There you go. (Click on photo to enlarge)


Here is one clear shot. It was a great show (first one in quite a while). The police officers/security were awful. They were yelling at a bunch of people and threatening to eject/arrest some because they had CM Punk posters and others were dressed up like him. What a bunch of idiots.


3 Responses to “There you go. (Click on photo to enlarge)”

  1. Cubs Bears Sox Suck Says:

    So what if your watching a cooking show and the cook is using redskin potatoes?

    If I owned the team I would change the logo to a big fucking potato and tell everyone to kiss my ass

  2. Fro Dog Says:

    Don’t tell Dan Bernstein that. He will get all butt hurt and yell at you for being a racist.

  3. dvxprime Says:

    Hey folks…remember when Chris Benoit murdered his wife and son, then hung himself? How long did that shitstorm last before everything went back to business as usual?

    The hate and discontent doesn’t stop in the NFL…not this season. It’s always players acting like fucking goons, the Powers that Be fucking up the Law and Order portion of it, then the media goes on these histrionic crusades, and then I have to click onto Deadspin and have to read every other damned story they post is how somebody’s a racist (even when the perpetrator is black*cough*Ray Rice*cough), a homophobe (two men fucking each other is a civil rights cause? rly?), a woman hater (mad at Ray Rice beating up his fiancĂ©, then posts on Deadspin how he wants to hatefuck Sarah Palin while listen to Beyonce’ asking for a Lewinsky) or whatever.

    Last year it was just watching the defense got old and hurt, then bitching about it for a week, and then we moved on. Not this year; it’s everyday reading on or Grantland (another rant for another day, and btw FUCK BILL SIMMONS) about somebody starting up a lynch mob for something somebody said or did.

    What is it that the WWE has that the NFL doesn’t right now?

    Your thoughts?


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