Who owns the Cubs?

I got my horses...chomp chomp

I got my horses…chomp chomp

Cue Yeti: ….Dusty has the Cubs’ number.

5 Responses to “Who owns the Cubs?”

  1. Captain Kirk Says:

    Walt Jocketty General Manager and President of baseball operations for the Reds has our number. Dusty Baker will forever be an idiot but management put together a good team and has Dusty on a very short leash.

    Ricketts, Epstein and Hoyer are idiots.

  2. genrebuster Says:

    Kirk, I hope you’re wrong about Theo….and Hoyer. Can’t argue the other points.



  3. Yeti Says:

    Epstein and Hoyer are idiots. That’s rich coming from a guy who still uses BA to evaluate a player. And is disappointed when he is 13th in the NL in HRs

  4. Captain Kirk Says:

    Yelti give it a rest your boy Rizzo is playing mediocre baseball on a bad team. I don’t care if he’s 13th in home runs in the NL. Adam Dunn is 4th in home runs in the AL and he sucks. Do you know why?? Because he is batting 181 and yes strikes out a lot but he always did that. If you don’t think BA is a key stat in evaluating a player good for you but I don’t agree.

    If you think Boy Wonders strategy of sucking so he can get high draft choices and hoping they develop so maybe we have a winner in 2020 is a good strategy so be it but I was kinda hoping for a winner in my lifetime. His free agent signing of Jackson and the Japanese guy really sucked this year. I guess I just need to watch Peoria play the Lansing Lug Nuts to appreciate the new management.

  5. Yeti Says:

    Well, you can watch Peoria play, but they won’t have any players from the Cubs organization since they moved to Kane County


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