfortunate that this happened. They said there wasn’t any foul play involved. Not to get ahead, but it seems this is a drug-related issue. Either way, it sucks. I heard this guy was pretty good at wrestling as well.


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