Assessing the Bears one last time before the regular season begins


Let’s pray this doesn’t happen in a crucial situation. And no, I wasn’t trying to miss.

With the regular season upon us, it’s time, once again, for final thoughts. I will be at the game on Sunday and our old friend, Kyle Orton will be in uniform for the Bills. Like last year when he was on the Cowboys, I was in full meatball mode and even more when he came in late in the game. I will be in the same mode this Sunday for the return of Neck Beard (by Cracky).

Offense: All 11 starters are back. The Bears nearly went from worst to first in total offense with Trestman and Kromer at the helm along with fixing the offensive line. Kyle Long and Jordin Mills really excelled last year so you would think they would only get better. We all know that Trestman screwed up a few times when handling fourth downs and of course, that wonderful decision to have Robbie Gould kick a field goal on second down in Minnesota last year. Matt Forte finally has backups who seem to actually be good at getting a yard when needed. Two of them are rookies (Ka’Deem Carey, Senorise Perry) and the other has only been in the league for two years (Shaun Draughn).

The receiving core is stacked. First, with the receivers in Marshall and Jeffery. Then, Santonio Holmes and Josh Morgan are the backups there with Michael Spurlock being the last option. It appears that Spurlock will be handling returns along with Senorise Perry. And we can’t forget the tight ends with Bennett, Rosario and Matthew Mulligan, who is the newcomer.

Defense: The Bears defense can’t be any worse than last year, right? However, due to only one offseason to try to fix this side of the ball, it may take another year to add depth. Our friend CS basically summed it up in a sentence by saying that the Bears are an injury or two away from being just as shitty as last year. I pray he’s wrong because the Bears cannot afford to give up 40 points a game along with 600 yards. The offense can score but it’s not going to matter when the defense can’t stop anybody either. Ryan Mundy and Danny McCray will be starting at safety with (gulp) Chris Conte backing them up. Brock Vereen is also there but it appears he will be on special teams. As shitty as it is, Chris Conte will see the field this year. Good Lord.

So what is good? The defensive line. I wrote a bit about this after the draft but the Bears are indeed, stacked here. You would think Jared Allen has another year or two left in him. LaMarr Houston is finally going to be noticed by playing on a decent team and the rookies in Ego Ferguson and Will Sutton will be ready as well. Jay Ratliff is back as well so as long as the line can a force, the linebackers will be less as shitty as projected. Briggs is fat and old. McClellin is a huge question mark and D.J. Williams seems to be injured all the time. The only good thing that could happen is Christian Jones, who was undrafted but reported to be making an impact so far.

Special teams: The Bears have a new punter in rookie Pat O’Donnell. And of course, Robbie Gould is still there. Now that Robbie can “feed his family”, there shouldn’t be any issue with him missing big field goals in overtime.

Your thoughts in the thread.

12 Responses to “Assessing the Bears one last time before the regular season begins”

  1. chucky Says:

    Fro…..I really don’t know what to expect this Sunday. I think the offense will be fine. The defensive line will be better than last year. As you said before, can it get any worse? The linebackers and safeties both scare the ever loving shit out of me. Special Teams aren’t exactly filling me with a boatload of confidence as well. It’s the first game of the year, so I expect it to be a sloppy game. And an ugly one too. Bears win, but it won’t be pretty. Do you agree?

    Bears 22 – Buffalo 18

  2. Fro Dog Says:

    Where’s your optimism?

    Bears 56 Bills -7

  3. chucky Says:

    -7? OK, revised prediction right here.

    Bears 312 – Bills 1

    Buffalo will sneak in an extra point when the Bears aren’t looking.

  4. Cubs Bears Sox Suck Says:

    This Bears team reminds me of the Cincinnati Bengals of the early 2000’s. with that high powered offense but the team just couldn’t get it done. You now have Dickface Cutlet, Brandon Marshall, Alshon Jeffery, Matt Forte playing the parts of Carson Palmer, Chad Johnson, T. J. Houshmandzadeh, and Rudi Johnson. With a few dim lit stars on defense that will have you screaming at the tv.

    My prediction for Da Bears season….. 9-7 and will shit themselves on wildcard weekend.

    Go Sky!

  5. Cubs Bears Sox Suck Says:

    Fro, when your at the game tomorrow, see if when Conte checks in they announce him or he just tries to sneak on the field. Should get a standing ovation!

  6. chucky Says:

    This may well be a knee-jerk reaction. I don’t give a fuck. But if this first half is an indicator of how the rest of year will be, it’s going to be a looooooooooong year. The Bears look like fucking dog shit.

    Doug and OB should be appropriately pissed off following the game. Too bad we have to wait for them to come after more useless White Sux bullshit chatter. Fuck you Chris Rongey, you goddamned mutt.

  7. Fro Dog Says:

    You took the words right out of me. The defense is getting shredded up. It’s not helping that Marshall fumbled the ball in the red zone and Cutler throws an interception with Bennett looking the other way.

  8. chucky Says:

    Fro….are you doing a recap when you get home? Or did you not go to the game today?

  9. chucky Says:

    Oh, man, OB is PISSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. dvxprime Says:

    Can’t imagine why…so glad I didn’t watch this one. Seriously, how do the Bears get owned by the Bills…AT HOME???

  11. chucky Says:

    dvx……that’s what everybody is wondering right now. I’m personally volunteering to lock Mel Fucker in a portable toilet and set it on fucking fire!




  12. chucky Says:

    I can’t believe this! Dan Bernstein is already in full, asshole, meatball mode.

    What the fuck kind of nonsensical goddamn bullshit is this. The fuckin’ Bears just got their asses handed to them by a team who shouldn’t be able to beat a local high school team, Doug and OB have been going off for the past two hours like a pack of firecrackers, and this dumb fuck son of a bitch writes this fucking shit? It’s no wonder the Score got rid of comments on most of the blogs. Bernstein is too much of a fucking pussy to endure the wrath of real fans who are goddamned PISSED OFF about todays performance. That article should get that pompous cocksucker shitcanned. You know something Bernstein, now you can go fuck yourself now.

    What a fucking shitstain.


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