Fire Dale Sveum



OK, I’ve had it: Anybody who continues to pitch Carlos Marmol is a complete IDIOT. And if the pressure is coming from above, then tell the “powers that be” to stick Marmol up their ass(es).

Building for the future includes fostering good team morale and chemistry. I wonder how many  Cubs players are truly happy that Carlos Marmol is their teammate?

I’ll be shocked if Marmol ever pitches effectively for any length of time in the Major leagues. Yet another holdover from the Hendry era…money wasted for sure, but it’s too late now; trade him for the proverbial “bag of shells”.

Soriano, too. I’d rather see two rookies get a chance to play the game than a couple of BUMS…

The STENCH of Dumbo Hendry remains: it is sickening and PATHETIC.

19 Responses to “Fire Dale Sveum”

  1. cubs suck Says:

    AMEN!!! So here’s what I have for the banner idea…. we need to photoshop a mix between Dumbo the elephant and Carlos Marmol, with Dale Sveum riding him past the ivy scratching his head with “Fire Dale Sveum” written in the clouds in the KISS font. Thats all I got for now….. Fire Dale Sveum

  2. DVXPrime Says:

    Dear Theo,

    IRT Carlos Marmol:

    25 appearances. 22.1 innings pitched.

    15 runs (14 earned) on 21 hits.

    4 home runs allowed. 20 walks to 23 strikeouts.

    5.64 ERA. 2 saves. God alone knows how many blown saves he has this year.

    No sane contender is going to want him on their roster. he’s not trade bait.

    Time to cut him his severance check and let him go.

    Sincerely yours,


  3. Matt Stairs Superfan Says:

    Anybody see Latroy serve up a three-run blast against Miami yesterday? That put a smile on my face. Some things never change!

    Back to the discussion, I read a stat somewhere that the bullpen has blown 10 of their first 20 save opportunities. I think now it’s 13 out of 26 but who the hell is counting anyway!? Can someone ask Yeti if that’s a good percentage? Maybe he has something to counter that…also..if they are nine games under and if convert JUST five more games from that stat, you’re looking at, or slightly above .500 record. That’s good enough to be in the thick of a wild card race. D’oh!

  4. cubs suck Says:

    Lets go Pacers!

  5. Roy Says:

    Unless there is a miracle, the Pacers aren’t going to win this game. I had a feeling after that heartbreaking loss in Game 1, that it would be the difference.

  6. DVXPrime Says:

    It’s official: former Cub and all-around nutcase Milton bradley is a convicted wife-beater:

    Between having to watch domestic abuse in my early years and the absolute dumpster fire he was while wearing the Cub uniform…nawww, too early in the day for that kind of hate. Fro Dog, chuck, fire away…

  7. cubs suck Says:

    “We need guys that can count to 3” Lou Piniella

  8. chucky Says:

    Well, that would leave Marmol out, wouldn’t it? And I read that scumbag Bradley could get 7 1/2 years in prison. Nice going numbnuts.

    Men, I’ll being out of circulation again after this Thursday. I’m going back on the operating table again, this time for major back surgery. I’m in uncharted territory here with this one, so I really don’t know how long I’ll be down. But rest assured, I will be back, full of piss and vinegar, ready to unload on any shmuck who needs a good, swift kick to the their nutsack.

  9. genrebuster Says:

    chucky, I hope it goes well and you recover quickly and completely. All the Best!

  10. genrebuster Says:

    DVX, that story confirms that MB is a POS. Old news, but Thanks for sharing, I hadn’t heard. Another brilliant signing – the best ever (?) – by the LOWLY HACK Jim Hendry.

  11. Captain Kirk Says:

    Marmol is a joke

  12. Captain Kirk Says:

    Tommy Terrific Rickett’s, Boy Wonder Theo and Jethro Annoyer have the future looking bright. We got some young talent in Chicago i.e. Rizzo batting 256, Starling I’m dumb and can’t field Castro batting 250, Castillo batting 261. Oh I forgot the future is maybe in the minor leagues and high future draft choices since we will suck for years.

    Note to management: Do not sign Japanese players whose last name starts with an F, the F stands for failure.

    Samardzija get out of town. You are pushing 30 don’t fit with the “youth movement” and play for a piece of crap mismanaged franchise. Tommy won’t want to pay you anyway.

    Now it’s about time Cub fans are going somewhere else to drink beer ” the Yankees, Rangers, Red Sox, Cubs and Phillies — rank among the nine clubs that have suffered the biggest drop-offs, according to STATS LLC.” Not good for MLB when the big market teams attendance go in the crapper. Tough shit MLB would not let someone like Cuban buy the Cubs because he wants to win. MLB thinks it’s a unique marketing ploy to keep the Cubs loveable losers forever. Guessed wrong on that one MLB, the team sucks the park sucks, the manager sucks, the general manager sucks, the president sucks and the owner sucks. Not so loveable anymore!

    On October 31, 2009 Tommy Terrific took over ownership of the Cubs. You guys can fill in the rest.

  13. MadCityMac Says:

    Chucky, get well soon; as someone who has had relatively minor back issues (sciatic, SI) for the better part of the past 20 years, I hope you can come out of this pain-free! When I heard that Milton Bradley was convicted all I could think is that I hope they throw the book at that piece of shit. And there’s always the chance somebody offs him in the joint. Jim Hendry you flaming fucking assbag, I hope you’re proud of yourself for thinking this cretin had any redeeming value whatsoever. Ass.

  14. Yeti Says:

    Wait, you’re down on Rizzo?

  15. genrebuster Says:

    Wait? For what, asshat?

  16. Captain Kirk Says:

    Rizzo is the crown jewel of Boy Wonders tenure and for that matter Ricketts. He is being marketed as a superstar the cornerstone to the rebuilding effort. He is a nice young player who should have a nice career but there is no evidence of a superstar just more Cub marketing bull shit. His numbers at 251 with 10 home runs are somewhat pedestrian and even more troublesome in decline from last year.

    I am having a difficult time drinking the Cub kool aid. I did not realize that Tommy Terrific and Boy Wonder were going to put in a decade long re-building program and market 250 hitters as superstars. Compare Joey Votto a superstar career stats and you will see that at a similar stage in his career he was hitting 320 with 25 home runs and improving.

  17. Yeti Says:

    Yes, Batting average is the end all be all… His OPS is .801 which is .004 points lower than last year. And that isn’t a bizarre stat. ESPN routinely lists that with players. It’s not like it’s unused. It’s simply On Base + Slugging.

    Also, 10 HRs are pedestrian? That’s 13th in the NL. Not earth-shattering, but it’s pretty damn good. Last year, his HR% (Percentage of At Bats that were HRs) was 4.1%.. This year, it’s 3.8%, which is slightly lower but not significantly. His doubles have gone up. Rizzo has 3 more doubles this year in 100 fewer at bats, comparing to last year.

    Rizzo may not be a top 10 player (well, he isn’t) but he’s a damn good first baseman. His average will likely increase (due to stats that I’m sure you don’t care to grasp) and it will likely be around .270-.290 range by the end of the season.. And that’s fine as long as he’s slugging the ball at his current rate.

    Being down on him just shows that you haven’t looked at anything besides his average and his HRs (which still shouldn’t make one down on him). Be down on Starlin if you want, but Rizzo doesn’t deserve that.

  18. Captain Kirk Says:

    Rizzo is a nice solid ballplayer and batting average is important and 256 with 10 home runs is rather pedestrian. Now my point is this guy is not the “superstar” in the making that Cub management is marketing him as. If you want to label him a superstar go ahead but I see a slightly above average position player. Our opinions are obviously different.

    Castro should be traded now before his value goes to zero and Javier Baez should be brought up.

  19. DE Says:

    Trade Marmol for anything, a bobble head, a decent pocket knife, a pair of used cleats, a new manager with the sense enough not to pitch Carlos no matter the situation. Frustrating.


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