Too close for comfort



Right before the season started, I told myself that if the Bears could be 2-1 after the first three games, that would be about where they should be. Certainly, they lost a game against a team that they shouldn’t have lost against but at the same time, they beat a team they were not suppose to beat. I am not going to seem too pissed off at this game because let’s face it, the Bears won this game and made stops when needed. However, if you are pissed off, you have every right to be. I am still frustrated because the Bears should have put the Jets away in the second quarter. The one play that pissed me off was after a seven yard run by Forte, Trestman decided to pass twice which ended in incompletions. The Bears get a field goal and the Jets stay in the game. Regardless, a win is a win and the Bears are in first place. Let’s get to this.

Offense: The referees helped the Bears a bit in the beginning of this game. I mentioned above of that drive that the Bears only turned into a field goal. Trestman is still making some questionable calls on offense and that has to stop. I know that Forte couldn’t run that much but on some of those drives, running the ball on a certain play is the right thing to do instead of having Cutler throw into tight coverage. Speaking of tight coverage, Jay certainly makes us close to shitting our pants a time or two. First occasion tonight, the first touchdown pass to Bennett. Two Jets were closing in and Cutler threw it just high and fast enough for Bennett to get it. There was another play late in the game where Cutler threw a floater that went right into Jeffery’s hands. One play that I think kept this game in the Bears hands was the fumble by Cutler before halftime. Good thing the referees blew the whistle because that could have turned for the worst.

While the offensive line wasn’t it’s best in this game, they still did enough to limit the bad plays like Cutler getting sacked more than he did. Certainly, the defense of the Jets messed up many times so it all evens out.

Defense: I said during the offseason that the defense will be a hundred times better than last year. That is proving to be true so far. But the bad news is starting to pile up. Ryan Mundy started things off well with a pick six. Then, he gets hurt. Conte gets hurt later. He sucks though so fuck him. I think at least three players were hurt on defense in this game. Just like last year, the defense is going to have a team full of injuries and this fucking sucks. Despite all of this, the defense showed it’s collective sack and stopped the Jets in crucial situations to field goals and at the end, on downs. Oh, by the way, fuck Jon Bostic. Catch that fucking ball you dick.

On the bright side of things, Kyle Fuller has stepped up big time in these last two games. I know he tried to take that ball out like an idiot on the interception. But I am sure the coaches and players have already told him not to pull that shit again and to just take a knee. Regardless, Fuller is tearing a shit up and for that, we all are loving it.

Special teams: Ahmad Dixon recovered a fumble by punt returner Jalen Saunders. That set up the second touchdown by the Bears. There was a Bear named Terell Manning, who made a stupid decision by hitting Saalim Hakim of the Jets on a fair catch. What is with the Bears allowing players with the last name “Manning” to play on their team? For the love of God, anybody with that last name who plays defense or special teams should not be allowed on this team. They all suck. On the other side, this team is really missing Devin Hester. But hey, Robbie Gould nailed a very important field goal.

The Packers are next. If the Bears can somehow find a way to win this game, the division is there for the taking.

4 Responses to “Too close for comfort”

  1. dvxprime Says:

    Three hours of winning BEAR FOOTBAAWW versus three thousand hours of NFL bullshit.

    I can live with that.

  2. Fro Dog Says:

    It looks like Conte is playing this Sunday which sucks. McClellin, Slauson and Garza are out. I am just praying the Bears have enough depth to go through this season. It looks like Emery is going to have to draft more safeties and linebackers along with an offensive lineman or two.

    The run defense for the Packers has been crap. Forte should get plenty of yards. I am still frustrated with Trestman not running the ball as much in the first game as well as this past one. So if Forte gets eight yards on first down, he should call for him to get the ball again right after that instead of having Cutler fire it all over the place for two incomplete passes and thus, forcing them to kick a field goal or punt it away. I am not knocking on Cutler for that, but more, Trestman. He should be able to pass the ball but in the right times.

  3. sunrisezone Says:

    The Slackers are dead last in the NFC in yards allowed rushing. And, despite having Matt Forte, the Bears are dead last in the NFC in yards gained rushing. So, I couldn’t agree with you more about what you wrote about Forte, Fro Dog. The lack of yards gained rushing, looking at all of the Bears 2014 stats, so far, is the stat that jumps out the most to me. This, and the fact that we are +4 in turnovers so far, which is good enough for a tie at second best. Turnovers drive every fan nuts, so naturally we’ll all be on the bandwagon to continue as we are doing and aim for first place in the turnover department.

  4. Cubs Bears Sox Suck Says:

    I guess it would help get rushing yards if they actually called more rushing plays. It might take a couple seasons for “The QuarterBack Guru” to figure that out.

    I bet Dickface throws 2 or more picks this Sunday. Anyone care to take that bet?


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