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Alright, I am getting a little bored here. The Bulls suck, the Blackhawks are off until Friday and work is slow. While reading up about possible coaching candidates, I decided to take a break and piss myself off some more by reading up about the other shitty head coaches we’ve had to endure since Ditka (he was dick, but at least he won a Super Bowl).

I realized that two of the head coaches in the last 20 years (Wannstedt and Trestman) were assistants under Jimmy Johnson at some point. Lesson to be learned when choosing the next head coach? No more assistants that came from the Jimmy Johnson tree. And when choosing a coordinator? No one who has ever been in Jacksonville (Mel Tucker).


33 Responses to “Insert your own caption for the picture below.”

  1. chucky Says:

    I’d call those two Beavis and Butthead, but that might be a little too insulting…….to Beavis and Butthead.

  2. chucky Says:

    Slightly off subject here, but what the hell.

    Dan Bernstein has been spooging all over himself since the news came out that John Fox and the Denver Broncos have parted ways. I just read an article by Hub Arkush saying that Fox probably is NOT the answer to the Bears problems.

    Question: Will Bernstein start screaming at Arkush this afternoon and accuse him of trolling because of his opinion, like he does to his callers? Bernstein has been a total dick lately, especially to people who are wondering why Ted Phillips is still hanging around. “HE HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE FOOTBALL END”, screams Bernstein at some caller that even mentions Phillips name.

    Uh Dan, if he isn’t involved in football operations, why the fuck is this miserable prick sitting next to George McCaskey at these press conferences? And don’t tell me not to worry about it. That’s no answer. Bernstein has gotten seriously arrogant lately, and the sad part of it all is that he fucking wrong….again.

  3. dvxprime Says:

    It is the year 2014. Manhood has officially been declared a sin. We are led by the unprincipled and the gutless; our rank-and-files saturated with the keyboard commandos who don’t have the balls that God gave a cockroach, and intellectual snobs whose “vast” stores of knowledge are undercut by their lack of experience, their non-existent wisdom, and their MIA common sense. The beta male, with his My Little Pony, Justin Bieber, and Fiat 500, are the norm.

    Oh, and NFL players, when they’re not being criminals, drug addicts, rapists, and wife-and-child beaters, are fighting each other…over Twitter:

  4. Fro Dog Says:

    Oh, yeah. If the Bears can’t be embarrassing enough. Now, teammates are fighting each other, on the internet.

    This is why I have never had Twitter or Facebook. It’s a death march for society (and sports).

    And by the way, Bernstein is a fucking idiot. Like Chucky said, if Ted isn’t part of football operations, why is he the first person speaking at the press conferences? In addition, he said Pace reports to him. I think that’s someone who’s in charge of football operations.

    If George really gave a shit, he would tell Ted to go sell $11 chicken strips and fries at the concession stands so he can stay as far away from the team as possible.

  5. genrebuster Says:

    George doesn’t really give a shit. If he did, he would have CLEANED the front office.

  6. chucky Says:

    Yeah, but remmber this Fro: I’m just another idiot Bears fan with no clue who comes to the worst site on the internet on a regular basis. Bernstein is god. Just ask him.

  7. Cubs Bears Sox Suck Says:


  8. Fro Dog Says:

    I’ve been meaning to comment on this story since it was announced. About time. Savage should have been inducted at least a decade ago. Vince’s awful ego and the garbage rumors about him banging Stephanie back in the day, prevented this from happening.

    It’s such a damn shame that Miss Elizabeth is gone too. Lex Luger should be in prison for killing her right now. What an asshole.

  9. Fro Dog Says:

    Alright, guys. John Fox, anyone? I am deciding whether or not to add his name immediately after being hired. I just don’t know about this.

  10. chucky Says:

    Fro…..give it some time before adding his name. I’ll say this much; he already has one strike against him. Dan Bernstein is licking himself over him gettimg hired, and he’s doing it 24/7.

  11. chucky Says:

    Well, obviously, the Cleveland Browns are not interested in winning football games anytime soon.

    They must also enjoy listening to people with serious speaking deficiencies.

  12. Cubs Bears Sox Suck Says:

    Old man Hub seems to think Mr. Fox shouldn’t be around although in his article he spends most of it talking about Ryan Pace.

    Fox reminds me of Marty Schottenheimer lately, good regular season coach but seems to turn into a fucking retard as soon as the post season starts. It’s like he wants to show people plays they haven’t seen in the regular season and they just don’t seem to work. And like Hub said he really didn’t have much to show until he had Peyton Manning.

    As long as Dickface is around you can go ahead and add “Fire John Fox” to the banner. It won’t take long before he kills ANOTHER coach.

    The sad part is now he will have a new head coach, oc, and playbook to learn to blame for his suckness.

    Fuck You Dickface!

  13. chucky Says:

    This whole Jay Cutler, coach killer thing is being overplayed in this case. Cutler did not kill Marc Trestman. Marc Trestman killed Marc Trestman. I don’t care if the quarterback was Cutler, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, or god himself, the Bears were doomed from the start. Period. Trestman is, in my opinion, THE WORST coach/manager ever to work for a team, any team, in Chicago. And that covers a hell of a lot of suckage.

  14. genrebuster Says:

    You got it right, chucky.

  15. Cubs Bears Sox Suck Says:

    I agree Trestman blows ass, But I don”t agree the coach killer thing is overplayed.

    Lets go ahead and remove Trestman, here is a list of HC’s, OC’s, QBC’s that have been shit canned after working with Dickface IN 7 YEARS!

    Mike Heimerdinger
    Jeremy Bates… twice
    Mike Shanahan
    Rick Dennison
    Lovie Smith
    Ron Turner
    Pep Hamilton
    Mike Martz
    Shane Day
    Andrew Hayes-Stoker
    Mike Tice
    Aaron Kromer
    Matt Cavanaugh
    Brendan Nugent
    Carson Walch

    Impressive list Dickface!

  16. chucky Says:

    i don’t care about those other coaches. The bottom line is Cutler didn’t kill Trestman. END. OF. STATEMENT! Constantly saying he did is fucking stupid, and it isn’t helping your arguement.

  17. Cubs Bears Sox Suck Says:

    “As long as Dickface is around you can go ahead and add “Fire John Fox” to the banner. It won’t take long before he kills ANOTHER coach.”

    Where did you see Marc Trestmans name in that statement?

    The point I am making is if your John Fox you better copy the only smart thing Josh McDaniels did in Denver and trade Dickface before you even start.

    I never once said Dickface killed Trestman and I agree that constantly saying it would be fucking retarded. But with the list above it’s a pretty convincing argument that Dickface is a coach killer. He averages almost 3 a year…

    Maybe check the facts Chucky Bernstein, lol

  18. chucky Says:

    OK, I tried being nice. You just made the same list as abdallaha92, and any other jag off who has made the strategic mistake of pissing me off. Get this through your head. I don’t like Cutler either, but you can’t call him a coach killer when it comes to Trestman. Jesus fucking Christ, how goddamned hard is that to see? Get past your fucking hatred of the guy and you won’t come across as such a moron.

  19. Cubs Bears Sox Suck Says:

    Sorry Mr. Berstein, It was not my intention to piss you off. I can’t believe you would put me in the same boat as Gary you grumpy old prick, I ought to drive to Mundelein and stick your wooden spoon up your ass. I tried being nice as well but after being called a fucking retard, Gary, and a moron, its kind of hard to.

    The statement that started all of this is John Fox needs to watch his ass because Dickface has a history killing coaches. I still don’t know where you think I outright said Dickface killed Trestman, I am guessing you misunderstood or have me confused with someone else. I don’t believe I ever gave my take on the situation so just to clear the air here it is…

    I do not believe Dickface outright killed Trestman but I do not believe he did him any favors either. I believe the playbook was being handicapped due to the amount of turnovers Dickface produces. Kind of like typing a paragraph but you can’t use any vowels or the letter R, It would drive you fucking nuts. Trestman could not figure it out and this was one of his many problems, most of them like Chucky mentions, Trestman killing Trestman. I am also sure that there were mitigating circumstances within the organization that we will never be aware of them that played a part as well. So I guess we will have to agree to disagree.

    I would prefer to get along with you since we have all these years and hope this is just an isolated incident Chucky

  20. Fro Dog Says:

    Alright, I am here to save the day. How about we all agree that the Bears fucking suck because both Trestman and Cutler are pieces of crap. I am not here to take sides. You’re both right in the fact that Cutler gets coaches fired and he fucking sucks. It’s a combined effort. I wrote in the beginning of the season that it’s not just the coach, it’s the players that have fucked things up for the Bears.

    This whole franchise needs to start over. It appears it will be at the top. Now, the process of a two to four years of rebuilding this team with players that are drafted begins.

    Chucky, you know we love you. Take it easy on CS.

    By the way, CS, did we figure out a day for a Blackhawks game? I was thinking about asking Mac if he wants to come since it’s been years for him. I think getting a four pack of cheap seats would be manageable.

  21. genrebuster Says:

    If it were a question of Trestman OR Cutler leaving –.but NOT both — then IM0P the right man got the axe. I invite you all to to disagree with me. Cutler has his issues – for sure – but to blame the EPIC fail on him mostly – if not entirely – shows a serious lack of understanding.or attention.

    At this point, if it’s a question of keeping Cutler vs. Ted Phillips, I’ll choose Cutler and show Ted the door. I’ll admit that I could be wrong about that…proof that I’m not letting BLIND FAITH get the best of me…..carry on, gents.

  22. genrebuster Says:

    and please excuse the typos, Mitch. U dig.

  23. Fro Dog Says:

    I’m with Genre here. It’s not the whole reason but that’s the point I was trying to make. The Bears because of both. It’s easier to get rid of the coach than it is a player. Regardless, it’s everyone’s fault. This franchise has been an embarrassment for a very long time. I am sick and tired of this fucking shit.

  24. Fro Dog Says:

    I am not going to blame either of you for this argument. I am blaming the Bears for making you guys argue. You know, if the Bears were actually, I don’t know, a respected franchise with owners who actually give a shit, this garbage wouldn’t happen. And we would all actually be happy and talking about some skank with huge tits.

  25. chucky Says:

    I’m done arguing with people who use the name “Dickface”. It’s like having a battle of wits with an unarmed man. I hate Cutler as much as the next guy, but I’m not going to sit here and say “get rid of him. He sucks!” Statisically, he didn’t have a bad year. Yeah, the turnovers hurt the team bad, and some of his stats were padded in garbage time, but he still racked up some decent passing numbers. It wasn’t Cutler’s fault that the useless piece of shit defense gave up 50+ to New England and Green Bay two games in a row, with a bye week squeezed in between. That goes to Trestman and Mel Tucker, plain and simple. Cutler has his issues, but Brandon fucking Marshall needs to go a hell of a lot more than Cutler. For the fucking love of god, HE’S CHALLENGING FANS FOR OPPOSING TEAMS TO BOXING MATCHES!!!!!!!!!!! What the fuck is that shit? Add to that, just who are you going to replace him with? Clausen? How about bringing back Caleb Hanie? Or Jason Campbell? Hell, I’ve even seen Tim FUCKING Teblow mentioned!!!!!!! FUCK THAT GODDAMNED BULLSHIT!!!!! I’ll take Cutler over any of those fucking hacks anyday. Useless your intention is to go 1-15, and get the first pick in the 2016 draft. Is that what you want? You also stated that you “believe the playbook was being handicapped due to the amount of turnovers Dickface produces.” I disagree. Totally. In fact, I think it’s just the opposite. Cutler was handcuffed by Trestman. Look at Trestmans track record. Every place he’s been in the NFL he’s done well in his first season, and in his second he’s at or next to the bottom. Every team he’s been with!!!!!!!I In all honesty, and I’ll admit, I may be off base with this, the Bears may have been competing with Lovie Baker’s Bucs for the first pick this year if hadn’t been for Cutler.

    All I’m trying to say is let’s put the hatred for Cutler aside and look at the facts. Trestman was the undoing of this team this season, and it was due to the fact that he’s not a leader, not a profeesional and not a NFL caliber head coach. It’s that simple.

    I’m ready to move on. But don’t call me Chucky Bernstein. That’s only one step above attacking my family, which I don’t tolerate, from anyone. I know you didn’t do that, but it has happened here before. Look for some asshole named Greg in the archives for proof. And if driving out to Mundelein and sticking my wooden cooking spoon up my ass, be my guest. As crippled up as I have been the last few years, you probably won’t have a lot trouble doing it. Hope it makes you feel like a man.

    Actually, that spoon belongs to the late, great George Carlin, RIP.

  26. Fro Dog Says:

    Alright, I am not trying to piss anyone off here, but I’ve called Cutler Dickface a few times. I am just sick and tired of this whole team and want a complete overhaul. I defended Cutler as much as anyone else. I also think what CS is trying to say is that enough is enough from everyone, top to bottom. He wants the same thing I do and that is an entirely new team.

    We’ll see what happens.

  27. genrebuster Says:

    I’ll take Cutler over any of the options chucky mentioned.

    IF Cutler is a Bear next season, we’ll see how he does with a better head coach.

    I’m not guaranteeing that Fox is the answer…but as far as I’m concerned he’s a BIG upgrade over any Bears head coach in recent history…his record and achievements speak for themselves. I’ll be very surprised if the Bears don’t improve next season under his direction.

  28. Cubs Bears Sox Suck Says:

    “I’m done arguing with people who use the name “Dickface”. It’s like having a battle of wits with an unarmed man”

    Chucky, Really?? After all the names you have thrown out about our Chicago greats and not so greats your really gonna go there huh? A little hypocritical wouldn’t you say??

    Also I would NEVER drive and stick anything up your ass, unless thats what your into. but that will cost ya extra, lol
    It was just a figure of speech and just blowing off steam. Kind of like I know you will never carry out any threats you have made over the years.

    I will say this again…. I would prefer to get along with you Chucky, I do not have any problems with anyone here, I enjoy shooting the shit with you guys and would like to keep it that way. I’m sorry things got to this point.

    The one thing I will say is as long as I have been coming to this site , weather I agreed with someone or not I have always done it in a RESPECTFUL manner and expect the same in return. The only exception is giving abdallaha92 shit, But if you come to a Chicago sports blog and don’t know the difference between Walter and Gary Payton you kind of got it coming. When you started insinuating I was “Fucking Retarded”, a “Moron” and a few other things I believe you crossed the line and it was uncalled for. I have never once in all these years talked to you in that manner because I RESPECT you. I’m not going to kiss your ass or take any shit from you, I think you know that now.

    Sorry about the Bernstein crack, and your right I’m not bashing your family. I would NEVER do that.

    So heres to hoping we can put this behind us, Truce my friendt??

  29. Cubs Bears Sox Suck Says:

    Sorry I was busy attempting to clear up that other issue and forgot to respond to the football talk…

    I hope you know that I really don’t believe that all the problems that the Bears have are all to blame on Dickface “That’s what I am calling him, I call him that because if you look at the guy he just looks like a fucking dick, so I think it’s fitting” To me he is a proven loser until he is a proven winner and I don’t think that day will come. The organization removed the last 2 coaching regimes due to poor result. What has Dickface done, ever??

    I will gladly come out and say the Bears have/had many problems and they are not all Dickface. No Those 55 point blow outs where not all his fault but he does deserve partial blame in some instances. When a defense is tired and he goes out there and throws a pick,or a quick 3 and out because of precision passing issues, the already tired ass defense has to go right back to work and it may not always be possible to make the proper substitutions. Maybe not entirely the QB’s fault but once again he’s not doing anyone but the other team any favors. The amount of times Dickface was knocked on his ass and his O-lineman never extend a hand speaks volumes.

    I believe the single most important position on any football team is the quarterback. If the QB is no good , shit rolls downhill. I too would rather have Dickface over any of those quarterbacks you mentioned because they too are also proven losers. I can not invest my time and money as a fan when I truly feel Dickface will never win it all. That’s why you watch the sport right? To see your team win it all?

    What I want is someone new, I am willing to deal with a few growing pains of a rookie but I have been done with the current asshole for years. Draft the best available QB and lets see what Fox can do. They are out there every year. Seattle got them a REAL quarterback in the 3rd round. I watched allot of Wisconsin football and saw that coming. Hopefully the right people can evaluate and identify the next QB.

  30. Cubs Bears Sox Suck Says:

    Sounds like a group of guys I know, haha

  31. chucky Says:

    CBSS……A truce it is my frendt. Let’s never mention it again. I will say this: I DO appreciate your comments. I also apologize for letting this go so far. It’s over on my end.

    I don’t quite agree with you about drafting a QB in the lower rounds of this years draft. There is just nothing there. I don’t know if Foxes magic wand is that powerful. Rest assured, there isn’t another Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady out there waiting to be drafted. What I’m wondering is, however, just what does the QB class of 2016 look like? Is there anybody who is a year away from this draft who could be good? I would prefer that they use the available picks for this year on other needs, namely defense. THAT must be a priority. And use a later round pick on a wide receiver.They aren’t winning anything next season anyway, so I’m not too worried about the quarterback position at this point.

    AND DUMP MARSHALL BEFORE MARCH 12!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  32. Cubs Bears Sox Suck Says:

    I would like to see the Bears draft either….Randy Gregory, OLB/DE, Nebraska, Shane Ray, DE/OLB, Missouri or Landon Collins, S, Alabama in the first round. Then maybe draft the best available QB in the second round. Maybe this will send a message to the current QB but after getting 120 something million dollars to keep doing what he was doing pry not.

    Marshall is a whole other can of worms. The guy only seems to act right when he is winning. You can/t win them all Brandon. The boxing thing was after someone said some stupid shit about his mother, I kind of get it but welcome to social media Brandon. I hate how he uses the mental illness as a crutch when he gets called out for acting like a jag. So with that said, win and you get a pro bowl receiver, lose and you get a jack off that can’t catch a cold. I would like to think and hope that Fox will be the guy to buck up to his bullshit.

  33. chucky Says:

    “I would like to think and hope that Fox will be the guy to buck up to his bullshit.”

    We all know Trestman was too much of a pussy to do that, don’t we. And we also know that Fox will kick him squarely in the nuts. I would actually pay money to see that.

    Can someone tell me seriously how in the goddamn hell Trestman is even getting interviews, even if it’s only for OC jobs? His track record speaks for itself, and it sucks goat balls. I don’t get it. Then again, it is Cleveland and Oakland talking to him.


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