One of the best human beings in sports ever.


“Let’s play two.” We’ll miss him. I don’t have any other words.


6 Responses to “One of the best human beings in sports ever.”

  1. jimmy d. Says:

    FUCK!!! That’s all I got…

  2. genrebuster Says:

    Thanks for posting this, Fro….and, jimmy d. summed it up nicely.

    I’m happy that I got to see Ernie Banks play. Too bad he didn’t see the Cubs win a World Series in his lifetime……

    ….tick tock.

  3. Nemo Says:

    Sad day.

    My deceased uncle was a massive Ernie Banks fan. My mom and uncle will be reminded of him when they hear the news and be even sadder.

    Inevitably someone will get all emotional and say something about winning it all this year for Ernie..Same thing was said after Jack, Harry, and Ron and we know what didn’t happen. With the exception of Ron, they lived long and relatively healthy lives, so in that sense this is not a tragedy as such.

    However, they all lived and breathed the Cubs and were forever optimistic that the Cubs were just about to break through and win it all. The Cubs could never end their heartache, give them the one thing they wanted more than anything after giving the Cubs so much themselves. And that makes me ill. Are there any old-timers left besides Billy Williams? Can the Cubs make even one old man happy before his time comes?


  4. chucky Says:

    I am truly stunned. This is just something you don’t see coming, despite him being 83. Fro, I think you said it best. He WAS one of the best human beings in sports, ever.

    Thanks you Ernie. This ANGRY fan is a more than a little sad today, and I will certainly miss you, and I’ll never forget you you as long as I live. RIP.

  5. chucky Says:

    Nemo……Don Kessinger, Glenn Beckert, Randy Hundley, and Fergie Jenkins to name a few.

  6. MadCityMac Says:

    Ernie was my first baseball hero; when I heard that he had died the other day, all I could think was that this year has gotten off to a really shitty start. Gonna miss number 14. Like Chucky said, despite him being 83, it’s still a shock. RIP Mr. Cub.


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