Ladies and gentleman, we have reached a milestone here at the worst site on the internet. It’s our fifth year at this very place. It was started on August 1, 2008. I have to say, I went into this with no expectations. We’ve seen a lot of people come and go. After all of these years (dating back to the old site in 2005/2006), I have to say, I don’t care how ANGRY some of you bastards are (Chucky) or how drunk you may be (Mad City Mac), you guys are alright.

We have also banned a total of three people: TDubbs, Greg and Genre’s favorite, Mike D. and his urine-soaked diapers. We still need one more to complete our Mt. Rushmore. Who’s next?

In all seriousness, I cannot thank you guys enough. I have said that often over the years and it bears repeating. I appreciate all of the support you give because if there isn’t anybody here, Genre and I don’t have anything to talk about.  Both of us don’t take anything for granted. KEEP BRINGING DAT FIRE AND PASSION MY FRENDTS.

Here’s to five more. Cheers.

14 Responses to “Milestone?”

  1. genrebuster Says:

    Thanks for keeping it going, Fro. I’ll try to contribute more soon, in a very busy stretch for a bit. I see comments were closed in the Soriano…does this mean we’re closer to Rushmore? HA!

    Thank You, my frendt. And thanks to most of you who post here. too…you know who you are(n’t).

  2. genrebuster Says:

    …in the Soriano thread…doh!

  3. cubs suck Says:

    The good old From Mike Murphy ala The Score telling me to check out some website to today.. Always a daily stop. Thanks for keeping it up!

  4. Fro Dog Says:

    No one is getting banned. I was just away for a few days and I came back to see that thread and just thought it would be best to close it up. I remember saying three or so years ago that I wasn’t going to ban anybody because that’s the bullshit someone like Al Yellon would do. It’s one thing to say dumb shit but those idiots were just down right annoying and wouldn’t stop.

    Also, a lot of people disliked Murphy over the years but he plugged the old site and Comcast Sports Net did the same thing and that really helped all of us. It’s a shame not everybody from those years are here anymore.

  5. cubs suck Says:

    If we had a Mount Rushmore I like to think it would have Dusty Baker on it, Bobby D (I picture him as one of the SNL SuperFans who came to his sudden demise after his 5th plate of Sausages and didnt survive the last heart attack of the meal, R.I.P. Bobby D, FroDogs smiling mug, and its a toss up between Moe Hendry and Jerry Angelo.

  6. cubs suck Says:

    Rough draft

  7. cubs suck Says:

    Wouldnt let me post pic? anyway heres a link… What do you guys think???

  8. Fro Dog Says:

    Haha. Oh man. That’s awesome. It’s going on the front page.

  9. DVXPrime Says:

    Thanks for five great years! Also, thanks for not getting too upset when I post about a certain local MLS team. Of course, they’re having a miserable season, solo…

  10. Carl from Chicago Says:

    Hey Fro Dog which Bears games are you going to this year? We have an extra south lot pass and you can drive to the game and not have to go to the distant (and pot-holed) McCormick lot. Send me an email and we can figure it out

  11. Fro Dog Says:


    That email has been sent. There is another thing I have to talk to you about concerning some specific games as well.

  12. Fro Dog Says:


    Thanks for the good words. I might have already mentioned to this to you a while back along with what my good friend said as well. We both agreed that we will not follow the Chicago Fire on a consistent basis until they change their name to the Chicago Fire and Passion. Can you have water without hydrogen? No. You need both that and oxygen.

    Good day sir.

  13. Blow It Up aka genrebuster Says:

    I still wonder wtf happened to bobbyd? If anybody knows, please share the info. The original fdb was really smoking and it led us to this one, which continues to fan the flames.

  14. MadCityMac Says:

    Fro, thanks for keeping us all together for the past 5 years. Doesn’t seem possible it’s been that long already. And just so you’re not disappointed in me, I managed to score comp tickets to this Saturday’s Great Taste of the Midwest here in Madison. Not sure how many breweries, but something like 2000 different beers to sample. If I don’t survive the weekend, it’s been fun!


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