Game 7 – Chicago’s Most Beautiful Woman On Television: GARY Region


#1 Lauren Jiggets (NBC 5) vs. #4 Marissa Bailey (CBS 2)

***Voting ends at 11:59 p.m. Sunday***

Lauren (Pictured left)

Lauren Jiggetts (Pictured right)

Marissa Bailey

Marissa Bailey

Lauren Jiggetts: Lauren is a #1 seed. In fact, she’s the only woman in tournament history, who has been a #1 seed every time. She’s earned it, though. Someone once told me that Lauren is living proof, that there is a such thing as “victory over one’s genes” because of her dad, former Chicago Bear’s lineman, Dan Jiggetts. He’s not someone I would mess with though. If he gets a hold of you, you’re toast. Like many of the women we have discussed, she has been a mainstay in Chicago and is from the city. If there was a best smile tournament, she wins in a runaway. Weekend nights, it’s NBC 5 with Lauren Jiggetts.

Marissa Bailey: Marissa is new to the fold. She is on CBS 2 as a field reporter and fill-in anchor. I think she’s absolutely sexy. If I can’t get Erin Kennedy on TV, I want Marissa. Wonderful blonde hair, a smile that is seductive and trust me, there is a glorious rack to go with it. She has some curves and they are all in the right spots. Touchdown, baby. Us folks in the Chicagoland television market are spoiled with gorgeous babes. Where I live, I get both Chicago and Rockford channels and I will say this, the Rockford women anchors are hideous. In fact, women who live in Rockford and the surrounding area are hideous.

Lauren claims she’s here to stay after her first round upset two years ago to Jimmy D.’s favorite, Erin McElroy.

Marissa, on the other hand, vows to send her home empty-handed once again.

Who can sustain the pressure of this highly anticipated match-up?


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