My thoughts on a post by Jimmy D.


“Well, how about my prognostication abilities? Suh showed his true colors and “stepped right up” (get it?) to make me look like a genius. I’ve watched some of the comments on the sports channels…and it appears that ALL of the former players think that Suh is an “out of control” HACK and that his antics have absolutely no place in the NFL.
On a brighter note, I’m one step away from getting my wish of having Detroit go to the Seahags and MAYBE getting to see one of the Lions “band of misfits” go Celebrity Deathmatch on Pete Carroll. Oh, the possibilities are endless!!!”

I posted after that I remember the game I went to two years ago when the Bears pissed all over themselves against those same Seahawks. It was the game where Lovie, in very Lovie-fashion, decided to go for it on fourth down, rather than take the points on a drive early in the game. It proved to be the difference-maker as the Bears ended up losing the game in overtime. In addition, it was Urlacher’s final game as he pulled a hamstring late in the fourth.

What pisssed me off as well in that game, was Pete Carroll jumping all over the sidelines like the buffoon that he is. I saw him do the same thing when the Seahawks beat the Packers on the “Fail Mary”. Pete Carroll is the ultimate ass clown.

Today, I found out how much more of a dip shit Pete Carroll and the rest of that franchise is. Apparently, one of the assistant coaches is Tom Cable. The same Tom Cable that had been arrested for beating his wife/wives multiple times over the years. So not only do the Seahawks employ a tool like Pete Carroll, they hire a fat fuck who has a history of beating up women.

Stay classy, Seahawks.

3 Responses to “My thoughts on a post by Jimmy D.”

  1. jimmy d. Says:

    “Stay classy, Seahawks”… Fro, YOU SIR, ARE A FUCKING POET! I absolutely love it!!!

    Jimmy D.

  2. Karma Says:

    I’ve got my eye on Mr. Suh…..

  3. Cubs Bears Sox Suck Says:

    Happy New Years guys!


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