CS and GARY Regional Results


These games weren’t runaways, one bit. With the CS Region, #2 Lyndsay Petruny emerged victorious after taking care of #1 Melody Mendez 17-11. In the second game, it was an exciting one. #3 Emily Florez fell behind early to co-worker and #1 seed, Lauren Jiggetts. In the final day of voting, she overtook Lauren and pulled away by winning 16-12.

That sets up #2 Lyndsay Petruny from the CS Region will battle #3 Emily Florez from the GARY Region.

The Final Four is now set. Games will begin Sunday through Tuesday with the Larry Horse Trophy on the line Wednesday or Thursday.

Let’s get it on!

3 Responses to “CS and GARY Regional Results”

  1. SunriseZone Says:

    Sshh. The walls have ears. There might be some blowback for coming out for my favorite, but I’m just being consistent about her. In my opinion, this final four is between Fro’s future wife and the woman I want to see succeed: Emily!

    It’s Sunday morning as I type and I’ve been watching channel 5 since 5 am. Anthony Ponce is off, praise the Lord and raise your skirts, so I don’t even have to stare at his mole. Emily is in the field covering a shooting on the south side and she looks impeccable. I’m 3′ from my big screen and the camera crew with Emily is panning the scene and returns to her as she reports, but the camera person makes a technical error and it looks like the camera is 12″ from her as she speaks. And you know what? She looks perfect!!! She is young, gorgeous, and has a smoking hot aura that says she feels all and knows what we want without us having to even say.

    I predict a bright future awaits Emily. Oh do I hope that it is here in Chicago. The powers that be shouldn’t allow her to misspend all her youthful beauty in the field much more. Credibility as an anchor will come with the job and Emily should get the push for the position because she is adorable. Who wouldn’t want to swap spit with her? I’d be pleased as possible making beautiful music with Emily.

  2. SunriseZone Says:

    Houston, we have a problem. Feeling fully enamored, I attempted to find out as much as I could about Emily. According to two sources, she is married. According to Facebook, which I don’t personally have, she has a picture of her partner and…..child online, dated days ago. I feel NBC 5 deliberately allows viewers to abuse themselves with thoughts of Emily being available….

  3. Fro Dog Says:

    She had the baby last year, I believe (around the same time as Lauren Petty did). But yes, NBC 5 really pisses a lot of viewers off by bringing in babes all the time.

    I can see you are very emotionally invested into this tournament. You absolutely have DA FIRE AND PASSION.


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