Game 4 – Chicago’s Most Beautiful Woman On Television: SunriseZone Region


#2 Sarah Jindra (WGN) vs. #3 Megan Glaros (CBS 2)

***Voting ends at 11:59 p.m. Tuesday***

Sarah Jindra

Megan Glaros

Sarah Jindra: This was another woman that was requested by said, regional host. Sarah does the traffic on the weekends for WGN. I haven’t seen much of her on television, as I am not up early on weekends to watch her but, the body looks great. Boobies are always a wonderful thing, as well. She is in this year’s Dancing With Chicago Celebrities and that guy in the picture is her dance partner. That guy is one, lucky bastard.

Megan Glaros: Megan is no stranger to this tournament. What sucked for her in 2013, is that she was defeated in the first round by Cheryl Burton. I believe the pressure got to her because of expectations. This year, she is playing with a chip on her shoulder. She doesn’t have home court advantage in this game, but many believe her glorious rack will once again, make her a favorite. To get others up to speed, Megan is the meteorologist in the mornings for CBS 2. She is someone that can make you feel awake in a hurry.

Sarah is new to the mix, but Megan is back for redemption.

Who’s rack will carry her to the next round?

5 Responses to “Game 4 – Chicago’s Most Beautiful Woman On Television: SunriseZone Region”

  1. chucky Says:

    Anybody who allows Demetrius Ivory to touch them, let alone pick them up like that, automatically loses. I can’t stand that fucker!

  2. chucky Says:

    This is completely off topic, but I don’t care. I have fucking had it with Derrick FUCKING Rose. I am so goddamned sick and tired of his stupid bullshit I could scream. I know the Bulls can’t cut this fucking idiot, and nobody in their right mind would take this headcase for a trade. The only thing they can do is let play out his contract for the next two years. But if they re-sign this motherfucking headcase I’m officially done with the Bulls. I don’t give a goddamn if they sign him for $5 a game. I’m sick of his shit. Yesterday he sounded just like the punk ass bitch Derrick Rose who whined like a pussy about not coming back untill he’s ready. Guess what boys? He won’t be back this year. Bank on it.

  3. abdallaha92 Says:

    Can I pick both?

    Dickface is back. I wonder if this means we will end up firing Fox and Pace?

  4. Cubs Bears Sox Suck Says:

    My big problem with Rose is that he will not just man up and retire like he should. I would have no problem if the guy did the right thing and had a press conference and said “I Retire. My knees are shot and I do not want to take the chance further damage” Then the Bulls could get some of that money back due to a medical exemption. But no, he is not doing the right thing, he is getting himself patched up so he can go out and give enough effort to get by so he can still collect a check. He is only thinking of himself, not his teammates, the organization that pays him, or the companies and fans that endorse him.

    Yes Gary it looks like Dickface will be with the Bears next season. I do not expect them to do shit as long as that fuck is under center. They finally made the announcement that he will be with the team after finding out nobody wants the sorry ass bastard.

    Things I will be watching for when I watch Da Bears this season…

    How is the defense coming along?

    Will the team be on the incline instead of a decline?

    How many times will Dickface get the excuse of having to learn ANOTHER playbook and not having his soulmate Brandon around?

    Will Fox hook Dickface for Clausen as soon as he starts pulling his turnover machine bullshit?

  5. abdallaha92 Says:

    Fuck Dickface. Hopefully the will cut him next year, and draft a real QB with a top 10 pick in the 2016 draft.


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