Rather be lucky than good, right?


Well, it came down to the Bears not covering their receivers that lead to the victory in this game. All game long, the secondary was fucking atrocious. The Giants had receivers open all game and at the end of the night, the secondary of the Bears left Brandon Myers wide open down the field only to have the ball deflect into the arms of Tim Jennings. Bears win. Barely.

Offense: The offense was on fire in the first half. Second half; not so much. I wasn’t happy with some of the calls late in the game but a play here or there, and they probably score more points. In the first half, Cutler was on his game. Believe it or not, if Cutler had thrown for 300 or more yards in this game, he would have been the first quarterback in FRANCHISE history to throw for that much in three straight games. Think about it. The Bears are one of the oldest franchises in sports. That shows how bad they have been over all of these years. Also, Brandon Marshall and Martellus Bennett had their best games yet as Bears. Bennett in a few occasions, had a catch and looked like he was going to get tackled immediately, he broke free and was able to get extra yardage for first downs. It’s a shame that we have been disrespected as fans by having Kellen Davis shoved down our throats every game.

Guys, did you all notice the green shoes on Brandon Marshall. Apparently, Brad Nessler had to say that quite a few times for me to finally realize that. I must have not been paying attention.

Back to being frustrated, the Bears get an interception on the first drive of the game. I thought Trestman should have taken the points right there. Luckily, it didn’t come back to haunt the Bears but in the future against better teams, it’s best to just kick the field goal to get off to a good start.

Defense: What else can you say? Don’t let the three turnovers they caused get your excited. Mel Tucker needs to work the secondary. Brandon Jacobs had over 100 yards rushing. Then, the receivers are open all night long. I lost count in the second quarter but let’s say at least 11 of Eli Manning’s 14 completions were to wide open receivers. This shit really has to stop. It’s enough that all of the defensive tackles are gone. It would be nice to see the secondary actually do something productive. Once again, I get that they had three interceptions but a play here or there and the Bears are 3-3.

Special Teams: Robbie Gould had two field goals that were ultimately the difference in this game. Yes, a bad kickoff that led to a big return. What the hell was Devin Hester doing screaming at Gould on the sidelines anyway? Hester didn’t have his best game and he had a fumble in the process as well. As a whole, the special teams has regressed since Dave Toub left. You kind of had a FEELING that was going to happen but wow. This needs to be fixed soon as well.

Here’s another interesting stat (cue Yeti): The Bears beat the Giants at home for the first time since 1991. Holy shit. I also thought on the last drive that Eli Manning was going to win it just like in 2007 against the Bears at Soldier Field that propelled the Giants to pretty much, running the table that year en route to a Super Bowl championship. As most of you know, I am fairly superstitious but deja vu took a back seat this time.

More bad news however. Alshon Jeffery was hurt in this game along with D.J. Williams and James Anderson. Charles Tillman sat out this game because of the short week. The good news is, the Bears have ten days off before their next game so somewhat of a bye-week is in store. The injuries are piling up at a rapid pace. I get that it’s the NFL and this will happen but the Bears need some help. The way I see it, they should start finding people off the scrap heap and see what they can do. They need help on defense. I’ll say it again: Fuck Roger Goodell and his Thursday night games. He doesn’t give a shit about the safety of the players. What a fucking hack. If Chucky ever sees this guy in public, it’s safe to say some heavy mining equipment will make contact with Goodell’s head. No doubt about it.

The Redskins are up next a week from Sunday.

18 Responses to “Rather be lucky than good, right?”

  1. chucky Says:

    Fro….thank you so much for the kind words regarding that asshat Goodell. Speaking of which, you mentioned Marshalls green shoes. It was to bring attention to mental illness, specifically, the one he suffers from. Goodell said he would fine him if he wore those shoes because they weren’t “regulation”. You know what? Seriously, I have had it with this guy. It’s time he was shown the fucking door, ASAP. The mining equipment may not be enough.

  2. genrebuster Says:

    I agree on Goodell. Better yet, put some pads on him and put him in the game.

  3. genrebuster Says:

    I’d like to see how he plays against the Saints….or Patriots.

  4. chucky Says:

    Only if we put him in without a helmet.

  5. Cubs Suck Says:

    Breast Cancer Awareness Month is a great cause, the disease effects mostly women so I believe Goodell has a hidden agenda allowing pink mainly to draw the female audience. He’s not to on board with the Mental Awareness Week because of all the ex -players and current for that matter this cause will be too close to home with.

    I would like to see R. Goodell line up in a slot receiver position and face the Bengals, be led over the middle and let James Harrison get free shots until he is carted off the field.

  6. Cubs Suck Says:

    D.J. Williams has a torn pec and is done for the year. Enter the Jon Bostic era, here we go!

  7. dvxprime Says:

    I ma not happy with the injury reports I’m seeing from the Bears. The Thursday night games, the London games, and this crazy idea of adding two more regular season games, are all bad ideas that need to be publicly executed by firing squad.

    As for BCAM…i’m sorry but just trot Goddell out there with one of those supersized “checks” and donate a bunch of money to the cause. I’m sorry, but the Komen Foundation lost my sympathy with the brouhaha with Planned Parenthood. Fuck them and fuck all the pink shit all over the NFL (and professional sportsz0 every October. We manhood issues as a country as it is. //off soapbox

    I’m happy with the Bears at 4-2.but this season’s going to be a rollercoaster ride for every game.

    Cue obvious video:

  8. dvxprime Says:

    //hopes video conceals obvious spelling and grammar issues…

  9. Fro Dog Says:

    Great. I get in my car to go to the bank so, as usual, I put The Score on. First, Boers and Bernstein have this “Bob from Niles” on to talk movies every Friday. What a waste of a half hour this is. They pretty much make fun of him and the guy doesn’t know when to stop talking.

    Then, on my way back from the bank, a call is played from the post game show last night where a meatball is bitching that the Bears should have brought Urlacher back. I said the same thing to our guys at Fire Ron Turner at the season opener last month about how we are fans of the Bears, yet, cannot stand almost all of the other fans because of their stupidity and lack of knowledge. Don’t get me wrong, I may “overreact” to some things the Bears do on defense for example but come on. This is embarrassing.

    Anyways, back to what is actually important. It sucks D.J. Williams is out. I am confident Bostic will do just fine. He’s a bit faster than Williams and can move side-to-side better. The only thing that worries me is him being able to read the run but in time, I don’t think it will be an issue.

  10. chucky Says:

    Fro…..did you hear the dumb fuck bastard who called Buffone and OB two weeks ago and said that because Cutler had a bad game (the Detroit game) that the Bears should sign Tim Teblow? And that he was a thoroughbred or some shit like that? Fans like that are just embarrassing. I’ll say this much, if the Bears go completely insane and sign that fucking hack, I’ll be done with them forever. There’ll be no turning back from that stupid mistake. I don’t forgive, and I sure as hell don’t forget. Thank god they actually are not interested in that idiot.

  11. Fro Dog Says:

    I did not hear that. It wouldn’t surprise me. Now, don’t roast me for this and I’ll say that I do not want the Bears to sign him. The thing is, I actually wanted Tebow to succeed but didn’t enjoy all of the hype the media gave him. The way I see it, I’d rather root for him than some idiot criminal who kills other people.

  12. Cubs Suck Says:

    I would take Tebow as a back up Tight End, wonder if the Patriots experimented with it

  13. Fro Dog Says:

    So everyone, what is your take on the offensive line so far? I said it before and I’ll say it again: It’s amazing what the potential is for Cutler when he has more than a second or two to throw the ball. Let’s pray that the line continues to keep his jersey clean. Phil Emery brought in four new starters on the line in one offseason which is more than what Jerry Angelo ever did in all of his years.

  14. Nemo Says:

    Kudos to Brandon Marshall for the green shoes. I suppose with all the head injuries and suicides of former players, the NFL wants to pretend mental illness does not exist.

    As long as we do that, we’ll keep having mass shootings, people trying to ram the White House, people immolating themselves, and just regular old suicides. Yeah, wouldn’t want reduce those kinds of events. We don’t want to feel uncomfortable, so let’s just keep buying pink shit instead and feel self-righteous with a “safe” cause.

  15. Cubs Suck Says:

    The offensive line is doing a good job protecting the quarterback this year, I would like to see them do a better job at pushing the defenders out to create better holes for Forte, it seems hes running into their back way to much.

    I am concerned with the red zone play calling this year, they pass when they should be running and run when they should be passing and overall seem very timid with 20 or less yards to go. Who is that on Trestman or Kromer?

  16. chucky Says:

    CS….There is no way in hell I’d want Tebow on my team. Simply because the media circus he creates, intentional or not, would be way too much of a distraction. I don’t know how well he can play tight end, but I do know he can’t play quarterback worth a shit. He’s just not worth the trouble.

  17. genrebuster Says:

    The Bears do NOT need Tebow. – The End

  18. Meatball Fro Dog Says:

    What about Ditka?


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