Throwing away first place in annoying fashion.


Well, from the recap, it seems like the word that will stick in your head will be “annoying” because that’s what the Bears were in this game. I thought Cutler should have sat out this game too but he continued to prove to his critics that he isn’t a pussy. We get it. Cutler is not a pussy and has never been one. However, if he isn’t 100%, he shouldn’t be out there. This isn’t the argument of “Josh McCown is better than Jay Cutler” because he isn’t, the thing is, McCown is better when Cutler isn’t healthy. It was a must-win game (as they all are) but this one, sucked ass. The Bears must have a better record than the Lions to win the division rather than have a tie-breaker. The Packers lose but they still have the same record as the Bears. Things are looking bleak.

Offense: Annoying. Numerous opportunities. Trestman fucked up quite a few times. The Lions gave the Bears every chance to win this game with a whole bunch of penalties but the Bears also bailed them out with penalties of their own. McCown finally gets put in on the last drive, gets a touchdown and then, another bad call by Trestman. He’s done more than good for this team this year but this game, the plays he called weren’t all that great.

Defense: Hey defense, you see that big guy wearing #81? Yeah. Go after him. In fact, stick two defenders on him. He scored the touchdown that ultimately, won the game. By the way, Charles Tillman. Yes, you. Good job with those face mask penalties. You’re making a habit out of that. Well hey, Chris Conte actually played well today. Too bad he couldn’t score a touchdown.

Special Teams: Nothing.

Next up: The Ravens at home.

16 Responses to “Throwing away first place in annoying fashion.”

  1. chucky Says:

    I’ll tell you this much Fro. Cutler had better sit out the next two games minimum. They have the Ravens and then the Rams the week after. These are two very winnable games…..IF THEY DON’T START AN INJURED QUARTERBACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Goddamnit, Cutler is still fucking hurt, and should not have fucking played. I don’t give a flying fuck what any of the quack voodoo doctors say. McCown should be in there. Yeah, you’re right that this isn’t an argument of “McCown over Cutler”. When healthy, Cutler is the obviously better. But goddamnit he isn’t fucking healthy. They should have, and could have won this fucking game! This lose is squarely on Trestman this time.


  2. dvxprime Says:


  3. Fro Dog Says:

    Check this out guys. Because of this loss, if they find a way to lose next game just like this one, they must win out to guarantee a playoff spot or go 5-1 to have a chance. The wild card spots are cluttered so the best chance is to win the division. This loss clearly goes to Trestman. On the bright side, all coaches have games like these. It’s about learning from the piss-poor decisions and make sure they don’t happen again. The Lions gave the Bears every chance to win.

    It’s time for the Bears to grow some man parts and beat the living shit out of the Ravens and Rams these next two weeks.

  4. chucky Says:

    They won’t do that with Cutler starting injured again.

  5. Fro Dog Says:

    I’m with you. I am just as ANGRY as you are. This game reminded me of that one against the Chiefs two years ago where they had a million chances to take control and they pissed away every single chance.

  6. Cubs Suck Says:

    Oh he was injured? Looked like typical Cutler to me

  7. Fro Dog Says:

    Alright, so Chucky mentions the next two games. I’ll mention the third one as well against the Vikings. Now, the Bears have a history of sucking ass in the Metrodome (2006 was their last win there I believe since the 2010 game was outdoors). Regardless, the Ravens, Rams and Vikings are next. No game is guaranteed or easy, but these three are very winnable.

    You would think Trestman will no longer listen to Cutler and listen to only himself. No groin tear heels after three weeks and you don’t need to be a doctor to figure that out. It was obvious after the first or second drive that he wasn’t healthy. Trestman said in the press conference the day after the game against the Redskins that their doctors said normal recovery takes four weeks. Cutler came back after three.

    McCown is very capable of beating at least two of those three teams. Then, when the Monday night game against the Cowboys arrives, Cutler could be ready by then.

  8. dvxprime Says:

    Sneaking off topic here, the Jags win in Tennessee was the exact type of game that I was thinking about when I made my rant last week. The Jags are a piss-poor mob of a football team, but they decided right then and there that they were going to act like a pro football team and do their jobs. They didn’t HAVE to accept 0-16. The Bears don’t HAVE to accept not making the playoffs.

    Believe it or not, I have faith in Mc Cown and Trestman to pull off those next three games. The defense on the other hand…well…

  9. Fro Dog Says:

    Tillman is out for the season with a triceps injury. I mentioned this on other sites but if there was any bright side, there will be less face mask penalties on defense. Here’s another thought: The entire secondary (Conte, Wright, Tillman and Jennings) are free agents. This will free up a shitload of money, especially with Tillman’s contract coming off the books.

    Phil Emery now has to get an entirely new defense come next season. The way I see it, if he can fix the offense in one offseason, I am sure he can do it with the defense as well this coming offseason. It sucks that I am already looking towards free agency and the draft but that’s the reality of this whole thing. There are too many injuries and while that’s not an excuse, the Bears are dropping like flies.

  10. Cubs Suck Says:

    If the Bears give Cutler a big long contract I think I may become a Colts fan for the duration of the contract.

  11. Cubs Suck Says:

    It has been too quiet here and this is has been on my mind so I’m just gonna blurt it out….
    There are 8 NFL teams this year with new head coaches, our Bears being 1 of them. The other team that really has my attention are those Kansas City Chiefs. They have a somewhat similar situation over there coming in to the year, A QB with some question marks (Alex Smith, Jay Cutler), A new offensive minded head coach (Andy Reid, Marc Trestman) The Chiefs were really bad last year and the Bears missed the playoffs by a hair. Into the season the Chiefs are 9-0 after winning 2 games last year and the Bears are 5-4. Definitely interested to see how they do against the Broncos next.
    Yes Trestman was handed a used up defense but remind you the Chiefs won 2 games last year so its not like they have a team full of studs. Why cant we be 9-0? Is Andy Reid a better coach? He really sucked it up with the Eagles last year. Too many questions! Fire Rick Renteria!!

  12. Pie in the Sky Says:

    Don’t get me wrong…Chiefs are a respectable team. But why are they 9-0?

    1 – Best quarterback they’ve faced is Tony Romo. Way too many 2nd and 3rd stringers.

    2 – They play in the AFC, which sucks. Their NFC schedule has been NFC East teams, which suck as bad if not worse than most of the AFC.

    3 – I believe they had six Pro Bowlers last year? Their 2-14 record was more indicative of their inept coaching than talent.

    4 – Chiefs have yet to play Denver…or even San Diego. Much tougher schedule awaits then in final seven games.

    This year has kind of sucked because it seems like every team’s starting quarterback has gone down. Almost like the NBA losing most their superstars last season.

  13. Cubs Suck Says:

    Good points but your forgetting…. “Any Given Sunday!”

  14. Rick Renteria Says:

    You guys are mean.

  15. abdallah Says:

    well this bears season is over. half our defensive guys are out. next year we need to improve this roster, cause now that phil emery got out the jerry angelo bums on offense last year, we’re going to need to get rid of the bums on defense this year. bears will have 47 million dollars in cap space next year, 57 if they cut peppers. heres my suggestions.

    1. if there is a better DC out there fire tucker and hire him

    2. resign jennings (8 million) and tillman (4 million).

    3. this might be controversial, but make tillman our strong safety. his ability to punch out the football would help him out alot against rbs.

    4. cut or restructure pepper’s contract. if we could get that 10 million dollars of cap space why not keep him?

    5. resign melton (6 million) cutler (10 million) slauson

    6. attempt to sign jarvius byrd (8 million) alterraun verner (8 million) greg hardy (12 million)

    7. depending on how number 6 works, out, draft khalil mack (olb) and then positions of need.

    hey if he could solve our defensive problems in a year, he could fix our defense in a year. all those years of draft bust after draft busts has hurt this franchise, if we didn’t fire that idiot and hire phil we would have the same horrible oline, no wrs, another idiot OC that lovie hired, a defense that would be even worse, and more draft BUSTS. not a single first round pick of jerry angelo remains on the bears.

  16. Cubs Suck Says:

    1. Is Mel Tucker that bad or was Mel Tucker dealt a bad hand?

    2. Good Good

    3. Charles Tillman called The Score today and said in his own words ” I will not play safety, I want to play 2 more years at Corner Back and walk away from the game.” So the whole him playing Safety, I dont think thats going to happen.

    4. I say cut him , At this stage of his career and decline I think he is replaceable.

    5. Resign Melton Good!, Ether franchise Cutler for 1 year, or cut him loose and draft the best available QB in the 1st round, DO NOT give him a long term contract! Slausons a bum we can do better!

    6. I agree we need to spend some free agent money on the defensive side but not on Corners, The Bear have not had a Safety sing Doug Plank and Gary Fencik, I want a BADASS safety!

    7. If there is a good QB Trestman can mold avaialble TAKE HIM, and some DEFENSE!!!


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