Your thoughts on the new Bears



Pernell McPhee – Linebacker/Defensive End (Five years, $40 million)

Antrel Rolle – Safety (Three years, $11.25 million)

Eddie Royal – Wide receiver (Three years, financial terms unavailable)

It appears that the Bears are trying to win now. It will be difficult with Dickface still around. If they can limit his flaws (i.e. running the ball like they should), that gives them the best chance to win games. Pace said in the press conference on Wednesday that Cutler is their guy. Speculation was, the Bears tried to listen to offers, but no team was stupid enough to take the contract (two years, $36 million).

30 Responses to “Your thoughts on the new Bears”

  1. Fro Dog Says:

    Well, take a look at this.

  2. genrebuster Says:

    Good news, especially Conte.

  3. genrebuster Says:

    I’ll be very surprised if the Bears aren’t better, even with Cutler. That said, we’ll see.

  4. dvxprime Says:

    I’m sorry but I stall have nightmares of LaMarr Houston at New England when I think of free-agent defensive signings. Maybe they want a chance at a Super Bowl, maybe they want one last paycheck before they hang it up.

  5. Cubs Bears Sox Suck Says:

    Hopefully McPhee doesn’t go doing any sack dances. He sure isn’t a household name but he is one of the best available at the linebacker free agent position. Speaking of Mr. Sackdance, I wonder how Lamarr Houston will fit the new defensive scheme.

    Antrel Rolle, I was drooling at the chance to get this guy when he was available coming out of Arizona. Then the Bears miss out on him and he goes to New York and gets a SB ring. I hope he still has some gas in the tank.

    Eddie Royal, It’s good that he has history with Fox and can make a little noise in the return game. It’s bad that he is 5′ 9″ and Dickface will be overthrowing him all the time.

  6. Kyle from Charles Town Says:

    How do you guys all feel about that great Jay Cutler contract now? Being right feels so good that I just had to come back and bask in its glow for awhile. He is mediocre at best and 100 Adam Gase/Bill Walsh love children couldn’t fix that. He’s our QB for the next two seasons now so start saving you energy to cheer for the 2017 Chicago Bears. At least John Fox will show a little emotion on the side line on our way to a 4-12 finish, unlike the last two idiots.

  7. Sinclair Phos Says:

    I love the moves that have been made…except for the keeping of Cutler. they pissed away 10 mil more than they needed to….IF you have to dumb the offense down….limit what you allow him to do…then you don’t need his arm, his potential, or his 54 million dollar contract.

  8. chucky Says:

    Get lost Kyle. Nobody here is interested in your bullshit. And by the way “we” aren’t on our way to 4-12 finish. Nobody here is. The Bears are. And “we” are not the Bears.

  9. Kyle from Charles Town Says:

    I can see where someone of your intellect could confuse being correct with “bullshit”. Like in 3rd grade when you teacher tried explaining how to make change for a dollar and you said ” This is bullshit”. Or on your 40th birthday when you manager and McDonalds tried to explain how to make change for a dollar and you said… “This is bullshit.”i

  10. chucky Says:

    Get a better grasp of English before you try to insult me you stupid motherfucker.

  11. Kyle from Charles Town Says:

    Yes, if I could grasp English the way you grasp you cellmate’s balls as you’re blowing him, that would be truly marvelous.

  12. Kyle from Charles Town Says:

    PS There should be a comma between “me” and “you” in your comment, you stupid motherfucker.

  13. dawwggoneit Says:

    I really can’t stand it when this happens on chat boards. I really feel like as a group we need to grow up and take these things a lot more seriously.

    So here is my proposal. Moving forward, we ban anyone from posting on the board if they commit the following acts.

    1. Fail to use proper Subject/Verb Agreement
    2. Use of run on Sentences
    3. Use of misplaced Modifers

    I recently allowed my son to have access to this page, and since than he has started to experiment with comma splices and sentence fragments.

    This past week he actually said to me “Your a fucking idiot and a disgrace as a father” Can you believe that! An incorrect use of a possessive pronoun! I have truly failed as a father by letting him access this page!

  14. Fro Dog Says:

    Oh, look. It’s another idiot (Kyle from Charles Town) that has commented at Fire Ron Turner several times. Those guys banned him and he decided to come here and state his opinions.

    I am not sure what “Charles Town” you are from, sir, but I highly recommend you tell the city council there to check the water. I sure pray it’s not the same water that goes to Lake Forest.

    Look, you win, okay? You were right about Jay Cutler all along. We’re wrong. You’re right. We’re a bunch of boobs here.

    Does that make you happy?

  15. Kyle from Charles Town Says:

    Sniffle, sniffle, cry, cry. Yes. That makes me very happy. It is all I ever wanted. But let’s not stop with jay cutler. I was right about Jared Allen. I was right about trestman. I was right about the feasibility of time travel with regards to string theory. All I have every wanted is for other Bears fans to realize the futility of hope. It leads to dangerous places like excitement about draft picks or hope about the upcoming season. I am really just trying to spare all of you the pain of crushed expectations. And if on the way to that golden city of hate, I have to talk about your mom a little to get you to the truth, then talk about you mom I will. In short, you’re welcome.

  16. Kyle from Charles Town Says:

    And yes I was banned at the other site. True visionaries are rarely understood in their own time.

  17. Mitch Cummstein Says:

    Kyle from Mommy’s Basement…do us all a favor: get back onto your high horse and gallop away, you stupid fucking twit. Lackluster content aside, your posts contain grammar errors, too…or, are they merely spelling oversights? Such a precious little man…boring and pathetic!

  18. Fro Dog Says:

    Holy shit. It’s Mitch Cummstein! Where have you been?

    And for the new blood here, Mitch was a man who loved to drop by at the old site years ago to yell at people for their spelling and grammatical errors. We have you missed you dearly, sir. Come back more often damn it!!!

  19. chucky Says:

    And keep beating the ever loving shit out of that bitch Kyle. I’m really tired of pathetic fucking losers like that little douche.

  20. H2O town Bears fan Says:

    So exactly what was it this guy said that made the rest of you so mad? That Cutler’s contract sucks? That the Bears are a disaster? Seems like weird things to get bent about….mostly cause they are true.

  21. Fro Dog Says:

    Actually H20, there have been plenty of readers here over the last few years that have bashed Cutler. I think if you read some of the archives, you would see that. Also, Kyle went on Fire Ron Turner and was belligerent towards Carl, Dan and Gerry throughout last season for no reason at all. They have archives too and there were times where the comments were so insulting and personal, that they deleted them.

    I think this is the problem with our sites these days. Every now and then, someone will disagree with you and then, proceed to talk about someone’s mom or whatever. Every sport, every team and every site has that individual who will flex their keyboard muscles so big, that we are overwhelmed.

    Back to being serious, I admit that I was one who supported Cutler. A few others did too. Over the years, we all said “Wait until he has an offensive line”. Then, it was “He just needs receivers”. Later, it was “Give him a real offensive coordinator”.

    After all of that, it was still the same old shit. Many others, however, disagreed from the start and they are ones we still talk to (in a civil manner) today.

    I think now, collectively, we can all say that the Bears fucking suck and will continue to suck until management proves otherwise that they can put a competitive team together. I am fucking annoyed that Ted Phillips is still the president. I am pissed that George McCaskey didn’t toss him into Lake Michigan.

  22. Dan from Madison Says:

    Kyle is from Charlestown West Fucking Virginia so take his inbred comments with a grain of salt. It doesn’t matter if you challenge him when he is wrong, he just keeps pounding out the idiocy. Classic troll. Likely a Packer fan.

  23. chucky Says:

    Dan…..I know some Packer fans. They’re not nearly as stupid as Kyle. And the fact that he’s from Charleston West Virginia only means that he will be divorced from his sister within 2 years.

  24. Kyle from Charles Town Says:

    Actually Dan, you wouldn’t have any way of knowing that. I am never wrong when it comes to the bears. I was right that cutler was over rated and that the contract was bullshit. You spent months telling me how wrong I was about that and that cutler was not just the best option, but the only option. When I said they should have just signed mccown to a small contact and build for the future by drafting a qb, you said that was stupid and they wouldn’t be competitive if they did that. Well how competitive were we with cutler? I’d love to here your revisionist history now that EVERY SINGLE thing I said came true. Also to H2Otown, I don’t need anyone to tell me I Was right, history did that for me. Thanks anyway.

  25. Fro Dog Says:

    “When I said they should have just signed mccown to a small contact…”

    Well, for starters (no pun intended), isn’t McCown’s name supposed to be capitalized?

    And why would the Bears sign him to a small contact? Just one? Last I checked, he has two eyes. I don’t wear glasses but I still think people need two contacts, rather than one.

    Someone get Einstein in here. I need to ask him those questions. He’s better at math than I am.

  26. Kyle from Charles Town Says:

    Aahhh…. Corectkng gramatical errors. The pinnicle of internet discussion failure. I would expect nothing less from you buffoons.

  27. Fro Dog Says:

    Great. We are buffoons.

    Also, I have finally taken Dan’s advice and banned Kyle. So, congratulations. I think we have completed our Mount Rushmore of banned people.

    Greg, Mike D. TDubbs and now, Kyle. That took forever!

  28. chucky Says:

    Jesus fucking Christ Kyle. Were you born a goddamned retard, or did you fucking take lessons? You are far and away the dumbest motherfucker to ever come here. Good riddance you fucking piece of shit. You sure as hell won’t ever be missed. You are one stupid cocksucker.

  29. H2O Town Bears Fan Says:

    Ray McDonald! We can’t beat the Pack, but their wives better watch the fuck out!

  30. dawwggoneit Says:



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