It’s time to pull the plug on this thing: Cardinals 48 Bears 23


I am late with this recap, but I have a lot to bitch about. The Bears were embarrassed, once again on Sunday. I didn’t even make it to my seat by the start of the game. As I walking to my seat, the Cardinals already took the kickoff back for a touchdown. This game, it was former head coaching candidate Bruce Arians, who stuck it to the Bears. I left the game early in the 4th quarter, but from what I heard on the radio, he was trying to run up the score late. The Cardinals also had blitz packages late with them up 25. I love it. Hey, when an organization insults a candidate for their head coaching job, then he should show them what they missed out on. It puzzled me why the Bears didn’t hire him. Then, reports came out that they made him do a mock press conference.

There were a lot of things that pissed me off. Let’s start off with the punching bag known as Vladamir Ducasse. This offensive lineman isn’t a football player. He proved that to me last week by getting three penalties. He had another three penalties yesterday (two false starts and one holding). Remember, this “smart” coaching staff cut Jordan Mills, who at least had SOME success in the NFL. Vladamir Ducasse hasn’t done a damn thing in his three or four years in the league. And what’s worse is that he can’t even block anybody either. He’s a fucking turnstile out there. We already witnessed Frank Omiyale as fans. We don’t need to see it anymore. Fuck this guy.

The cornerbacks: If Vic Fangio is such a “defensive genius”, then can he please explain why the cornerbacks can’t TURN THE FUCK AROUND to see where the ball is going on deep passes? This happened two or three times last week where pass interference was called because they were facing the receivers. I am not an expert, but I think pass interference won’t be called if Kyle Fuller actually turned around and went for the ball rather than flail his arms at the receiver.

Seriously, I am getting sick and tired of this shit. How can Fox and Fangio not work this out? Kyle Fuller and Alan Ball are fucking awful as it it, but at least get beat by facing the ball rather than the receiver. Pass interference will get called every time. All of these years, it was the secondary not being able to cover receivers. Now, they are actually covering them but facing the other way.

Penalties: The Bears set a franchise record for most penalty yards in a game (170). I don’t think many teams are going to win with that many penalties. And don’t forget, the reincarnation of Frank Omiyale is the starting right guard of the Bears. This offensive line (as well as the rest of this team) is in shambles.

Offense: Cutler is hurt again. This was after he was 8/8 and then, a pick six. And what’s with these interceptions that are being intended for Martellus Bennett? I know all of these Cutler interceptions were going on before Bennett was signed but this is weird. There is always confusion. Bennett could be running the wrong routes, too. This is great. In comes in Clausen. I think Jimmy Clausen clearly proved that he is not an NFL quarterback. He isn’t Todd Collins bad, but he’s pretty fucking terrible.

Call me a meatball, but the Bears owe it to us to start David Fales. They released undrafted rookie Shane Carden, so Fales is all they have left after Clausen. This season is lost. Maybe Fales sucks too, but at least we as fans, can witness the suck for ourselves.

It’s a lost season, folks. I am sick of this shit. I get that this season is what the outcome is of bad drafts and shitty free agent signings over the years are. But through two games, this is becoming unwatchable. And next week, it’s a battle of 0-2 teams when they play the Seahawks. I have seen this crap my entire life. And I feel like many of these games, the announcers and other major media outlets call the Chicago Bears a “a proud and historic franchise”. I, for one, am not proud of this franchise. I mean, the last time they won a Super Bowl was three months before I was born. And historic? If by historic, you mean incompetent, then I agree.

The Chicago Bears are an embarrassment and incompetent organization. I don’t see things getting any better until the fucking McCaskey’s sell this team or find someone who has a half-working brain run this team. Your thoughts in the thread.

3 Responses to “It’s time to pull the plug on this thing: Cardinals 48 Bears 23”

  1. genrebuster Says:

    I did not see the game. Thankfully.

    As to your comment ” I don’t see things getting any better until the fucking McCaskey’s sell this team or find someone who has a half-working brain run this team.”…..I agree.

    That is all.

  2. honestjohn Says:

    “The fish stinks from the head.” McCaskeys are without a doubt the single most damaging problem at hand. This sickness called “billionaire-itis” is one of the worse diseases a football franchise could suffer from and unfortuantely, it works its way downward. From the owner of the team to the most junior maintenance man on payroll. Past owner, George Halas was a modern day warrior. He was a tough SOB who showed true grit on and off the grid iron. Many of his former players couldn’t stand the old man while he was alive; and this included Dick Butkus and Mike Ditka. But make no mistake about it, they respected the old man’s raw bone toughness. These players reflected the old man’s persona and they only knew one way on how to play: relentless! Like most offspring of the rich and famous, the same cannot be said and this unfortunately includes his little girl, Virginia. Say want you want to say, but his little girl was a creature of her own environment. Of course she was pampered with the finer things in life and it is safe to assume this was an everyday occurrence. How do I know, you ask. Come on, Really? As for Halas’ grandsons who are ivy league boy(s), I don’t think “missing teeth, mud and dirt” is not part of the Ivy league image. Halas knew this but like most rich self made men, he wasn’t about to sell his team and lose his legacy. Instead, he left the team to his daughter and hoped for the best. Sadly, his original premonition was correct! Clearly, the Bears need new ownership. The team needs an owner who can epitomizes that burning desire of wanting to win. This team needs to learn that mediocrity will not be tolerated. That any player who comes into training camp 50 pounds overweight will not be part of this team the following year. Quarterbacks who come from college programs with an individual attitude will not be drafted or signed by the Bears. Players who have the audacious gall to celebrate in the end zone after scoring a touchdown when your team is down two or more touchdowns will be fined and reprimanded that same day. And so on and so on. The fans need to make a statement – demand excellence from this team and its ownership. Otherwise, this richman’s disease will continue and the team will become the new Cubs for years to come.

  3. genrebuster Says:

    Ok…you’re a meatball.



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