Playoff hockey is here


The Blackhawks play Wednesday against the Predators in the first round. They are going in losing their last four games of the regular season. Of course, when it comes to the playoffs, it’s a new season, so to speak. I think it’s okay to worry a bit about it. A week ago, they had a chance to win the division and instead, scored only five goals in all four of those losses.

Overall, though, the Blackhawks have held their own. The team played .500 from the middle of December until the end of January. Rumors became a big deal in the media with crap that happened last year such as fights, affairs and players not liking each other. Right after that, the Blackhawks started kicking ass. I think that’s a sign of a coach who actually can control a team when criticism is present. I know Quenneville gets some shit (mainly for playing Michal Rozsival) but he has two Cups and gets the most out of his players. The sky seemed to fall after Patrick Kane’s injury but actually played better up until last week. He could come back in this series. He’s already skating with the team and has been cleared for contact.

It’s never easy in the playoffs, but the Blackhawks are ready.


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