Ted Phillips is at it again.



Our good friend Dan from Fire Ron Turner received a letter from Ted Phillips the other day. You can see that in the link above for the full story. It turns out, Ted is telling all of the fans that he and the Bears are sorry for sucking again. But no worries says Teddy. The Bears are going to do their best by raising ticket prices 10 fucking percent this year. You’re telling me that my $200 seats are going to cost $220 this year? These fuckers keep raising prices for a franchise that continues to lose double-digit games every season? Oh, that’s just fucking awesome.


13 Responses to “Ted Phillips is at it again.”

  1. chucky Says:

    That’s really fucking insulting. Maybe they think most Bears fans are just too goddamned stupid to know that they’re getting scammed. Glad there’s nobody around here that fucking stupid.

  2. abdallaha92 Says:

    Imagine if they actually win somehing.

  3. abdallaha92 Says:


  4. dvxprime Says:

    The disconnect between the bears’ front office and the fan base is staggering.

    If I were Dan, I would send back a picture of a hand flipping the bird. Fuck that bullshit. The team hasn’t has a winning season in three years, and you want to hike season ticket prices? And he has the gall to ask that in a letter full of propaganda?

    Fuck those motherfuckers, man.

    We can only hope that Teddy-bear Phillips is on vacation, miles away from the NFL Draft when it happens. Ditto all of the McCasketts.

  5. genrebuster Says:

    PATHETIC is right.

  6. Fro Dog Says:

    What sucks is that those guys can’t even give their tickets for games late in the season because the Bears suck so bad, nobody wants them.

    All of us always meet up at games in the South Lot by McCormick Place. It is the absolute worse for costs and convenience when coming in and getting out back onto Lake Shore Drive. I could be wrong, but I believe the Bears raised prices as well for just PARKING over the years. The folks at McCormick aren’t much better. They use to be about $15 to park and be just a ten-minute walk. Now, it’s almost $30. I just park near Comiskey and take a bus or taxi. Maybe Dan and Carl will have some spare parking passes like they had in previous seasons.

  7. dvxprime Says:

    All of Chicago, and the State of Illinois, should get down on their knees and Thank God for the Chicago Blackhawks.

    That’s all I got.

  8. Fro Dog Says:

    I would have lost faith in sports humanity if the Blackhawks weren’t the way they have been since the old man kicked the bucket in 2007. I don’t think anyone saw three Cups and I was pretty damn happy seeing them win at least once in my life. This is after experiencing all of the heartbreak in the mid-90’s with losing to the Red Wings in ’95 and getting rid of Roenick, Chelios and Belfour right after. To go from rock bottom to a championship within five years is quite the accomplishment.

    Speaking of rock bottom, I remembered that the Bulls were on last night around 10:30 or so. After the news was pretty much over, I flipped it over just in time to see Derrick Rose hit a three with seconds left to give the Bulls a 93-90 lead. The Jazz rebound a missed free throw down 93-91 and call timeout. Gordon Heyward, of all people, drives right to the basket for a dunk. With it 93-93, the Bulls fail to get the ball in because it went off of Butler’s finger tips.

    The game proceeds to go to overtime where the Bulls get outscored 12-3 and nearly went the entire period without getting a field goal. The Bulls missed a total of seven free throws in this game and committed 15 turnovers.

  9. chucky Says:

    I know he’s better than ThomASS, but I’m beginning to think Hoiberg isn’t the answer either. The Bulls need to be blown up again. They aren’t winning anything with this current roster. Especially Dickhead Rose. He’s a fucking lazy, cancerous pudwhack, piece of shit. I can’t wait till that dumb son of a bitch is gone.

  10. Fro Dog Says:

    This is on the players, mostly but I agree. Anybody is better than the idiot who ruined this team in the previous five seasons. I don’t believe in the whole “the coach must yell at the players” thing. I actually think if Hoiberg did that, his heart will explode due to his health issues.

    If these players can’t listen to a coach who says “when someone is driving to the basket, somebody step in front to stop them”, then there is no prayer on this Earth that can solve that. These are the biggest bunch of whiny little shits I’ve seen. At least the teams in the early 2000’s were trying. This current pile of shit quits when things go South.

  11. Robert Says:

    Mlb tv is doing a special next week last week they did the expos last nite the did harry carry next week is big dust

  12. chucky Says:

    Robert…..That would stupid on their part. Dusty? Really? They must not be interested in ratings.

  13. genrebuster Says:



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