Reports: Bulls crumbling internally; ThomASS on the hot seat


Our mission here for the last few years may finally be reaching a glorious conclusion.

We can only pray.

3 Responses to “Reports: Bulls crumbling internally; ThomASS on the hot seat”

  1. genrebuster Says:

    You know what? I’m not a Thibodeau hater. That said, it seems like a pattern has been emerging…for awhile.

    It’s no secret: the real season begins in the playoffs (for those who make it). I’m no expert….but it does seem that managing players’ minutes is not a priority for Thibodeau…maybe it’s time to see how the Bulls will compete when the minutes are spread out among more players….and the “key” players get more rest during the regular season.

    If Popovich was coaching the Bulls, things would be different….of course. My guess is the burnout factor might not be (a factor).

    Carry on. I’m all for trying something else.

  2. chucky Says:

    Fro…..I was listening to Mulligan and Hanley this morning, and Mulligan doesn’t agree with you at all. In fact, he said Thibodeau “is the best thing the Bulls have going for them, and dumping him would be insane”.

    670 the score just lost what little credibility they had left. And genre, you just hit it out of the park. Well done sir.

  3. miserableChicagofanRyan Says:

    Thibs, as usual’ will run this team in to the ground once the playoffs begin. Noah already has ankle issues and Butler is playing all but 5 minutes on the bench any given game, regardless if there’s a 40 point lead or deficit.

    Now that billionaire owner Dimesdorf with his franchise estimated value of 2 billion, it’s inexcusable for this cocksucker to stay at the cap and pocket everything else in a market like Chicago.

    Now with the Gasol and signings the “bench mob” isn’t there to take give the starters that much needed rest and the personnel isn’t conducive to Thibs’s defensive oriented coaching style.

    Every Chicago team there’s some loophole and it happens every single year with a couple Stanley cups to boot.

    Duck Reinsdorf.


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