With losses piling up, each one brings the Bulls closer to firing ThomASS.


Bulls lose to the Rockets 101-90. It was their third loss in a row. They are 4-6 in their last ten games. In this game, they missed six free throws, shot 34% from the field and only played four bench players. Jimmy Butler logged 41 minutes in a game where the Bulls trailed for most of it. Again, this has been the trend all season and even all of these years since ThomASS took over.

The Bulls are now in fifth place in the conference and 11 games out of first. The players are tired, injured and mentally out of it. That’s a sign of a team tuning out their PATHETIC head coach.

It’s time to take out the trash. It stinks.

13 Responses to “With losses piling up, each one brings the Bulls closer to firing ThomASS.”

  1. chucky Says:

    It really doesn’t matter what place the Bulls land in the playoff seeding. They’ll be out in the first round because ThomASS has them so beaten down. Fuck Mike Mulligan for thinking that ThomASS is such a great ASSet to this team. He’s a fucking liability.

  2. Cubs Bears Sox Suck Says:

    You guys are right, It looks like its going to be another Thibodeau Bulls team limping into the playoffs , show a little heart when it counts, only to bow out before the big dance.

    Seen that story a few times now, it’s getting old.

  3. Cubs Bears Sox Suck Says:


    In other news, check out the free agent menu. 2 names on that list jump out to me as people to throw some cash at…

    Justin Houston, Kansas City Chiefs pass rusher
    DeMarco Murray, Dallas Cowboys running back

    Both are 26 years old with 4 years in the league and are peaking in their careers with an upside. I would like to see the Bears score these guys. That way you wouldn’t have to worry about a turnover machine I call Dickface fucking things up, if he’s even around.

  4. chucky Says:

    You hear about the rumour that might have Brabdon Marshall playing in Baltimore next year? He’s really got his priorities straight, doesn’t he?


    In MY opinion (Only mine), here is the real Dickface.

  5. Fro Dog Says:


    Right now, I am not able to get any tickets for the game a week from Sunday against the Penguins. We may have to wait until a few days before that for more tickets to go on sale. I think we’ll able to get three of them but would have to wait. If you are fine waiting until a day or two before, I’ll work on it.

  6. Fro Dog Says:

    I think Murray will stay with the Cowboys. They won’t let him go. With Houston, they could make a pitch but I really don’t know how much cap space the Bears are going to have. They still have LaMarr Houston and Jared Allen. Even if they cut both of those of guys, doesn’t some of that money still count against the cap? They may have to wait another year unless they find takers for some players.

  7. Cubs Bears Sox Suck Says:

    Fro, I was able to find a season ticket holder with 10 tickets in the 300 section asking $200 a piece, selling by the pair. I will find out in the next couple days to see how much I will be raped in taxes working as an independent contractor before I know my budget. Will let ya know.

  8. chucky Says:

    Damn. I’m stunned. Tony Snell actually got some playing time last night. What the fuck is this?

    The world is changing, but nobody bothered telling me.

  9. Fro Dog Says:

    $200 for each ticket or for the pair? That’s more than double. We could wait until a day or two before the game as long as you free that day. And as far the independent contractor and taxes, I know what exactly what you mean. I’ve filed as one for the last seven years. There is some good news though, I filed with H&R and they are able to find a lot of expenses that you could write off such as insurance and mileage.

    Chucky, it’s amazing what happens when just about everybody plays a significant amount of minutes each game. Trust me though, ThomASS will go back to the same rotation next game. He will only play two or three players off the bench, Butler will play 42 minutes and Noah’s feet will fall off.

    Also, don’t forget that the only reason Snell and Moore played was because Hinrich left the game with turf toe.

  10. Fro Dog Says:

    “Trust me though, ThomASS will go back to the same rotation next game. He will only play two or three players off the bench, Butler will play 42 minutes and Noah’s feet will fall off.”

    Well, Butler played 40 minutes in the game, so close enough. Besides, Butler hurt his shoulder in the first half and in my opinion, he would have played even more, had it not been for that.

  11. chucky Says:

    Tony Snell scored 24 points last night, and Jimmy Butler was assassinated in that very same game. Doesn’t matter though. Tony Snell still sucks. Dan Bernstein says so.

  12. Fro Dog Says:

    I have a FEELING that Jimmy Butler took himself out the game just to take a break. That might have been the first time in a year that he played less than 35 minutes. Tony Snell stepped in and played 41 minutes in this game. Well, it makes up for all the games when he couldn’t even get out of his warm up gear.

    I think it’s been mentioned here many times that I have supported Snell since he was drafted. There isn’t any point in drafting players if they aren’t going to play. I am still waiting for McDermott and Bairstow to actually play significant minutes.

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