Open thread.


6 Responses to “Open thread.”

  1. dvxprime Says:

    White Sox a game under .500, third in AL Central.

    Cubs have the worst record in the NL.

    Bulls checked out of the NBA Playoffs early, and the Spurs are 1 win away from the title.

    Black Hawks lost in the Western Conference Finals to the Kings, who are one win away from the Stanley Cup.

    Gary Bettman, the worst commissioner in pro sports, has a coveted NY v. LA championship round.

    Tiger Woods sucks.

    Fuck NASCAR.

    No Bears tip the fall.

    The Fighting Illini suck at life.

    Even my beloved Fire and Passion have shat the bed.

    The world is being run by a bunch of morons in glasses and suits, they all look like Chris Hayes or Keith Olbermann, they’re highly educated and don’t know jack shit about anything, and I want to punch them all in the face.

    Fuck it all…take me to Hooters and let me watch the US Men’s team at the World Cup.

    ‘Merica, fuck yeah.

    Did I say, “AMERICA: FUCK YEAH!!!”

    …and for all the crybabies who always post stupid ass blog posts pissing and moaning about changing the National Anthem…

  2. genrebuster Says:


  3. genrebuster Says:

    …in Chicago, you can always find a good place to eat at 5am. Points for that, my frendts.

  4. Fro Dog Says:

    Geek talk: That first song is Hulk Hogan’s entrance music. Also, good to see DVX bringing the fire and passion. Him and Chucky bring it.

    Genre, I agree. Maxwell Street on 31st is still a place I go to when I am in the city and it’s late at night. We use to go there more often about ten years ago when a friend’s relatives lived in Bridgeport. In July of 2005, we were staying the night over there and the heat wave caused a blackout for a few hours. Most of the skyscrapers were out too but the only place around us that was still open because of a generator? Maxwell Street!

  5. genrebuster Says:

    Thx for the tip Fro…I’ve never been to Maxwell St, will make a point of checking it out on one of my visits.

  6. dvxprime Says:

    The Heat are going under big time. Missed ten of eleven in the third quarter. If the Spurs win, we won’t get any epic “WE WON” rants from Dan LeBatard, but at least we can all focus on what REALLY matters: TEAM USA at the World Cup!

    LeBatard (commenter on “Around the Horn”, and “Highly Questionable” on ESPN2) in all his shit talking glory…


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