Kromer strikes (again)….



12 Responses to “Kromer strikes (again)….”

  1. chucky Says:


    What else is there to say? He’s a dumbass. Glad he and his cohorts are gone.

  2. CubsBearsSoxSuck Says:

    I think he is still suffering with post traumatic stress from having to work with Dickface.

  3. chucky Says:

    Working for Dr. Death Marc Trestman would cause more psychological damage than working with Cutler. If it came down to working with Trestman or putting a loaded pistol to my head, I might just pick the loaded pistol.

  4. Fro Dog Says:

    I don’t understand what it is about coaches coming to Chicago and turning into complete idiots. The list is long and most of it has to do with the Bears. All of the talk about Trestman and Kromer being geniuses with the offense made us all think that brighter days were ahead. The first season, great. Next season? The complete opposite. The players quit and the defense was worse.

    And I know training camp is still two weeks away, but does anybody really have faith in this new regime after they were stupid enough to sign Raypist McDonald? I mean, he was only arrested twice and investigated another time BEFORE the signing. What could have went wrong?

    It could be another long season.

  5. Fro Dog Says:

    Oh, and I forgot something: Ted Phillips is still, the president of this team. The same Ted Phillips who was hired 30 years ago to be on the financial side of the franchise is president of football operations. And still, George McCaskey keeps this tool right next to him during every press conference.

  6. genrebuster Says:

    …and that is why I don’t expect much of the Bears.

  7. chucky Says:

    Fro… want to read some seriously funny shit about Trestman? Look up some Baltimore Ravens blogs. Goddamn, these idiots think they’ve already won the fucking Super Bowl! This is some seriously demented and delusional shit there. I’m just glad I’m 700 miles away from these dipshits.

    And no, I expect absolutely nothing from this regime. McDonald is one reason. Another is the fact that Phillips is still on the fucking payroll. They may have gotten it right with the new coaching staff, which might net them an extra 2 or 3 wins this year, but when you add Ted Phillips and the McCaskey family circus of morons, whether it’s George, Michael, or THE OLD BITCH, somehow, someway, I see them fucking this up really bad.

    And lastly, the post game just won’t be the same without #55, Doug Buffone. Once again, Rest In Peace Doug, and thank you for everything you did. I truly loved your passion. Quite possibly the only man on the planet who could out-piss me off, and I mean that as a genuine compliment. You are, and will continue to be missed.

  8. Fro Dog Says:

    They’ll fuck it up, as you said. Remember when Trestman took over and the Bears started off 3-0, I think all of us were falling for it. The season ended and we blamed the defense. Fine. I still can’t forget that game in Minnesota where Trestman pissed all over that game by calling for the field goal unit on 2nd down. Gould, being the overrated kicker he is, misses a field goal. Yes, I am mad at Gould for that but more, Trestman for not running the ball to try to get more yards and towards the middle of the field.

    It’s nice to see our ANGER is in mid-season form already. You think I am pissed? Carl and Dan are getting their season tickets real soon. They have owned those seats for at least, five or six years. The Bears raised ticket prices again and surprise, it’s the same amount for the two preseason games. They would never get rid of their season tickets, but it doesn’t mean they aren’t pissed. By the time November or December rolls around, they can’t even give away those things.

  9. chucky Says:

    Is there any way to protest the Bears without giving up those tickets? I keep thinking that there must be some way to tell the douchecopter McCaskeys how you feel. Carl and Dan could surely come up with something good. By the way, did you notice that the Bears finish the season on January 3rd? How many dipshit, drunken morons do you think will show up shirtless, with their chests painted blue and orange? I figure there will be at least 10.

  10. CubsBearsSoxSuck Says:

    I know I have brought this up in the past but it’s always a great idea. We have to figure out how much his booking fee is. Tell him we are having a fan gathering and would like him to make an appearance and take a few questions. Start the video cameras and let the prick have it.

  11. Fro Dog Says:

    Chucky, I am not sure there is a way. The thing is, the Bears have a policy on the PSL seats. Owners of those seats can actually lose those seats back to the team if they think there is a reason. Like, if they are causing a scene at games and get thrown out or something along those lines, the Bears can revoke their seats, even though those fans “own” the seats.

    I think PSL seats are a pathetic way of doing business. It’s different from being a season ticket holder because if the fan wants to give up their seats, they can. If it’s a PSL (Carl and Dan have these, I believe), they would have to find a buyer for them. It’s how the Bears get more money.

  12. chucky Says:

    It’s pathetic for sure, just like you said, but it’s so Bears.

    Lame as hell.


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