The Bulls are 4-2 and are being managed the right way by Fred Hoiberg.


I admit, I wasn’t very excited about Fred Hoiberg being the new head coach this past summer. However, he is winning me over early on. Bulls are 4-2 after their hard-fought win against the Thunder on Thursday night. I know that they had their asses handed to them by the Hornets on Tuesday. But, the Bulls are a dumb decision by Derrick Rose against the Pistons away from being 5-1. What I have seen so far this season is what I have been screaming about for the last five years. Just give me a team that has a head coach who will play just about everybody on the team instead of going with the same five or six guys the entire game.

If you check the box scores from this season so far (cue Yeti), you will see that Hoiberg is playing at least ten players each game. ThomASS on the other hand? I can promise that maybe seven players would only see the court so far. Hoiberg is already playing three more players on average. What does that mean? Well, that equals more rest for the starters and thus, containing energy for future games such as the playoffs. If someone can correct me if I am wrong, go ahead, but I believe Rose and Butler are averaging five or six minutes less per game than they did with ThomASS coaching.

On Tuesday, yes, the Bulls were annihilated by the Hornets. The Bulls lost by 25 and gave up 130 points. However, Hoiberg did something that ThomASS almost never did: Play everybody. He’s actually played mostly the entire team the first six games.

Doug McDermott, who couldn’t sniff the court last year because the impostor of a head coach, started Thursday and has been a solid contributor to this team. He is playing significant minutes and hitting big shots. Hoiberg knows better than to play Kirk Hinrich who has “injury”. No, he sucks. And Tony Snell? He started the first five games of the season but came off the bench against the Thunder and played decently.

I have mentioned here many times over the years that if the Bulls lose this way, I can still be pissed about them losing but not how they lost. It’s the old saying of “losing the battle to win the war”. If Hoiberg continues to put the Bulls in the best position to win a championship, I am fine with that. Yes, there is still the moron known as Joakim Noah with him getting more turnovers than points in games. Noah told the media he “accepts” his role on the bench. Too bad he can’t accept that he sucks. And once the Bulls dispose of this turd at the trading deadline or at season’s end when his contract is up, Bobby Portis will be playing.

I am not here saying that the Bulls are going to contend. I think there are still some problems that is keeping them from beating the Cavaliers or anybody in the West. However, from what I’ve seen so far, this is how a team should be ran during games.

If anybody wants to disagree, feel free. But with the exception of the game against the Hornets, you don’t have a strong argument when it comes to this.


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